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January 31, 2003 on 9:41 pm | In Main | No Comments

Ethan’s bald spot is growing. I wonder if all of his hair will fall out like Sean’s did. If Ethan’s hair does fall out, he may have blond hair when it grows back in. If you don’t believe me, check out this picture of Sean when he was around 3 months old:

and a current picture of Ethan:

Click on the pictures to see the full size image. I was suprised to see how similar Sean and Ethan look at this age. The biggest difference is Sean’s oval face vs. Ethan’s round face.

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January 31, 2003 on 9:33 pm | In Main | No Comments

We didn’t do much today. We went looking for a new light-weight travel stroller for a trip in March. The travel stoller we have now doesn’t recline, and Ethan isn’t old enough yet to be in a sitting position. I also stopped by the wireless phone store to show Cortney the new cell phone that I have gadget envy for.

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January 31, 2003 on 7:45 pm | In Main | No Comments

I tried another one of my home grown oranges this evening. This one was finger-dripping juicy, and very tasty. I’m looking forward to more of these oranges next year.

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I added a link to amazon.com to the right hand side of this page:

In Association with Amazon.com

If you ever want to buy something through Amazon, click on this link, and I will get a very small percentage of the sales. I figure this would be a good way to offset the costs of hosting this sight. In the future, I may post an advanced link that adds items I recommend.

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January 30, 2003 on 8:15 pm | In Main | No Comments

For the first time in a long time, I have a case of tech gadget envy. I really want a pair of those new cell phones with the color screen and organizer built in. With two phones, Cortney and I would always be able to get a hold of each other. The phones themselves aren’t that expensive, but the service for the two phones is over sixty dollars a month. That amount of money over the course of a year could buy a lot of clothes and toys for Ethan and Sean. We have one cell phone now, and that plan is only ten dollars a month, which includes thirty free minutes. We hardly every use up the thirty minutes, so it sounds like this is the right plan for us. Maybe next year the price of the service contracts will go down to the point where they would be more affordable.

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January 30, 2003 on 8:10 pm | In Main | No Comments

Ethan spent most of the day “talking”. He was making a sound somewhere between “goo” and “coo”, occasionaly raising the end of the word to sound almost like a laugh. I remember Sean laughing at four months, but Ethan isn’t quite there yet.

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January 30, 2003 on 8:08 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean’s days of hours of uninterrupted entertainment at the library are over with. We went to the library this evening, and Sean only played with the train table for twenty minutes at the most. Sean spent more time on the computer then he did at the train table. The library had a barney the dinosaur game that featured a carousel. The game was about clicking on a bunch of seals, and if you guessed the correct one three times in a row, the horses would go up and down on the carousel. Sean was absolutely fascinated by it.

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January 30, 2003 on 8:04 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean is feeling better, and went back to school today. Sean cried again after he was dropped off, but not as long as he did on Tuesday. He even has his first homework assignment! He has to color a few pages with the theme “in” and “out”.

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January 29, 2003 on 8:15 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was rather slow. The most exciting thing we did was to go to Sam’s club and get our membership. The store just opened this past week, and it seemed like there were more people paying for the memberships than there were shopping. Sean didn’t care much for sitting in the shopping cart while we waited in line. Ethan didn’t mind. Once he is in the carrier, I just have to bounce up and down to calm him down. We rewarded Sean with a glass of milk and his favorite video when we arrived home.

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January 29, 2003 on 8:10 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean missed his first day of school. He woke up this morning with another case of the croup. Cortney brought Sean to the doctor. The doctor said to send Sean back to school, that he probably already infected the other children. I want Sean to go tomorrow, since Thursday is the day he gets speech therapy.

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January 28, 2003 on 8:01 pm | In Main | No Comments

I tried to watch the State of the Union Address tonight, but it was too tedious. I can’t stand the clapping after each sentence, it’s very disruptive. I plan on reading the full text of the speech online tomorrow.

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January 28, 2003 on 7:41 pm | In Main | No Comments

Floppy went back to the vet today for her water injection. This time, the vet put the fluid in her shoulder, and you can definitely see it. I’ve started to calling her goiter kitty, but Cortney doesn’t like that. The fluid will gradually be absorbed over the next few days. The good news is that she now weighs 8 pounds, so she has gained a half a pound from two weeks ago. This is a promising sign that she will be with us for a while longer.

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January 28, 2003 on 7:40 pm | In Main | No Comments

We think Ethan might be beginning the first stages of teething. We can’t see any teeth yet, but he has started to drool lately. He hasn’t been crying much, except for that cranky period in the early evening, so it doesn’t seem to be bothering him that much.

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January 28, 2003 on 7:06 pm | In Main | No Comments

It was another nice day today, so I took Sean and Ethan to the park. I think Sean is getting over the fact that I won’t let him walk to the park unless he holds my hand. For a change, Ethan stayed awake while walking over to the park, and didn’t fall asleep until just before we left. It seemed like Ethan enjoyed watching the action in the park.

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January 28, 2003 on 7:00 pm | In Main | No Comments

I guess Sean realized that when he was dropped off at school, he would be without Mommy and Daddy for awhile. So he cried a little bit today. After I arrived home, I thought he had a scrape on his elbow, but it turned out to be chocolate pudding. At least we know he had fun at snack time. Sean’s class had the group photo today, and Sean also received his class t-shirt. The class mascot is a porcupine.

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