Ethan Improves His Vocabulary

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Ethan is on the verge of using a bunch of new words. He has been saying “paass” for a long time, and I finally figured out that he is saying the first part of pacifier. Today, Ethan actually asked for the Dora video by name, and sang “I’m the map” when that came up in the show. I’m sure many more words will be coming any day now.

Family Time, and Work Around the House

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I wanted to spend the day working on projects around the house, but Cortney also wanted to spend some family time together. We compromised by going to Jeepers early in the afternoon. This allowed me to wash my car this morning, and work on the bills and cleaning the house in the afternoon and evening. Sean and Ethan both had fun in the Jeepers play area. This is the first time we have brought Ethan since he learned to climb. Ethan had access to the full play area all on his own. Ethan played so hard that he conked out during the short car ride home. Sean, of course, had fun himself. He protested slightly when we left, but I think he was tired as well.

A Relaxing Day

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Since this is the middle of a three-day weekend, I didn’t feel bad about just relaxing today. I did some light yardwork this morning, but other than that, I didn’t do much. Poor Sean. He really wanted to go swimming, but the doctor said no swimming until his ear heals up. Sean kept talking about “going in the big pool” all day long. Ethan didn’t mind the quiet day. He was happy just to play with his toys and have books read to him.

A Trip to Out of Africa

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Today, we went to the Out of Africa Park, nearby where we live. The park will be closing next week over a dispute over the land, so we wanted to see it before it closed.

The park allows you to see many lions and tigers up close. We enjoyed the tiger splash demonstration the most. It’s impressive to see a tiger jump high into the air, grab a basketball with it’s mouth, deflating it in one blow, and then splash into the water. Sean had a chance to feed a tiger, placing a bit of meat through a chain link fence with a pair of tongs, where the tiger gobbled it up.

One of the demonstrations was with a giant python. Sean was nervous with the snake, but he did go over and touch it. Ethan was fearless. He casually walked over and picked up the python’s tail.

I emjoyed the hyenas the most. I did not realize they where so large. The pair they had stood well over waist high and had huge heads. I would hate to meet up with one, much less an entire pack.

It was a long day, but both Sean and Ethan were good sports the entire time, even though it was obvious they were starting to get tired. We just relaxed after arriving home.

A Trip to the Mall

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For a change of pace, I took Sean and Ethan to the mall play area, instead of the usual trip to Burger King. It seems like they play a little bit harder at the mall play area than the Burger King ball pit. It was obvious when it was time to go, as they were both worn out.

A Winning Lego Team

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At class today, our team won the Lego building competition. The competiton was to build Lego models based on simulated forecast, with expenses for the parts, late deliveries, and mistakes on the models. On paper, it looked like we had the worst plan, with an extra person working on assembly, costing us more. But in the end, our team executed the plan the best, so we ended up wining. It was certainly fun.

Lego at Work

May 26, 2004 on 8:22 pm | In Main | No Comments

I had to stay late at my training class today for a team project. The project uses a Lego model to simulate a set of manufacturing operations. I felt right at home on this project. In fact, I was designated the leader of our team for this reason.

Too Much of a Good Thing

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The food served at my training class is excellent. In the first week, I ate so much at lunch and at the afternoon snack that I just skipped dinner. The problem this week is that I am still on my antibiotic. This particular antibiotic has a side effect that makes it difficult to digest a full meal properly. I was miserable last night from this combination. I’m doing better today, but the biggest dissapoint is not fully enjoying the good food. Today was mexican day, and I really wanted more nachos and enchiladas, but I had to hold back. At least I’m still not hungry during the evenings. And, I can always look forward to week three of this training class.

Busy Day

May 24, 2004 on 7:58 pm | In Main | No Comments

After a long day at my training class, we went to a slide show given by Sean’s preschool teacher. Some of the pictures were really cute. Sean knows all of the names of his classmates, and he told me their names as their pictures came up.

Lego Train Day

May 23, 2004 on 8:20 pm | In Main | No Comments

Cortney picked up some bags of Legos at Goodwill last week, at a bargain price. She didn’t realize that the bags contained a working motorized train set. I set up that set today in Sean’s room. Even though this set dates from 1989, it is still much newer than the Lego train set I had from my childhood. I noticed that this train set is more reliable, and could take a fair amount of play from Sean without falling apart. Sean had fun playing with the train set, but it seemed to me he had more fun watching me build it.

Family Night Out

May 22, 2004 on 9:59 pm | In Main | No Comments

We spent most of the day taking it easy, but we went out as a family this evening. We started off with dinner at the Cheescake Factory. We had a bit of a challenge with the kids. The restaurant did not have a kids menu, but they do bring out a plate with bread and bananas. Sean and Ethan started gorging, Ethan eating all the bananas, then switching to bread, and Sean eating just the bread. By the time Cortney and I were able to start eating our food, Sean and Ethan were already full. So, we had to eat and entertain the kids at the same time. But, we managed. The big surprise was that Ethan ate broccoli! He nibbled a few pieces off a Cortney’s plate.

Next was a trip to the mall, specifcally the new kids play area. Sean and Ethan were able to get all the exercise they needed before it was close to their bedtime. The kids were a little cranky from being overtired before bedtime, but other than that, they went to bed ok.

Finally, Cortney and I sat down to finish the evening with a movie.

Family Trip to Burger King

May 21, 2004 on 10:04 pm | In Main | No Comments

For the first time in awhile, everyone was healthy, and we all went to Burger King this evening. Sean and Ethan both had fun playing in the ball pit and play area. As a treat, they added new balls, so the ball pit was nice and full. Sean and Ethan had so much fun, that even after Cortney and I decided it was time to go, we had to wait, since Sean and Ethan were both playing in the upper area. It was easier to wait than to climb up the play area to fetch them.

Sean Goes to the Gym and the Store

May 20, 2004 on 9:15 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean had fun in his gym class. Since the gym was close to a couple of stores I needed to go to, we also did some shopping afterwards. Sean was very well beahved at the stores, and we had fun together. I’ll give Sean credit for the good behavior, but it also could because he worked out his excess energy in the gym class.

Ethan Isn’t Cranky

May 19, 2004 on 8:17 pm | In Main | No Comments

For the first time in three days, Ethan wasn’t cranky. Maybe it was because I did not wake him up from his nap. Who knows. It’s cute watching Ethan try to run. He tries to follow Sean, but can’t quite keep up. He sure doesn’t stop trying though.

Sean Goes to the LIbrary

May 18, 2004 on 7:33 pm | In Main | No Comments

I took Sean with me to the library this evening, to return some books, and to see if Sean wanted to check out any new books. Sean said he wanted books on dinosaurs. He didn’t think the library would have any, and I assured him that it would. It turns out that they had an entire rack devoted to dinosaur books. Sean immediately went to the oversized picture books on the bottom, and that’s what he got. I asked Sean to take the two books he picked out to the checkout counter. He grabbed the books and slammed them down on the information desk, saying he wanted to check them out. I told Sean this wasn’t the checkout counter, and showed him where it was.

After checking out the books, he played with the train sets for a while. Another boy showed up soon afterwards, and Sean told him that he had picked out books on dinosaurs. We left the library when it was close to bedtime, and of course, I had to read Sean one of the library books at bedtime.

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