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It seemed like a long day at work today, after our nice vacation in San Diego. I did have a relaxing evening, taking Sean and Ethan to the park. Ethan has definitely matured since the last time I have been. He can now manage the smaller set of slides all on his own. It seemed like just a short time ago that he was just able to walk own his own, much less climb the stairs and go down the slide on his own.

Recovering from the Vacation

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Even though we arrived last night, I took today off from work as well. I’m glad I did, as I needed a full day to recover. Cortney kept Sean home from school also, thinking Sean would also be tired. I wasn’t too worried about Sean. He was able to go at full speed all day long on the day trips on our vacation, and then fall asleep five minutes later on the car ride back.

I was worried that we would be taking a step back from potty training on the vacation. We kept Sean in diapers the entire trip, not wanting to worry about accidents. But the good news is that Sean went number 2 in the potty twice today. I’m hoping we can continue to build on that success.

After the fairly warm and more humid temperatures in San Diego, I was looking forward to some cool and dry weather in Phoenix. At least we got the dry part. The high today was 97 degrees, setting a new record. We were forced to turn on the air conditioning early in the day.

I finished the day by getting back into our weekly routine. I took Sean and Ethan to the library for story time. Both kids were well behaved, and we had a good time.

Vacation Pictures

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Here is a mini photo essay of our vacation. Click on the pictures to see the full-sized image.

The best part of Seaworld were the shows. Here is a picture showing a dolphin performing a mid-air flip.

At Legoland, Cortney and Sean take a Safari ride. All of the animals were made entirely of legos.

Sean enjoyed the rides at Legoland, but he was really excited about the lego train and miniature city:

Ethan managed to enjoy himself at Seaworld and Legoland, even though he was too small for most of the rides, and not old enough to appreciate the shows. But, he really had a good time at the beach. This was the first time that Cortney, Sean, and Ethan had seen the Pacific Ocean.

At the San Diego Zoo, Sean “touches” a polar bear. That’s Sean in the green hat. I was surprised to see Sean so close to the bear, as Sean had a big scare at Seaworld involving the polar bears. He was exploring a polar bear cave, when he heard a loud and convincing polar bear growl from the speakers built into the cave. He ran out and would not go back in again.

The most popular exhibit at the zoo was for the pandas. There is a baby pandy playing near his mom’s feet, but I could not get him into the picture.

This was an enjoyable vacation for everyone, and I think we may be going back to San Diego soon.

Back Home in Phoenix

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We arrived home safely this evening. It was a long day. We spent the morning and afternoon at the San Diego Zoo, then drove home directly afterwards. We stopped off at Yuma for dinner and a break from driving. Tomorrow, I plan to post a photo essay of our vacation.

Last Night in San Diego

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I’m writing this from the computer in the hotel lobby. This is our last night in San Diego. Tomorrow, we will be going to the San Diego Zoo. After that, we will drive straight home, so it will be a long day tomorrow.

Today, we did a driving tour of San Diego. We started out by visiting Old Town San Diego. After that, we drove down to the harbor, where we took an hour boat ride tour of San Diego harbor. For lunch, we ate at a local sea food restaurant. After that, we drove to the beach. Apparently, so did every one else in San Diego, since it was crowded, and much hotter than usual. To us, it seemed like a typical Phoenix day, sunny and warm. Sean and Ethan both had a blast playing in the sand. The Pacific Ocean was much too cold for the kids, so we did not do any swimming.

After coming back from the beach, we decided to go straight to the hotel pool, since the kids were still covered with sand. Even though the hotel advertised a heated pool, the water was a bit chilly. So, we spent most of the time in the spa. After that, it was leftovers for dinner in the hotel room, and bedtime for the kids. Hence, the time for me to write this entry. When we get back home, I plan to write up the time at Seaworld, Legoland, and the zoo. I plan to include a few photos of the trip.

We Arrive in San Diego

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We arrived in San Diego last evening. The drive was interesting. We started out with hot desert temperatures through Arizona. In California, we hit some heavy fog, and some high winds, slowing down our progress a bit. We arrived around 10:00 pm local time, after five and half hours of driving. The hour time difference made a big deal, as otherwise, it would have been midnight before we made it to bed.

I’m writing this from the hotel lobby. I have Sean and Ethan with me. I had to get them out of the hotel room because they were going stir crazy. We will be leaving for Seaworld shortly. We will be meeting Sean’s friends Shannon and Nicolas, as well as their parents at the entrance to the park. They drove out the for the weekend as well. I’m looking forward to Seaworld, and the other outings we have planned for this vacation.

Off to San Diego

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We leave for San Diego this afternoon. I plan to put in a full day of work, get home early, then finish the packing we started last night. Our plan is to stop by Burger King, grab an early dinner, and let the kids work out some energy in the play area before being cooped up in the car for six hours.

While in San Diego, we plan to go to Sea World, Legoland, and the San Diego Zoo. More than likely, I won’t be writing more about this until after we get back.

Sean Goes to School

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Sean went back to school today. Now that he has been on the antibiotics for two days, he seems back to normal. It’s too bad that school was only a half day today, which for Sean’s normal half day, is only a little over an hour of school.

Ethan still has a cough and runny nose, but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

Ethan Has Fun at the Library

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We kept Sean home from both school and the library today. Other than being a little tired and having an ear ache, he seems fine, but we want him to rest up just to make sure.

Even though Ethan still has a cough, he is still full of energy, so I took him to the library tonight. Just like when Sean was his age, Ethan loved the songs, but did not want to sit still for the stories. Ethan is now participating in the finger plays. Of course, the baby time only goes to 18 months, so Ethan will be graduating soon. Tonight, Ethan said “bye-bye” during the Bye Bye song, without any prompting from me at all.

Busy Day Today

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We had a busy day today. Cortney took the van to get serviced, and took Sean to the doctor. In between that, we had the new hot water heater installed. After work, Cortney and I went to Sean’s parent-teacher conference. After that, it was time for the pre-cleaning, getting the house straightened before the cleaners arrive tomorrow.

Sean has an ear infection, and is now on an anti-biotic. He looked like he was feeling better today. Hopefully after a couple of days on the anti-biotic, his ear infection will be over, and Sean will be back to normal.

At the parent-teacher conference, we learned Sean continues to become more comfortable in the school setting. There is another boy in Sean’s class with a personality similar to Sean’s. They get along well, even to the point of occasionally getting into trouble. The teacher said that was nothing to be concerned about; and finally, the teacher sees the side of Sean we witness occasionally at home, when he acts out with his brother. Although Sean still needs work in a few areas, he is well on his way to being ready for kindergarten.

Yard Work Day

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I spent a good part of the day doing yard work. I trimmed the front hedges, and raked the front yard. I pulled weeds in the back yard, then fertilized the lawn. I cleaned the pool and pool filter, and finally, I sprayed the outside of the house for bugs. Quite a day’s worth of work.

Both Sean and Ethan are still sick, but they both had fun today. Ethan seemed fine, except he woke up in the middle of the night last night, and had trouble going back to bed. He was sleepy this morning, and he went down for an early nap, missing lunch. He then woke back up because he was hungry. At least he had a good time for the rest of the day. Sean spent almost the entire day playing with his grandmother. He finally collapsed an hour before bed time, so we just put him to bed early. I imagine that if he gets a good night sleep, we will send him off to school tomorrow.

Sean Has a Rough Day

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Sean seemed like he was feeling better, even though he still appears tired and run down. This afternoon, Sean complained of an ear ache. After giving him the children’s Advil, he did much better. That’s a good thing, because if he has a real ear infection, he won’t be able to see the doctor until Monday.

Ethan is slightly congested, but he appears to be just fine. He was his typical self, running around the house, and getting in to whatever he can before we can chase him down and stop him. He even went without a nap today, but he did not appear tired at all.

Home Repair Day

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I ordered a new hot water heater today. The old one has a slow leak, and I don’t want to fool around with it. The new one has a lifetime warranty, so I shouldn’t have to worry about it again. The new heater will be installed on Monday.

I thought I had a broken sprinkler controller. The unit was dead. I opened it up to see how it was hooked up, in order to determine what to replace it with. It turns out that the controller itself was run by battery, and the batteries were dead. I replaced the batteries, and it’s working just fine now. Just in time to increase the watering, to compensate for the hot weather we are having.

Cortney and I Enjoy Dinner Out

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Leslie watched Sean and Ethan, allowing Cortney and I to enjoy dinner out just by ourselves. We tried the Lone Star restaurant, which Cortney has never been to before. I know she enjoys prime rib, and so I figured she would enjoy this restaurant. And yes, she did order the prime rib, and she enjoyed it. I ordered an all you can eat fish special, so I left feeling stuffed.

It looks like Cortney, Ethan, and I are all fighting off whatever Sean has. I feel much better than I did yesterday, so I hope the worst is over for me. Cortney did not feel well today, but she has been on the go all week, and I think she might just be worn out. Little Ethan doesn’t appear to be sick, but he took a much longer nap then what he usually does. I expect we will all take it easy this weekend.

No More High Chair

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Ethan has been using the booster seat all week. I didn’t want to say much about it earlier, because I was afraid of jinxing myself, and have Ethan refuse to use the booster seat. As it turns out, Ethan loves it. He has been able to climb up on the chairs and sit down by himself for a while, and I actually think he expects to use the normal chair. Ethan now rarely throws his food on the floor, as opposed to when he was in the high chair.

Sean seems to be doing better today, although he did take a nap this afternoon. For those new to this web page, Sean doesn’t nap when he is feeling well. Sean had fun playing with his grandmother, Leslie. Leslie flew in last night to stay with us for a week.

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