Ethan’s Protest

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This evening, Ethan was told to pick up his toys, but he absolutely insisted on continuing playing with the trains. We gave him a time out, be he was not happy about it at all. After his time out, he was told again, but did not listen. So, another time out. By the time he was finished with his second timeout, Sean had already picked up all of the toys. Cortney and I were tough on Ethan, but we know he understands what we are asking of him. We hope being tougher on him now will make things easier later on. It won’t be too long before Ethan officially starts the “terrible two’s”.

A Recovery Day

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I went to work today, even though my stomach was still a bit queasy. I decided the best way to spend the evening was to bring Sean and Ethan to McDonalds, so they could play in the play area, and I could sip on a coke to ease my stomach.

While we there, Sean had a cute moment. Sean and I were playing the video racing game. Ethan kept sneaking over to our table to take sips out of my drink, so I grabbed it and put it on top of the video machine. Sean saw this, and grabbed his drink and put it top of the machine as well. At the end of every round of the racing game, Sean insisted he and I take sips from our drinks.

Sean was also very helpful getting ready to go home. After helping Sean and Ethan to put their shoes on, I asked if they wanted a drink before I put the drink cups in the backpack. Ethan grabbed his drink and ran towards the door. Sean caught up with Ethan and took his drink and brought it back to me. Ethan kept running for the door, but Sean again caught up with him and grabbed Ethan’s hand, telling him he had to wait for daddy. What a difference between having one kid help take care of the other, than having to run after two kids. I certainly told Sean how much I appreciated his help.

Stomach Bug

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I caught a stomach bug, probably the same one that Sean and Cortney had last week. Both nausea and a fever. I could handle one of the other, but both together was nasty. Sean and Ethan missed out on their trip to the library. I hope I’m good enough to go to work tomorrow.

Sean Gets a Gift from School

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Sean came home school today with a gift. It was a small bubble-blow container shaped like a fish. Sean just had to show it too me when I came home from work. Sean liked it so much, he had to take to gym class this evening, although I made him keep it in the car while we were there. After gym class he wanted to blow some bubbles, but I told him it was bedtime, and to wait until tomorrow.

A Nice Day

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We had a nice sunny day today. It was pleasant doing the yardwork this morning. I had to go into the pool to clean out some of the leaves. The water temperature could best be described as brisk, but it wasn’t too bad after I was used to it.

This evening, I cooked burgers on the grill for dinner. It was actually cool enough on the porch to stay outside with the grill, rather than having to run inside to cool off.

It was probably nice enough to walk the kids over to the park, but I decided to drive them over to the mall instead. We arrived just as the stores were closing, so the play area was not too crowded. Sean and Ethan definitely needed to work out their excess energy, and they certainly did so. The only problem was the shrieking. I guess they both get too excited to realize they are being too loud. It’s supposed to cool off more this week, so maybe I will take them to the park, where they can yell all they want.

A Quiet Saturday

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After a stressful week, I just wanted to take it easy today. I spent the morning just lounging around the house. I did take Sean and Ethan to the mall to use the play area this afternoon. It was busy but not packed. Sean had lots of fun playing. Ethan alternated playing and spending time with me. We stayed until dinner time.

I had a tough moment on the way out of the mall. Sean wanted to keep playing, so I ended up carrying him out after he refused to put on his shoes. I had Sean over one shoulder, carrying the backpack in the same arm. With the other arm, I held Ethan’s hand. In the middle of the parking lot, Ethan’s pants fell down to his ankles, as they were a bit loose. Ethan couldn’t walk like that, and the pavement was too hot to put Sean down, so I had to bend down, still holding Sean and pull up Ethan’s pants. A lady was standing by her car witnessing this event, and she just laughed. By the time we made it to the car, Sean realized he should have behaved, and was on his best behavior after that.

After dinner, Cortney took Sean to a street fair. I don’t like that type of thing, so I stayed home with Ethan. Ethan was happy to sit on my lap while watching me play a racing game on the computer. I thought he would get bored, but he liked watching the cars move on the computer.

After putting the kids to bed, Cortney and I relaxed by the TV. We have been watching the first season of CSI on DVD, and we will finish the sixth and final disk this evening. I think CSI is the only recent TV show that Cortney and I both like. The DVD version is a good way to watch the shows. No commercials, and you can watch as many shows as you want in one sitting.

Yet Another Florida Hurricane

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Just wishing all of our friends and family in Florida make it through Hurricane Jeanne. We hear from Cortney’s parents on the cell phone that they have already lost electricity. I see that the eye has now moved ashore. I’m glad we no longer live there. Our old house was four miles from the ocean, and not too far south from where the eye hit landfall.

A Crowded Burger King

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This Friday night episode of the trip to Burger King involved a crowded play area. When Sean, Ethan and I arrived, a group of moms with a gaggle of children were already there. So many families were there that they had to sit outside the play area and send their kids inside. Ethan had trouble finding an unencumbered area to play in. Sean liked having children to play with at first, then became annoyed when another boy was always in his way.

The best part of the trip was when Sean wanted one of the Burger King crowns. I told Sean to walk up to the counter and ask for one himself. Sure enough, he did, and was happy to walk away with one. Sean then became concerned that Ethan did not have one, so this time we all walked to the counter. Sean asked for another one for Ethan, and they gave him one also. Of course, the employees are more than happy to hand out free advertising.

Sean also had a successful trip to the bathroom, so this was a good evening’s outing, even though Sean and Ethan tired before bedtime, causing us to leave early.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the featured weekend edition of Barry’s Daily Web News.

A Tiring Day at Work

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Today was a long day at work, and I was tired when I came home. I was glad to see Sean enthused about going to the gym. He was very helpful in getting ready, and so it made it much easier for me to take him. As usual, Sean had a good time. Sean’s favorite is still jumping into the big pit. The pit is fill with foam blocks for a soft landing, so Sean gets to fall four feet or so and not get hurt. After we arrived home, Sean went to bed without any problems, so now I get to relax.

Happy Birthday Cortney!

September 22, 2004 on 8:32 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today is Cortney’s birthday. We celebrated by going out to dinner, then coming home for birthday cake. Sean and Ethan participated in singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles. Sean even helped Cortney open her presents.

Unfortunately, Cortney had a long day today. Sean was sick last night, and we kept him home from school. I plan to give Cortney a day off this weekend to make up for it.

Another Library Night

September 21, 2004 on 8:48 pm | In Main | No Comments

As usual on Tuesday’s, I took Sean and Ethan to the library this evening. We arrived early, because it was obvious we needed to get the kids out of the house, since they were full of energy. Sean and Ethan were well behaved while playing on the train tables. We went to the baby story time, but I was a little embarrassed by the antics of Sean and Ethan. On the way out, the librarian told me she liked how excited Sean gets during story time, so I guess their behavior wasn’t too bad. For the regular story time, Sean sat in the front row and listened and participated in all of the stories. Ethan wouldn’t sit still, so I had to take him out of the room a few times, but Ethan did enjoy the movie at the end of story time. I was tired by the time we came home from the library, but I definitely feel it was worth the trip.

A Beautiful Day

September 20, 2004 on 8:32 pm | In Main | No Comments

A cold front moved through last night and moved all of this wet tropical air we had over the weekend out of the way. It definitely felt like Fall this morning, cool and dry. It was in the 80’s when I drove home from work this evening. If my car hadn’t been in the sun all day long, I could have driven home without air conditioning.

Ethan was over his crankiness from yesterday. Both Sean and Ethan ran to the door to greet me when I arrived home. Sean was exited to show my the train layout he had set up, complete with block towers.

It was nice being able to drive Sean to gym class without having the air conditioning set on max. Sean was full of energy this evening, yet he still behaved well in class. Other than having to spend the best part of the day at work, today was a pretty good day.

A Rainy Day

September 19, 2004 on 6:58 pm | In Main | No Comments

More rain today. It rained or drizzled most of the day. The backyard is a swamp, so I wasn’t able to do any yardwork. At least I had more time to spend with Sean and Ethan.

This afternoon, I took Sean and Ethan to the mall play area. It was packed, as I guess many other parents had the same idea. Sean and Ethan were still able to have fun though, even though they had to put up with collisions from running kids. I was impressed with Sean. I told me he needed to go potty, and waited until we walked upstairs to the restroom area, then went when we got there. I think he has the potty training thing down now.

Poor Ethan. He fell asleep on the way home from the mall, he woke up briefly when we arrived home, then fell back asleep in my arms as I carried him in. I laid him down in a quiet spot in the living room, allowing him to have a brief nap before dinner. He did not like waking up though; he was cranky for the rest of the evening. He even had a few screaming sessions. If he can sleep through the night, he should be fine tomorrow.

A Fun Day

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Today’s plan was to go to the zoo. At this time of year, the zoo doesn’t open until 9:00 AM, so I planned for a picnic lunch. I walked Sean and Ethan over to the grocery store to pick up some items for lunch. It was fun walking with Sean and Ethan, and they had fun too. On the way back, Sean asked if we could walk to the zoo. I told him it was too far and we needed to drive.

On the way to the zoo, we hit road construction, and it took as a half hour longer to get there. It was a good thing we brought food with us. We brought the stroller in with us, but Ethan walked almost the entire time. Sean actually rode in the stroller as much as Ethan did. Sean’s favorite part of the zoo was the petting zoo, and use a brush to brush the hair of the goats. I think Ethan had fun just walking around and exploring. My favorite part was watching the baboons get fed, and watching the elephant get a shower from the garden hose.

We stayed inside this evening. We are getting hit with thunderstorms as a result of tropical depression Javier. We are expected to get rain for the next day or so. For at least an hour this evening, we actually had a heavy downpour, which is rare for us.

Sean and Ethan Feel Better

September 17, 2004 on 9:40 pm | In Main | No Comments

Wouldn’t you know it, just as soon as we take the kids to the doctor, they get better the next day. In fact, they felt so good, Sean and Ethan felt compelled to release a week’s worth of energy all in one day. It sure wasn’t easy for Cortney.

I arrived home as soon as I could, and rescued Cortney by taking Sean and Ethan to the Burger King play area. As luck would have it, by the time they finished dinner, most of their energy was gone already, and so they behaved nicely. In fact, Sean did not get any timeouts, and he went to the restroom twice, once for number one, and once for number two — all without making a mess!

At least Cortney gets to go to the MOMS night out party, and she will be able to sleep in tomorrow.

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