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I’m looking forward to getting our new digital camera. We ordered it over the internet, and it was shipped from New York on Friday. According to the tracking number, the camera is actually in Phoenix, so we should get it tomorrow, which is the scheduled delivery date. Cortney is probably looking forward to it more than I am. The new camera has a brighter, faster lens, so she should be able to take better pictures. With the old camera, many shots of Sean were blurred from him moving when taking the picture. I’m hoping these types of pictures will look better with the new camera.

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It cooled off today. The high was only 103 degrees. We went in the pool anyway to relax. Sean has a new trick in the pool. When he dives underwater, he brings his hands up to rub his eyes. I didn’t think much of this, but I think it means he is more comfortable under the water, so that he would rather rub his eyes than struggle to get up out of the water.

You can now buy a wireless access point and relay for under $200. What’s the big deal? That one piece of hardware can provide phone, include mobile, service to about 10-20 houses. You could very quickly build your own cell phone network for very little cost. Some cities now have co-ops where large regions are covered by wireless internet access. Just buy a wireless adapter for your computer, and you have free internet access. If you have any phone company stock, sell now. They can’t seem to see past their regulated monopoly. Have you ever noticed how regulation favors the regulated, not consumers?

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Another hot day today. It was supposed to cool off some, but the high was 110 degrees again today. It’s a shame that with my Italian class, I didn’t have time to cool off in the pool. Not only that, but it took forever to cool off. When I left for class, it was still 108 degrees outside.

This is a book review, but it has an interesting comment on today’s “environmentalists”. I don’t understand why people want to believe the world is coming to an end. If you just take the time to look, the world is filled with beauty and wondrous things, and I don’t think this will change in my lifetime.

This article describes how I feel about labeling boys with ADHD just because they won’t sit still in class. I hope I don’t have any confrontations with Sean’s future teachers on this issue.

Sean and I had fun laughing together this evening. He will try to say “gee” or “kee”, and when I try to say it back, he breaks out in laughter. I’m not sure why. Later on, when playing with Sean’s electronic cookie jar, one of the “cookies” when placed in the jar, causes the jar make a laughing sound. When I would try to duplicate the laughing sound, Sean would again break out in laughter.

I forgot to thank Cortney for a terrific dinner last night. She made a delicious almond crusted chicken. She employed a cooking technique where you braise the chicken in a pan and then place the pan in the oven for the chicken to cook through. When eating the dish, I felt like I was at a four star restaurant.

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Even though the forecast was for as high as 115 degrees, it only got to 110 degrees, which did not break the record of 113 degrees. Still, the normal high is 102 degrees, so it was hot. The good news is that it is very dry, so when I went out to mow the lawn after dinner, it didn’t feel too bad. Afterwards, I took Sean swimming in the pool.

Sean is starting to be a little more vocal. He isn’t saying any words yet (with the exception of da-da), but he babbles alot. He just recently started babbling in the crib after he wakes up, and when playing on his own.

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Phoenix had a record high today of 114 degrees. We went for a nice evening swim to cool off. Amazingly, the pool water was only 84 degrees. We actually had to cut our swim short because Sean was too cold!

Sean is becoming more proficient at running. For a while, he just seem to shuffle his feet, but now he gets on his toes and goes at a fair pace. When we put him to bed, we normally let him crawl up the stairs on his own. Getting him started, however, can be difficult. Now that he is running, he frequently takes off away from the stairs when we unlatch the gate. Once we get him on the third step, he climbs up on his own.

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We got in late last night, and I didn’t have time to post yesterday’s entry. We all went to a friend’s 1 year birthday party. The theme of the birthday was a pool party, and we took Sean swimming for the first time in a month (due to his cold and ear infection). Sean had a great time, and still loves diving under the water. Our friends let Sean sleep in their crib since their daughter stays up until midnight, so Cortney and I could stay there and enjoy the party.

The drier weather has really cooled off the pool. When I went in for a morning swim after my run, the pool water was 80 degrees! We can use the cooler water, as the forecast high for Sunday is 113 degrees.

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I watched Sean tonight while Cortney participated in a “girls night out”. I started the evening by serving Sean a dinner of mixed vegetables, pasta twirls, and chicken pieces. Then, we went on a little shopping trip to pick up a few items. We finished off by watching some pre-season football and the iron chef. He was good and tired by bedtime, and did not complain when I put him to bed.

Quite a bit of internet news on the Condit interview. I think it’s amazing that he lied about having the affair, and now he is even trying to cover up the fact that he lied. Check this article for a good summary.

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This article has the same viewpoint as my Monday post.

Sean was excited to see me when I came home from work. He didn’t even wait for me to come into the family room. He opened the laundry room door himself and greeted me in the laundry room.

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Sean is 18 months old today! We gave Sean a small piece of cake, but he wasn’t interested in eating it (I didn’t let it go to waste). He did have fun running around the yard and running around this house. He is really in to “fetching” things. Anything that he can pick up and carry, he wants to hand to you. If he is more than a few feet away, he walks forward while holding the object in his hand with his arm straight out and slight raised, like he is “aiming” the object at you. It seems like he wants to do this for hours.

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Cortney thought that last night’s post was to boring (I didn’t mention Sean), so here is an update: We took Sean to his 18 month well visit today. He is now 33 inches tall (68th percentile), 48 cm in head diameter (75th percentile), and weighs 27 pounds 4 oz (78th percentile). He actually lost weight from last week when we took him to the doctor for his ear infection. The doctor said Sean’s development was fine, and he looked very healthy. She said she doesn’t see many babies with thick blond hair. Many babies have blond hair, but it is usually very thin. A cute incident happended when the doctor first walked into the examining room. Sean tried to hand her the Mr. Potato Head he was playing with, and it fell to the floor with a crash with all of the pieces falling off. He thought it was his fault, and he started to cry, curling his lower lip just before the tears came out.

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Here is a sensationalistic article that has been around the internet this weekend: Computer games stunt teen brains. If we ignore the hype and look at the facts of this experiment, playing video games uses a different part of the brain than when performing arithematic exercises. The conclusion that video games lead to violence because of this is absurd. The expirement, while interesting, do not show any cause and effect. What would be more interesting would be to study brain usage while watching TV or even reading a book, and then comparing to video games. I hope this scientist is ridiculed by his colleagues.

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This morning was devoted to rescuing the pool. All of the leaves that had fallen in the pool caused a bad case of algae. After cleaning up the last of the leaves, I dumped algaecide and shock into the pool. I also had to scrub the walls to remove the existing algae. Hopefully, by Teusday night, the pool will be back to normal.

Sean had a good day today. He had fun playing follow the leader and fetching toys. He still has some congestion, but he seems to be over the ear infection.

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We went out to dinner this evening. It was Cortney’s night to choose, so we went to the Olive Garden. Her first choice was the Black Angus, but the wait was too long there. The food at the Olive Garden was decent, but I get a big kick out of how they try to present it as authentic Italian food. It isn’t.

We took Sean to get his 18 month photos. Here’s a copy of the proof:

I think we’re lucky we have a fairly photogenic child.

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Here’s an interesting news article I saw today: Study: Pollution Is Killing Many. I hope the reporter is misquoting the scientist, because I believe the article states that carbon dioxide is killing people. Don’t let Coca-cola or Pepsi hear that. At least the report states an opposing viewpoint from another scientist. This article demonstrates reporting of science masqerading a political agenda.

Sean was doing much better today. Even though he still has some congestion, He was running around the house, having a good time.

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Cortney took Sean back to the doctor today. He still has a fever, and we were concerned that he still had an ear infection. The doctor said that Sean has a mild infection in his right ear only. He has a sore throat and his rear molars are swollen, and these are probably bothering him more than the ear infection. He will be taking a stronger anti-biotic just in case. I didn’t realize Sean’s rear molars were starting to develop. Sean should be getting 8 more teeth soon (4 eye teeth plus 4 molars). He will then have a full set of teeth.

It was a hot day today, and it’s supposed to be even hotter this weekend. It would have been a nice evening to go into the pool, but I didn’t have time with my Italian class.

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