A Trip to the Mall

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Today, we went to the Chandler Mall, which is still the newest and fanciest mall in the area. What made this trip different was that we took Sean wearing his underwear, not his diaper. This is the first day trip outside the house where we took Sean without diapers. And, no accidents! We had to put up with a few false alarms, where Sean said he had to go, and he didn’t end up going. I would much rather have false alarms than to have soiled clothing (we brought a change of clothes just in case). One of the problems we had was that the family restrooms near the food court had a toilet with a seat that was only about 9 inches off the floor, a perfect height for Sean. He wanted to use this toilet, rather than the urinals in the mens room. This was a bit of a problem, since the family rest room typically has a wait to get in. But, we managed.

Sean and Ethan spent quite a bit of time in the soft play area. We knew when it was time to leave the play area when Sean and Ethan were both lying down, resting. Sean wanted to lie down on one of the play pieces, which resulted in other children stepping on him. He would rather lay down there than lie down on the adult seats. Sean did walk with us throughout the mall. Ethan simply rode in the stroller. Overall, it was a fun trip.

One Year Since We Lost Our Tree

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This day, one year ago, we lost the big tree in our front yard. Since then, we have planted a new tree, which has grown well, but still provides no shade to the front of the house. Tomorrow, I will get the new tree staked properly, since it is top-heavy enough to cause it to bend over. And, the other tree in our yard was thinned out yesterday, so I’m not worried about it following over this year. I was a little worried earlier this week, when we had not one, but two big wind storms move through. I can sleep easy now.

Everyone went to Burger King tonight, the first time in a while. Nothing much happened. The play area was not crowded, but Sean and Ethan still had fun.

We are predicted to have hot weather this weekend, highs near 110 degrees. We won’t be using the pool, since Sean will not be allowed in until we get approval from the doctor this Wednesday. I suppose I could take just Ethan in, but Sean would get upset if he saw us use the pool. So, we will have to find some indoor activities to keep us occupied.

Sean Returns to Gym Class

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Cortney and I declared Sean well enough to start his gym class again. Sean certainly had no problem in class, and nothing unusual happened. We have also noticed that he has been snoring less, and it appears that it is easier for Sean to breath through his mouth. We won’t really know how well his surgery went until next Wednesday, when he goes back to the doctor for his follow-up visit.

Fun at McDonalds

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I took Sean and Ethan to McDonalds this evening, giving Cortney a break. It was quiet when we first arrived, and Sean did an excellent job of taking Ethan through the play area. Later, a very large party arrived. Apparently, the party was scheduled at a nearby McDonalds, but the air conditioning broke down there, and they transferred the party to the one we where at. After the fully party arrived, it was total mayhem. There must have been over twenty kids running through the play area. Lots of screaming and yelling. Sean and Ethan seemed to love it.

Sean was a big boy today. He wore his underwear to McDonalds, and when he needed to go, he went into the bathroom all on his own. I helped him clean up afterwards, but that was it. Good job, Sean!

Two Firsts for Ethan

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Ethan had two first’s this evening. At dinner time, Ethan used a spoon for the first time to eat his applesauce. He spilled the first few spoonfulls, but then did a good job after that.

At the library, Ethan jumped for the first time. Ethan has somewhat been jumping on the trampoline lately, but it’s hard to tell if he is jumping our just bouncing. The story time area at the library has broad shallow steps that form a small auditorium. Ethan jumped down one of the steps. He did not jump very high, but he jumped almost a full foot forwards, landing on the next step. He did a good job of keeping his balance too.

Play Area at the Mall

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I decided that Sean has had enough of being cooped up in the house, so I took Sean and Ethan to the play area at the local mall. The play area was fairly crowded. Sean quickly found another boy to play with. They were running around the play area and playing more roughly than I would have liked, but I decided to just let him be. Ethan had fun playing too, but all the fun ended when he filled his diaper. At that point, it was time to go home so Sean and Ethan could have time for their milk before bedtime.

Dinner at Friends

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We were invited over to friends for dinner. This was good for Sean and Ethan, as they had five other kids to play with. Sean was a little wound up, but no one seemed to mind. Cortney and I had a good time as well. Towards the end of the evening, Ethan was a little tired but Sean wasn’t. Even though Sean stayed up over an hour past his normal bedtime, he still wasn’t ready for bed. I feel sorry for Cortney tomorrow.

A Rough Day for Sean

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Sean was cooped up in the house all day today, and it caused problems. We are trying to keep Sean away from too much excitement, so that he won’t have any problems from his surgery he had this past Wednesday. Both Sean and Ethan had frequent time-outs throughout the day. Their indiscretions were creative too. At one point, Sean and Ethan were standing up on the dining room chairs, seeing how far they could swing the dining room chandelier. Pretty far, actually. I hope tomorrow goes a little better.

Ethan Goes to Burger King

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I took just Ethan to Burger King this evening. Unlike McDonalds, Ethan did not mind playing by himself at the Burger King play area. Perhaps it was because Ethan could enjoy the ball pit without fear that Sean would take a flying jump and land on him. At any rate, Ethan had a good time playing. Ethan also let me know when it was time to go. He picked up his shoes, and carried them over to me. He was quite insistent that I put them on for him. And once his shoes were on, he waited by the door, indicating he wanted to leave. For someone just learning words, Ethan is quite the communicator.

Sean seemed a little disappointed that I left without him. I tried to make it up to him by playing with his trains past his normal bedtime. This weekend will probably be the worst as far as not letting Sean do anything. By the end of next week, we will likely let Sean resume his normal activities, even though the doctor said to wait two weeks. Sean already runs around the house and jumps on his trampoline, so a little more activity shouldn’t be a problem.

Sean’s Doing Well, Ethan Has a Cold

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Sean does not show any noticeable effects from his surgery yesterday. I did miss taking him to the gym this evening.

Ethan has been a bit on the cranky side; it appears that he has a cold virus. Just before dinner, I caught Sean and Ethan fighting. Sean wanted Ethan to have a place mat at the dinner table, and Ethan did not. Since neither was wrong or right, I just decided to let them work it out, which happened when Sean walked away from the table. Things should get more interesting as they get older.

Sean Recovers Quickly

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Sean was almost back to normal after all of his anesthesia and medicine wore off. He wanted to eat right away, but we kept him on soft foods all day. He sounded a little hoarse, but he was full of energy. I thought he would sleep most of the day, but he never did take a nap. As I mentioned in my previous post, I think we are going to have a hard time holding in back in the next two weeks.

I ended up taking Ethan to McDonalds for dinner. This was supposed to allow Sean time to relax. Even though that didn’t work out, I still think it was a good idea not to have Ethan eat solid foods in front of Sean. Ethan seemed to miss Sean. It took a long time for Ethan to venture through the play area. Once he did, he had a good time.

Sean’s Surgery is Successful

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We just came home from the outpatient center, and Sean is doing well. The tubes were successfully inserted, and his adenoids were removed. The doctor said that Sean did have fluid in both inner ears, and that his adenoids were enlarged, so we needed the surgery. Sean is groggy, but he wanted to watch a video rather than sleep. Sean isn’t supposed to use the pool or have any exercise for two weeks, so I think the toughest part is yet to come.

Tuesday Night at the Library

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Sean and Ethan are still enjoying story time at the library, even though Ethan is still restless at the older story time. At the baby story time, Ethan really liked the Spot book which had just been read. He snuck off and grabbed the book of the stage, then sat down and read it himself until the baby story time was over. I think this means Ethan has graduated from the baby story time. I probably would skip baby time altogether, except it turns out that Sean still enjoys the ryhmes and finger plays.

Power Outage and a Possible Shortage

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We lost power in the middle of the night last night. We woke up to the sound of the UPS’s beeping. It turns out the a transformer caught fire at a nearby substation. We were actually lucky, since we only lost power for an hour. Some people were without power for most of the morning. Power went out temporarily at work, which caused a failure of the network switch I am connected to. I did not have network access until after lunch, which limited what I could accomplish this morning.

This is the second transformer fire this month. The loss of transmission capacity combined with the planned show down of the Palo Verde nuclear power plant means we are likely to get rolling blackouts, particularly if we get hot temperatures. Losing power for just a few minutes with the sun shining is enough to cause the house to really heat up. We are keeping our fingers crossed so this won’t happen.

Missing Posts

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I had actually written small entries for both Sunday and Monday. For some reason, not only did they not show up on my web page, but they were missing from the database too. We lost power last night, and when I rebooted, they were gone. I thought they were gone for good, but I found out at work today that the RSS feeds still went out. I just emailed home the information from my RSS Reader at work. So, here is the missing information (duplicated if you read this through RSS):

More Hot Weather (Monday)

The high today was 110 degrees, and it’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. My car a/c has trouble keeping cool at that temperature.

Sean still enjoys his gym class, and we signed him up for another six weeks.

Ethan was very fussy at dinner time. He finished his bowl of pasta, but then refused to eat or drink anything else. He might be getting in his two year molars, or he just might be sick. Cortney will likely take him to the doctor this week, just to make sure.

Typical Sunday

Today was a typical Sunday. For me, that’s yard work in the morning, laundry and a nap in the afternoon, and an evening in the pool with Sean and Ethan. Not very exciting to talk about, but it’s enjoyable for me.

What’s RSS? Well, if you see this orange tag on more than one or two web pages you read regularly, then you are better getting an RSS Reader, and have the information gathered for you, then you are going out to different web pages. Just do a google search on RSS Reader, and you should easily be able to find a free program.

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