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February 28, 2002 on 7:50 pm | In Main | No Comments

It was a nice day outside, so I joined Cortney and Sean at the park after work. This is the park with the construction in the next lot. Sean always gets excited by the big construction equiptment they have there. The park also has some hills as well as a good playground, so there is always plenty for Sean to do. I notice each time Sean comes to the playground, he gets just a little bit better at climbing.

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February 28, 2002 on 6:00 pm | In Main | No Comments

I updated the description on my web page. I thought I needed something more descriptive for people that haven’t visited my site before.

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February 27, 2002 on 8:31 pm | In Main | No Comments

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February 27, 2002 on 8:23 pm | In Main | No Comments

I found some interesting web sites on the internet today. Overlawyered has good articles on ridiculous law suits. Junk science has articles on false scientific claims, including many recent media articles. Unfortunately, I find myself troubled after reading these sites, as they point out the worst (IMHO) in society today.

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February 27, 2002 on 8:18 pm | In Main | No Comments

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February 27, 2002 on 8:14 pm | In Main | No Comments

We took Sean to the doctor for his 2 year wellness exam. He is now a quarter inch shy of the 3 foot mark in height. His weight is around 31 pounds. These statistics put him around 75th percentile, where he has been all along.

What a change from the last time I went with him to the doctor. Sean behaved very well in both the waiting area and in the examining room. He either played with the toys that were available or wandered around but did not run away. He had no problem with his physical exam, and only cried out briefly when he got his shot.

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February 26, 2002 on 6:12 pm | In Main | No Comments

We all walked over to the park near our house after dinner this evening. Sean was able to climb up and go down the tallest slide all on his own. Since this requires going up the ladder even to get to the platform, this is quite an accomplishment for Sean.

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February 26, 2002 on 6:10 pm | In Main | No Comments

The libertarian party has provided a poster in response to the recent adds that appeared starting in the superbowl on the war on (some) drugs. Of course, this poster is factually dishonest, but not much more than the government funded adds. If drug money were the sole funding of the terrorists groups, we could end terrorism by legalizing drugs.

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February 25, 2002 on 8:28 pm | In Main | No Comments

I watched Sean the entire evening to give Cortney a bit of a break. Sean is turning into quite a character. I think he has inherited stubbornness from both parents. When I came home from work, Cortney had given Sean a small snack to allow him to make it to dinner time. He insisted I continue to feed him more. No matter what I tried, I could not distract him from getting more of the snack. Somehow, I made it to dinner, where he did eat a full meal.

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February 25, 2002 on 8:14 pm | In Main | No Comments

Many articles have appeared in the mainstream media recently about web-logging. Here is an example of a bad one. The numbers on blogging in the article are interesting, but I think the author’s conclusions are incorrect. Of course, the Times probably feels the threat of the internet and of blogging in particular to their bottom line, so I would not expect an unbiased opinion. The author seems to confuse blogging and web hosting, two separate ideas in my opinion. Note that I have used both Blogger and Radio for this journal, yet I have always used my own web site.

In contrast, here is an example good article. However, I don’t think I will ever get to the point where I write professionally, at least not until I retire from my engineering career.

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February 25, 2002 on 8:08 pm | In Main | No Comments

Here’s an amazing story. At Columbine High School, students were arrested for a food fight! What was the Sheriff’s department doing at the high school anyway? Please tell me that they weren’t called into handle such a simple disciplinary matter. As far as I can tell, the only potential riot was caused by the Sheriff’s department, not the students themselves. The students clearly realized the absurdness of the situation, why can’t the adults see it? Here’s a thought — if the school officals and Sheriff’s office are too stressed out over the infamous event at this school to focus on their purpose with clarity, they should be removed from their responsibilities.

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February 25, 2002 on 8:03 pm | In Main | No Comments

I see that the Winter Olympics is over with. I managed to miss all of the events. I had planned to boycott the Olympics anyway, but that was easy to accomplish since I don’t care to watch skiing or figure skating. I would watch the hockey, but I don’t understand why I can’t watch the games live. Oh well. I see other countries are whining that the US received more medals than they should have. I think its a disgrace that we can’t have a worldwide athletic competition without the invovlement of politics. What amazed me about the figure skating scandal was not about a tainted judge, but by the fact that the voting was along the cold war block lines. Wake up people; the cold ware ended over a decade ago!

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February 24, 2002 on 6:34 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was a day of rest and relaxation after the big birthday bash yesterday. We did manage to get in a little bit of cleaning and yardwork in.

Don’t Say a Word

February 24, 2002 on 5:42 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

Last night’s movie was Don’t Say a Word. I really don’t like this type of murder/suspense movie. I did find it to be entertaining, even though the plot was unbelievable at times. I rate this movie a C.

Buy it.

Don\'t Say a Word

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February 23, 2002 on 10:42 pm | In Main | No Comments

After a nice long nap this afternoon, Sean was in a good mood this evening. We were watching Emeril (the food show) on TV, and after Emeril finished one of his dishes, the audience on the show started clapping. Sean saw this, and started clapping himself. I wonder if he will grow up to be a chef; it seems like cooking shows are his favorite.

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