Library Night

September 14, 2004 on 10:14 pm | In Main | No Comments

I took Sean and Ethan to the library tonight, as is usual for Tuesday evenings. I was working hard to get Sean to share at the train table. One nice girl gave all of her trains to Sean, until she had none left to play with. She asked Sean to play as friends, but Sean continued to build his train and ignore her. I gave Sean a hard time about that.

Ethan was cranky and fussy when I arrived home from work, but he had a good time at the library. He got into a bit of trouble during story time, when another boy Ethan’s age started playing with Ethan, and they both became too noisy. The other mother and I took turns quieting them down, even taking them out of the room. The other mother eventually became frustrated, and took her boy home. The boy ended up throwing a temper tantrum, so I felt sorry for her.

I think the library night is a good learning experience for Sean and Ethan, maybe more for the social developement than the actual stories and songs.

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