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October 31, 2001 on 6:35 pm | In Main | No Comments

We didn’t get many trick or treaters this evening, which is surprising, since the weather was pleasant, with temperatures in the mid seventies and a clear night with the full moon. Every time I opened the door to hand out the candy, Sean wanted to go out and follow the other kids. From what Cortney tells me, he didn’t do as well with the Mom’s club daytime Halloween event. Next year I think he will be old enough to go out trick-or-treating.

I’m nearing completion on my javascript project at work. All of the style sheets have been completed, and I have to add just a few more features. It’s a shame that I am almost done, as I enjoyed working on this project.

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October 30, 2001 on 6:45 pm | In Main | No Comments

I carved the halloween pumpkin tonight. I don’t care much for that sort of thing, but Cortney really gets into the holiday’s. It will be more fun for me when Sean gets older. Speaking of Sean, an amusing incident happend after I came home from work. I was re-filling a smaller bag of catfood with the big 25 pound bag when I dropped one piece of catfood on the floor. Sean immediately reached for it, and I told him sternly not to touch it. He went ahead and picked it up, but then dropped into the cat dish, which is where I wanted it to go. I had to appologize to him.

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October 29, 2001 on 6:37 pm | In Main | No Comments

I’m not as sore as I thought I would be after yesterday’s yard work. My back is a little sore, but nothing I can’t live with.

Sean had a good time at the park tonight. We went right after I came home from work, right around sunset when it was cooling off. Sean is a little more comfortable on the slide at the playground, but he still doesn’t want to go down on his own.

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October 28, 2001 on 5:54 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was yard day 2001. I spent about 9 hours working out in the yard trimming all of the trees and bushes. If Cortney’s father didn’t come out and help towards the end, I would have finished after dark. The yard looks good, but I have some sore muscles to show for it.

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October 27, 2001 on 9:24 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean is feeling much better today. He ate well, and he was just full of energy. About the only symptom he has left is a little congestion. Sean’s grandfather, Corky, isn’t doing as well. He has a cold, and he is finding out firsthand how much the dry Arizona air can aggravate it.

The Diamondbacks beat the Yankees 9-1. I don’t think we will be hearing any more talk about how Arizona doesn’t deserve to be in the World Series. In fact, I think if Arizona wins tomorrow, they will have the series clinched. Granted that’s only two wins, but the Yankees will have to face Schilling and Johnson again.

Two items off the to do list were knocked off today. Corky and Cortney went out and bought new tires for the minivan. I will feel better knowing Cortney will be driving with safe tires now. I planted the winter rye seed today. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. That’s assuming the grass actually sprouts and grows. Tomorrow I will tackle some major trimming in the yard.

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October 26, 2001 on 10:23 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today marks Cortney and my 5 year wedding anniversary. I gave Cortney a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, and a wooden spoon (for the “wooden” anniversary). Cortney got me some gourmet snack treats. We also celebrated by going out to dinner. We had a relaxing evening afterwards watching a video movie.

I finished implementing style sheets in my javascript report at work. I don’t remember what I was doing wrong yesterday, but I learned it does pay to be careful with the syntax. I also added a neat feature that not only allows you to page through the report, but also allows you to change the page size, so that the buttons to change pages change dynamically. Neat.

Sean is doing better today.

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October 25, 2001 on 7:54 pm | In Main | No Comments

I’m back to programming javascript at work again. I’m adding some new features and changing the interface so the report utility that I’ve written can be used for other applications. I’m struggling with CSS (cascading style sheets). Features that should work don’t, and the browser doesn’t report any errors. At least the programming is a nice change from what I have been working on.

Poor Sean. Sean has petechiae, so Cortney brought him back to the doctor, and Sean had to go for a blood test. It’s probably nothing, put the doctor just wants to make sure. Were supposed to hear the results of the blood test later on tonight. When I came home from work, Sean was a little cranky, but was otherwise ok. His throat must be very soar, as you can here him rasp when he breathes. He can’t stand the eye drops we are giving him for his conjunctivitis. The conjunctivitis has cleared up at least, so it is just the drops that are bothering him. We were able to put him to bed without crying like he did last night. I can’t wait until he is back to his cheerful self.

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October 24, 2001 on 7:39 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean is having a real rough time. In addition to the conjuctivitis, he now has croup. I think both are caused by the same virus that is giving me the bad cold. The air for the last few weeks has been very dry, causing a simple cold virus to be much worse than normal. The doctor gave Sean a cortico-steriod shot, and we will make sure Sean gets plenty of fluids to drink and plenty of sleep. We are running a humidifier in his room to help as well.

One of my pet peeves is misleading news headlines. Here’s one example, Study: Ultra-Sound Test Can Make You Left-Handed. I sure hope the scientist who made the correlation didn’t come up with this conclusion. If he did, he will likely be creamed during peer review. The data just shows a correlation between ultrasounds and left-handidness. I think it is likely that only more well off families have ultrasounds, meaning the two sets of children were likely raised in completely different environments. This is certainly a more reasonable proposal than the infant brain is actually altered by ultrasound. Here’s another: FBI Sees No Anthrax, Hijackings Link. You would think this means the FBI has another suspected cause of the anthrax attacks. In reality, the FBI doesn’t have any information as to the source.

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October 23, 2001 on 8:52 pm | In Main | No Comments

Busy day today. Cortney picked up her father, Corky from the airport this afternoon. I met Cortney, Sean, and Corky for dinner after working a ten hour day. We had a very nice dinner. I was pretty much tired after that.

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October 22, 2001 on 7:52 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean is 20 months old today. We took Sean to the park, so he could do all of his favorite things — ride on the swing, slide down the slide, and run up and down the hill. Sean also had a nice walk to and from the park. Cortney and I each hold one hand to prevent Sean from darting out into the street. As long as we move along, Sean doesn’t mind someone holding his hands. Sean had to got to the doctor today. He has conjuctivitis, and we needed a prescription for the anti-biotic eye drops. Sean doesn’t much care for the eye drops.

Taliban means “students”. The name comes from the fundamentalist schools, set up by members of the Pakistani Intelligence Service, and funded by the well-to-do in Saudia Arabia. It makes you wonder who are allies are and who are enemies are in this war against terrorism. Unless this current alliance changes, the best we can hope for is sending out the message that it is ok to run terrorist organizations as long as you don’t directly attack US citizens. If you do, we will bomb your infastructure and destroy any military equipment, but leave your power base essentially intact.

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October 21, 2001 on 8:37 pm | In Main | No Comments

The Diamondbacks are going to the World Series! In tonight’s game, I was trying to explain to Cortney that a one run lead really is a big deal, and what the chances of scoring in any one inning are, but even I was nervous when Randy Johnson was pulled with a 3-2 lead after the seventh inning. But the relief pitcher pulled it out, and we won.

We had fun at the zoo today. The weather was really nice, and most of the animals were out. Sean had plenty of opportunity to run around and work off some energy. Sean was a little nervous in the petting zoo, but he eventually worked up the courage to walk up to and pet some of the goats. We didn’t feed him lunch until after we got home, so he took a long nap this afternoon. This allowed Cortney and I the opportunity to relax and recover.

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October 20, 2001 on 9:02 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was a day of rest and relaxation. I wanted to take Sean hiking this morning, but I still haven’t gotten over my cold yet. We had dinner over at a friends house this evening. Sean was well behaved, and ate most of his meal off a plate. He had fun playing with the two kids of our hosts. We kept Sean up to 8:30 this evening, so hopefully Sean will sleep in tomorrow. We plan to take Sean to the zoo tomorrow morning.

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October 19, 2001 on 5:58 pm | In Main | No Comments

We took Sean to the park after I got home from work today. He used the full sized swing on the playground for the first time. I can’t tell if his balance is good, or if he as a firm grip on the chains, but he stayed on the swing for 5 minutes or so. At the playground, the sprinklers were on, probably to water the winter rye grass seeds. Sean stepped into the sprinker spray, and got caught with the water spraying directly into his face, so he didn’t know what to do. By the time I got him out of the spray, he was soaked. It’s a good thing it was dry with the temperature around 90, so we didn’t have to worry about him getting cold.

Some people are suggesting we look at what the US has done to cause the recent terrorist attacks. I say we need to punish those responsible, but while we are doing that, we might want to look at the effectiveness of our foreign policy. When I look back at the last decade or so, I see a disturbing trend that we push too hard for stability or to maintain the status quo. While I see how corporations could push for this for overseas investment reasons, I think the problem is that we end up supporting some pretty terrible foreign governments. Not only do we keep thugs like Saddam and Gadhafi in power, but we allow so called royalty of Saudia Arabia and Kuwait to pillage their countries. I think all of our recent foreign policy disasters aren’t caused by the fact we got involved when we shouldn’t have, but by the fact that we did not go far enough. A good example of this is Afghanistan today. We worked hard to prevent the Soviets from conquering Afghanistan, but when the Soviet invasion was repelled, we didn’t pay any attention to who resumed control of the country. This allowed the Taliban to take power. With just a little bit of effort, we could have ensured a more stable, if not democratic, government took power. I really think this country needs to think hard about whether we want to be isolationist power or a dominant world power. I don’t think we can continue to go down the middle road. At this point, I can’t honestly advocate which particular choice we should make, just that we need to make a choice. The libertarian in me says that we should be isolationst, but I can’t also help think that the United States could go a long way to installing democratic goverments across the globe.

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October 18, 2001 on 7:30 pm | In Main | No Comments

I dropped off a gift basket that Cortney had prepared for a colleague of mine at work who recently had a baby. The baby is only two weeks old. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a newborn, and I can’t believe how small the newborn is compared to how big Sean is now.

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October 17, 2001 on 7:11 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today is my 3rd day working for 10 hours. Our new overtime policy only pays for two hour minimum increments, so I don’t get any extra pay unless I work ate least 10 hours. The long days plus fighting a cold/allergies really has me feeling ragged.

Cortney is into baseball now. She has been watching all of the Diamondbacks post season games. The D’backs should be in good shape should they go ahead 2-0 against Atlanta.

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