Gym Class and Play

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Sean had a special treat tonight. Not only did Sean go to gym class, but he also had a play area session. Sean went to gym class to make up from the time he missed earlier. Like last night, there were two other boys in the class, but this time they were better behaved.

Since I picked up Sean right after work to go to the earlier gym class, I took him to McDonalds so I could grab a snack and Sean could use the play area. Actually, both Sean and I spent most of the time playing the video games they have there. Sean really likes the one racing game. Rather than complete the course, Sean prefers to crash his vehicle, which then explodes into flames. Sean thinks this is more fun that racing. I don’t mind, and it was an enjoyable way to wind down the evening.

Sean’s Active Gym Class

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At this evening’s gym class, there were two other boys of the same size and the same temperament as Sean. The instructor had her hands full keeping them inline. They would behave when she was watching them, but the moment she turned her back, they started hitting and wrestling with each other. I thought it was funny. They were just being boys, even though they were certainly behaving in a manner conducive to a gym class. At least Sean was well behaved on the way home and all the way until he went to bed.

Using Our Own Pool

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Sean and Ethan have been to a few pool parties recently, but it has been a while before they have used our own pool. It was a degree or two hotter here than it has been, so today was a good day for a swim in the pool. Sean, Ethan, and I went into the pool right after dinner. The pool water was in the low 80’s, so it was nice and refreshing. Sean had fun diving for his pool toys, and Ethan had fun playing on the pool steps. I had fun playing with both Sean and Ethan.

Sunday’s are a good day for swimming for another reason. I always rinse the kids off in the shower after swimming, so it was easy to get Sean nice and clean to start off the school week tomorrow.

Busy Day

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Cortney left early this morning to shop at Goodwill, since they had 50% off today. A friend of hers picked Cortney up, so that I would have the car to take Sean and Ethan out. I took advantage of that to take Sean and Ethan to the play area at the mall. My stategy was to have Sean and Ethan work out their excess energy, since I needed to go to a few stores afterwards. It seemed to have worked, since Sean and Ethan were well behaved, and we were able to get my shopping done.

Cortney was home by the time we arrived, and after lunch, we all went to another of Sean’s friend’s birthday party. This was another pool party, and so Sean and Ethan had fun swimming. This party was not as crowded as the one last week, so I was able to relax more and have a good time. I also did not mind staying longer, and like last week, we arrive home just in time for milk before bedtime for Sean and Ethan.

All in all, it was a busy day, but I did not mind having the opportunity to spend the time with Sean and Ethan.

Another Friday Night at Burger King

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I took Sean and Ethan to Burger King, as usual, this Friday evening. Cortney has had a long week, and I don’t mind giving her a break while having the opportunity to spend time with Sean and Ethan. Both Sean and Ethan were well behaved this evening. I was prepared to stay as late as they both wanted to, but they tired themselves out just before their normal bedtime, so that is when we left. Sean continues to improve his social skills. He asked some of the other kids if they wanted to play hide and seak, and when they said no, he asked if they wanted to play another game. I was impressed. Ethan prefers to spend time either with Sean, or with me, ignoring the other kids for the most part. Ethan still has plenty of time to learn his social skills, and with his older brother setting a good example, I’m not worried about it.

Time With Ethan

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Cortney took Sean to gym class this evening, so I spent some time with Ethan. We read some books together. Ethan is starting to repeat many of the words we say, so he had fun repeating the words in the books. Even though he had fun with the books, it seemed like Ethan was happy just to sit next to me. We had fun together all the way until it was time for him to go to bed.

A New Cable Line

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I opened the garage door this morning to go to work, and discovered someone digging up my front yard. Apparently, when we ordered phone service from the cable company, they decided the line to the house was not up to standard, and so the notified us they would be replacing it. They did a reasonable job of cleaning up afterwards. I could tell where they had dug, but otherwise the yard was left neat. After it was done, we did not notice any difference to either the cable signal or the phone line, so I wondered why they decided it had to be done.

Ethan Wants Independence

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I had a hard time with Ethan this evening during dinner. He absolutely refused for me to feed him. He wanted to put the food in his mouth himself. The hard part was when Ethan was having trouble putting the food in his mouth, frustrating even himself. The good news is that Ethan is becoming very proficient with the fork and spoon. I’m surpised at how demanding he is, and at the same time I’m amazed how quick a learner he is, all at 22 months. I’m also leary about letting Ethan get his way all of the time. But it’s hard when he is so insistent, and I can’t fault him for wanting to try on his own.

An Early Gym Class for Sean

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The Saturday make-up session for Sean’s gym class was full, so I signed up for the 5:00 class for this evening. I had to rush home from work in time to pick up Sean. I rushed a little too much, since Sean and I arrived 15 minutes early. Sean was ready to start tumbling, so it was hard to keep him still until class started. It turned out to be a good class, with only one other boy showing up, so Sean was able to complete all of the exercises. If we didn’t have story time for the library starting up in two weeks, I would sign Sean up for this Tuesday night slot at the gym.

Sean Goes to School and Gym Class

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Sean had enough energy today to go to both school and gym class. I was worried he was going to get tired again like he did last Thursday. In fact, Sean was quite enthusiastic about going to his gym class, and he had a good time.

A Birthday Party

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Today was Sean’s friend, Alyssa’s, birthday party. She is now four years old. This was a large and elaborate birthday party. I don’t think I have ever seen so many four year olds together at one time. Sean and Ethan both had fun, as they were able to perform some of their favorite activities, such as swimming in the pool, and eating cake and ice cream. The party was fun, but a little long, so after we arrived home to put the kids to bed, I was tired myself.

Propagating an Aloe Vera Plant

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We have one aloe vera plant in the back yard that was starting to become overcrowded. I decided to try transplanting some of the offshoots to create some new plants, and at the same time thinning the original plant. The transplanting was easy enough, but then I guess I did not leave enough support for the main part of the plant. As I was getting ready to mow the lawn, I heard a crack, then I turned around to see a big part of the plant fall over. That section was only a little over a foot in diameter, but I would guess that it weighed 80 pounds or so. I had trouble carrying it to the side yard, when I will put in out for the next loose trash day. The original plant now has a big hole in the middle. I would guess that it will eventually fill back in, but that might not happen until next year. Cortney was not very happy about losing that much of the plant.

Dinner Out

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We haven’t been out to dinner in a while (excluding fast food), so we went out to one of Cortney’s favorite restaurant’s, the Olive Garden. I don’t normally care much for this restaurant, but I have to say that their shrimp and crab ravioli was rather good. We sat in a booth, and there wasn’t room for a high chair, so Ethan sat on the seat just like everyone else. He had fun with the crayons, even though he went a little wild sometimes and colored on the wall and on the table. Sean kept asking for milk and for fries, which he eventually got. Cortney thought that Sean was a bit restless, but I thought both Sean and Ethan were well behaved. This is contrast to the couple behind us, who had a boy who was a particular terror. In addition to causing his parents all kinds of problems, he turned around, leaned over the seat connecting the booths, a blew Ethan a raspberry. Since it wasn’t my kid, I thought this was kind of funny. Ethan did not mind.

I certainly wouldn’t mind eating out more often, but we are trying to stick to our budget, which limits us to going out once every two weeks.

No School on Fridays

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Sean’s preschool class is only Monday through Thursday, so Sean does not go to school on Friday’s. Sean’s activity of the day is going to swim lessons, and of course, Sean enjoys the Friday night trip to the Burger King play area.

The play area wasn’t too crowded this evening, but there was a group of kids that stayed for an hour and a half or so. This is the first time I have seen organized play in the play area. There was some type of team event the seemed to combine elements of tag and dodge ball, and somehow the younger kids, including Sean, were involved also. Sean is quite the socialite when it comes to the play area. Ethan still prefers to do his own thing.

Both Sean and Ethan definitely played themselves out at the play area. Not only were they tired, but they were sweaty as well. There were no complaints when it was time to leave.

Sean Goes to School

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Sean has started school again. He had no problems riding the schoolbus, and we sent him to school with no diapers! It sounds like he had fun, and recognized his friends from last year.

Unfortunately, I think Sean was just too worn out from all the activity today. When I took him to gym class this evening, he complained about going, then fell asleep in the car! I tried to wake him up to go inside, but he would have nothing to do with it. So, he ended up going to bed early.

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