First Week of Class is Over

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I finished class today early, and I arrived home shortly after lunch. After Ethan woke up from his nap, we all went to Burger King, where Sean and Ethan could play in the ball pit. Ethan had a tough time of it. Another girl, just a few months older than Ethan, kept bashing him in the head with one of the balls. The father made an attempt to control the girl’s behavior, so we didn’t make a big deal of it. We left a little early for a family shopping trip to Wal-mart before arriving home to put the kids to bed. I will be working from home this evening, completing a report due first thing Monday morning, so it won’t be much of an evening for me. At least next week, things will be back to normal.

A Long Drive to Gym

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My training class ran late today, so I had to drive straight to the gym. Cortney had taken Ethan as well as Sean to gym class, since there was no one to watch Ethan. Cortney took Ethan home as soon as arrived. There’s nothing for Ethan to do at the gym, so it’s hard taking him there. Other than driving Sean home and putting him to bed, I didn’t have any time to spend with the kids today.

Another Nice Greeting

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Sean and Ethan gave me another warm greeting when I arrived home today. Fortunately, they were not as wound up as they were on Monday. They played nicely together until it was time for bed, then they both fully cooperated with our bed-time ritual, allowing me a relaxing evening.

Library Night

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Even though the library isn’t running the baby and story time now, I still took Sean and Ethan to the library. I had some books on hold, and I wanted Sean to experience checking out books again. Also, Cortney needed a break after a long day, so it was a good idea to get the kids out of the house. On the way over to the library, Sean said he wanted to find a book on dinosaurs, but as we arrived at the library, Sean changed his mind, and wanted books on trains. In addition to picking up the books for Sean, we also spent time in the children’s play area section. That was enough to keep them busy until it was time for bed.

Even though the last two days have been fun, I don’t know if I can continue at this pace, with the long commute to training class, class running late, cramming in time with the kids before their bedtime, then logging on to work to get caught up with my normal work.

Sean Continues His Potty Training

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Sean woke up with a croup cough this morning, so Cortney kept him home from school. The good news is that she had all day to work on Sean’s potty training. When Sean is not wearing a diaper, he now uses the toilet when he needs to go. In fact, he went both poopy and peepee today. Good work Sean!

A Happy Greeting from Sean and Ethan

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I started a week long class today. The class is in town, but on the opposite side of town, requiring almost an hour each way to commute. Since the class runs from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM, I will be coming home almost two hours later than I normally do. This means Cortney doesn’t get much of a break.

When I did arrive home, Sean and Ethan were excited to see me. It seemed like they saved all of their energy for the one hour I had to spend with them. I made the most of the hour, playing with both Sean and Ethan. I wonder if I will continue to get that kind of greeting all week long.

Ethan in a Good Mood

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We don’t know why, but Ethan was in a great mood this evening. He usually just tolerates me changing his diaper, and I try to sing him a song to keep him happy. Tonight, Ethan was just smiling away as I changed his diaper. I told him it was time for “night-night”, and he repeated “ni-ni”, and became very excited. I said “Let’s go upstairs”, and he ran over to Cortney for a kiss, then marched up the stairs. It was a real pleasure to put Ethan to bed.

Sean and the Fire Truck

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While Ethan was taking a nap this afternoon, I built a Lego fire truck for Sean to play with. The design wasn’t mine, but I built it from a picture, which was difficult. The truck had an neat water cannon on top of it, which could swivel and turn. When I finished, Sean wanted to take it outside. I said, “No, the Legos stay inside”. Sean was very upset, and marched outside anyway. A few minutes later, I saw Sean pulling the garden hose up to the sliding glass door. Sean wanted to put water in the fire truck, so it could actually shoot water! I told Sean, “No, we have to pretend the truck is spraying water”, and then made spraying water sounds. It took a while for this concept to sink in, and Sean ended up abandoning the fire truck.

Later on this afternoon, while I was ironing my work clothes, Sean was making the water spraying sounds I had demonstrated earlier. Cortney asked Sean what he was doing. Sean responded, “I’m spraying Daddy with water”!

Dinner Guests

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Cortney invited a friend and her family over this evening. They had a boy between Sean and Ethan’s ages, a girl just older than Sean, and a boy a few years older than Sean. The kids all enjoyed playing with Sean’s toys. The adults all had a good time eating dinner and enjoying the conversation, so it was a good evening.

A Morning with Sean and Ethan

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Cortney spent the morning shopping at Goodwill, so I had Sean and Ethan by myself. We walked over to the park. I brought my basketball, as well as Sean’s half-sized basketball, so we could shoot some hoops. We played for maybe ten to fifteen minutes, before Sean and Ethan became tired with it. Ten feet is still high for Sean to reach, and it’s out of the question for Ethan. The kids did have fun on the swings and slides afterwards. Both kids looked cute wearing their sun hats. Ethan kept his on the whole time, which is a first for him.

Sean Has A Rough Day

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Both Cortney and I had a rough time with Sean today. Sean doesn’t go to school on Friday’s, so Cortney had Sean the entire day today. I don’t know if Sean felt cooped up, or he was just bored, but he was out of control. When I arrived home I took Sean to Burger King, along with Ethan, and Sean was still out of control. I don’t know if Sean misses the structure of a school day, or he is just overtired, but he was a handfull. Reverting back to old behaviors, not listening, you name it. I ended up putting Sean to be early. He complained initially, but then agreed to go to bed. Even though we had a difficult day with Sean today, I can still see the good kid in him. I’m hoping with a good night’s sleep, Sean will be much better tomorrow.

A New Laptop

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I received my new laptop at work today. It’s a Dell D600, and it’s not bad. It has a combo DVD/CDRW drive, so I can watch movies on it while traveling. I brought it home from work today, but Cortney was not impressed with it. Too bad, I say. I can work at home from my existing computer through high speed access, but with the laptop, I don’t have to worry about not having the right files with me. And more importantly, I will have it at work while attending meetings.

News Tidbits

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Ethan has his eye teeth coming in. One on the top has broken through the gum, the other top tooth is about to, and the bottom ones are not far behind.

Sean went poopy on the potty twice today. We know he knows what to do, we just need to work on consistency.

Ethan has been climbing into the high chair for awhile now, but now he can now strap himself in as well.

Floppy had a blood test last week. The blood levels are back to normal, which is great news. I asked the vet about the long term outcome, who said most cats live between 1-2 months and a year after kidney failure. Floppy may have two more years in addition to the one year plus she has been alive since the kidney failure.

Ethan at the Library

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Sean was tired this evening, so he stayed home for the trip to the library. I did spend some time with him playing with Legos before we left. So, It was just Ethan and I at the library again. Ethan is really starting to enjoy the story time. He is even more animated during the finger plays then he has been. He is actually doing most of the moves, even if they are a bit late. He wasn’t happy witht he first book that was read. The second book was Spot Goes to the Beach, which he was enthralled with. He would yell out ball whenver he saw one, and he yelled out at something that I couldn’t figure out. We both had a good time. It’s a shame the library is taking a month off before resuming story time again.

Ethan’s 18 Month Well Visit

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We took Ethan to the doctor today for his 18 month well visit. Ethan’s measurements are 50% height, 25% weight and 75% head diameter. This is where Ethan has been since he was born. I thought Ethan his been filling out more for his height, but I guess the weight increase is just normal for boys his age. Since Ethan is healthy and he did not require any shots today, it was just a short time in the doctor’s office. Sean was actually disappointed that he didn’t get to see Ethan get any shots.

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