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November 30, 2001 on 9:32 pm | In Main | No Comments

Slow day today. The highlight of the day was taking Sean to the park. Sean had fun on the swing, running up and down the hill, and playing with his ball. Lately, he has developed a fascination with the cars driving up and down the street. It can be a little bit of a problem, since he likes to get closer to the street to get a good look. Cortney and I try to keep Sean away from the street unless he his holding our hand.

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November 29, 2001 on 7:26 pm | In Main | No Comments

It’s good to be back home again. We enjoyed our vacation, but nevertheless, it still feels good to be home. Actually, we arrived home yesterday, but by the time I had a free moment, I was too tired to write a journal entry.

Sean was really good on the plane ride home. We were worried about traveling with Sean in the middle of the day, but he handled it well. He took a nap for over an hour shortly after we were in the air. He started to get a little fussy towards the end of the flight, but who wouldn’t after being couped up for nearly four hours. I think Sean was also happy to arrive home. He now has all of his toys to play with, as well as two cats to chase around.

The weather certainly has changed here. When we left Phoenix, the temperatures were in the low 80’s. We had similar weather in Florida, except for higher humidity. When we arrived back in Arizona, we had a high of only 60, with a low around 40. It was pleasant when we got off the plane with the sun shining on us, but when we arrived home, the temperature in the house was in the 50’s. Cortney and Sean need to switch to their winter wardrobes. I can now comfortably wear long sleeve shirts to work.

Here is a good conspiracy theory: The Justice Department basically dropped the anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft after an agreement that Microsoft will install a secret key-logging program in its operating system. A key logging program will render encryption useless, as the encryption key would be available to law enforcement agents. It also gets around any troublesome privacy laws, even for foreign governments.

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November 22, 2001 on 6:19 am | In Main | No Comments

Happy Thanksgiving! Cortney, Sean and I are having a great time on our vacation. We had no problem with airport security. The terminal for Southwest Airlines had 6 check points open, with no line. So much for the advice to arrive two hours before the flight. At least we had plenty of time for grabbing a bite to eat and taking Sean for a walk in the terminal before the long flight. Sean was very good on the plane. We had him laughing during the take-off, and he enjoyed most of the flight. Unfortunately, he only slept for the last half hour of a 4 hour flight, so his sleep schedule was thrown off a bit. We had no problems getting the rental car and driving to my parent’s house. We just spent the night at my parents, with a little bit of time for Sean to meet my parent’s dog, Ginger, before we left for Cortney’s parents. Sean was fascinated by Ginger, but didn’t like getting licked in the face.

Sean loves all of the attention he has been getting from Cortney’s parents, Leslie and Corky. He likes playing out in their yard. He has been having so much fun, we are having trouble putting him to bed, because he has a hard time winding down to go to sleep.

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November 18, 2001 on 8:00 pm | In Main | No Comments

Busy day today. We started off with a nice hike this morning. The weather was very pleasant, and we had fun on the hike. Most of the day was spent finishing cleaning the house and packing for our trip. This is actually my first trip since I started this journal way back in May. I will try to get in a few posts over the next week or so, but don’t expect daily updates until we are back from the trip.

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November 17, 2001 on 5:49 pm | In Main | No Comments

It was a really nice day here today. A cool morning, with highs in the low 80’s. We took Sean out in the backyard to play on the play set, but it was so nice, we decided to go on a walk instead. This may be the last week for a while with temperatures in the 80’s.

Most of the day was spent cleaning the house and getting ready for our trip.

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November 16, 2001 on 7:14 pm | In Main | No Comments

We took Sean to the “Jungle” after work today. The Jungle is an indoor commercial play area. They have a separate room for the toddlers that we took Sean to. Cortney had taken him a few times for MOMS club events, so this is the first time I have seen it. Unfortunately, Sean was not in a good mood. He was cranky when he got up from his nap, and he has a little bit of congestion. While he played a little bit, he cried most of the time. He was fine after we arrived home. He seemed to have more fun playing with me on the sofa rather than playing on the commercial equipment. He likes to stand up then dive on to me. I grab him and lift him into the air so neither one of us gets hurt.

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November 15, 2001 on 7:13 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today is one of those days when there really isn’t any news to report. I’m looking forward to our trip to Florida over Thanksgiving. We are going to spend the first part of the trip in West Palm Beach visiting Cortney’s family, and the second part of the trip visting my family in Orlando. I’m a little worried about getting all of our bags and Sean through the security checkpoint at the airport, but other than that, I think we are going to have a good time.

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November 14, 2001 on 7:25 pm | In Main | No Comments

The whole family went for a haircut tonight. Apparently, Sean was not in the mood for a haircut. The first girl that attempted to cut his hair gave up in frustration. The second girl was much better at cutting hair on a moving target. I don’t think he got the best possible haircut, but he looks much better than before it was cut.

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November 13, 2001 on 7:56 pm | In Main | No Comments

Fall finally has arrived in Phoenix. It was 72 degrees when I drove home from work today. For the last few weeks, it has been in the mid-80’s driving home from work.

I felt special when I walked in the door today. Sean handed me both a cracker and one of his socks. He usually just hands me one of his toys. Sean had a good time at the library this evening. He still won’t sit still through a full half hour of story time, but at least he plays quietly. For most of the time, Sean used me as a railing as he climbed up and down the step I was sitting on. I didn’t mind at all.

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November 12, 2001 on 7:07 pm | In Main | No Comments

Long day today. I came home from work this afternoon to watch Sean while Cortney went to the doctor. Most of this time was while Sean was taking a nap, but we where able to play together for about an hour. I had to work to 8:00pm to make up the time, so I missed putting Sean to bed.

On Friday’s post, I questioned the competence of the FBI. I can’t find the source, but it appears that they may be faking this to entice the terrorists to screw-up. At any rate, I hear they have detained a suspect in the anthrax letter mailings, and he is of middle eastern descent.

I can’t believe the hype about the plane crash today. When older jet crashes immediately after take-off, I automatically assume it is an accident. An engine failure can easily cause a crash like the one that happened today. I can’t believe the attention the news media is giving to this event. To me, it is embarrassing that they can run continuous coverage of this event when there are virtually no facts to present. It will likely take months before we know the actual cause.

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November 11, 2001 on 5:34 pm | In Main | No Comments

The whole family went on a hike this morning. Cortney must be feeling good, because she chose the longest of the three trails that we normally hike. This trail has lots of rocks to walk on and over, so it is very strenuous as well. Sean had a great time, watching the scenery from his carrier. Like I did last week, we let him walk around a bit on his own, so he can see how the trail feels for himself.

A morning hike and an afternoon nap seem to take up most of the day. We took Sean to the park closest to us before dinner. The winter grass at the park has grown in enough that they weren’t watering it several times a day, so it was dry enough that Sean could run up and down the hill. He seems to like it best when I run down the hill with him. We would have stayed at the park longer, but we got hungry and left for dinner. Speaking of winter grass, ours has fully sprouted, so I cut back the watering myself. It is long enough now to cut it, but the yard is still swampy enough that I will let the ground dry before I mow it.

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November 10, 2001 on 7:02 pm | In Main | No Comments

We went to the world wildlife zoo today. Sean is finally getting more comfortable in the petting zoo area. It didn’t take him long to gather the courage to pet the goats. This petting zoo also had some fawns and some pot-bellied pigs. Sean ended up having such a good time, we had to drag him away from the petting zoo. Sean also had a good time watching the other animals. He particularly enjoyed the camels and the giraffes. The zoo is pretty large, and so we gave Sean plenty of time to run around. Sean ended up taking a nice long nap in the afternoon.

Sean sat in a booster seat at a restaurant for the first time today. He leaned over and fell out, hitting his head on the wall. But, after that, he learned to sit still. Afterwards, we made the mistake of taking Sean into the bookstore without his stroller. After his long nap and big dinner, he was loaded with energy. I didn’t mind him running around the bookstore, but he kept squealing when he ran, so we had to hold him the whole time. I didn’t get to browse all of the books I wanted to.

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November 9, 2001 on 8:12 pm | In Main | No Comments

For the last few days, Sean has been bringing me one of his toys when I come home from work. When he hears the garage door open, he comes running up to the laundry room door, so when I walk in the house he greets me with the toy.

We went to a different park today after I got home from work. This one has a covered play area, so Sean can stay out of the sunlight. He had fun playing on all of the equipment. He had a funny moment when he tripped in the sand, landing on his face. The sand stuck to his chin where he had been drooling, giving him a sand goatee.

After reading this article, I wonder if the FBI knows what they are doing. According to the behavioral profilers, any middle-aged white mail is a likely killer. Simple logic indicates that the perpetrators are likely tied to the September 11th terrorists. No one who doesn’t desire a fast trip to paradise in the afterlife would hold on to anthrax for any length of time, it’s too dangerous. Therefore, any domestic group would have launched an anthrax attack soon after they obtained it. Since it is unlikely that any domestic group just happened to obtain the anthrax within a day or two of September 11th, then the more likely explanation is that one way or another, the world trade center terrorists were invovled.

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November 8, 2001 on 7:40 pm | In Main | No Comments

We went for a nice walk tonight with a brief stop at the playground. Since it is getting dark early and I am working late, we had to go out after dark. We have plently of lights on the streets and by the playground, so darkness is not a problem. I think it was good for the whole family to go out and get some fresh air.

I was amazed to see this in the news. I can’t believe someone is trying to relive the hysteria of the ’60s and ’70s. The depletion of natural resource due to over-population has been proven to be false. As an example, there is not a single resource that is more scarce now than the 1970’s, including even fossil fuels (we have since discovered more reserves using technology). This particular article mentions fresh water, which really is a strange distinction when the majority of the earth’s surface is covered with water. We will never run out of water.

I never got around to posting yesterday. Not much happened here though. The only excitement was Cortney and Sean went to downtown Phoenix to see the Diamondback’s celebration parade. Here is a picture of Sean celebrating:

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November 6, 2001 on 7:31 pm | In Main | No Comments

The whole family went to story time at the library for the first time in a long while. Sean was able to sit still through all of the stories, so we had a good time. Cortney thinks he said his first word (where we could tell what he was saying) but I won’t tell what it was.

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