A Night at Home

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Story time at the library doesn’t start up until next year, so I decided to just stay home with Sean and Ethan. I gave some thought to going to the local playground, but it was cold, and would have turned dark just a few minutes after we would have arrived.

Cortney did take Sean and Ethan after for a car ride to see some of the Christmas lights. I’m surprised by home many people have put up their lights already. I might get around to it this weekend, then again, I may not.

Sean’s Extra Stamps

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Laura went with us to see Sean’s gym class this evening. Sean did fairly well, although there were times were Sean was not concentrating and wasn’t doing as well as he could. Apparently, Sean’s instructor had a different opinion. She was impressed enough with Sean’s progress that he received four hand stamps, two on each hand.

More Time with Sean and Ethan

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Cortney and Laura went out for both breakfast and dinner today, so I had lots of time alone with Sean and Ethan.

Ethan is turning into quite a character. I hope this is just a phase, but he has developed a sudden streak of independence. Independence in the sense of he won’t listen to any direction. Oh well. He takes the time-outs in good spirit, then goes running off to play afterwards.

Sean and Ethan are starting to play with each other more and more, and getting into trouble less often when they are playing together. That’s definitely a positive. By the end of the day, the two of them start to try my patience, but I think that is mainly due to them becoming tired. They are good kids.

A Day at Home

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Cortney took the minivan to the shop today. We were expecting it to get fixed by noon, but they had to get another part, so it was not ready until late this afternoon. So, we were stuck at the house today.

I tried to make things more fun for Sean and Ethan, so I set up the jumpy in the back yard. Sean and Ethan weren’t in it for very long when they ran into each other, hurting enough that they did not want to continue.

We were brave enough to take Sean and Ethan out to dinner, even though the had some cooped up energy. We ended up sitting in a booth, where I was sitting between Sean and Ethan, and Cortney and Laura on the other side. Since both Sean and Ethan were within close reach, I was able to keep them under control through dinner.

After dinner, we finally let them play in the mall play area, where they stayed until it was close to bedtime, bringing their day to conclusion.

Cortney’s Shopping Day

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Cortney spent the entire morning shopping. At least she went out early to avoid the crowds. She came back with some bags, but I have no idea what she bought.

While I was watching Sean and Ethan this morning, I made turkey soup. I made the stock yesterday from the turkey bones. Each time I make this soup it tastes a bit differently, but the soup always turns out okay. I had four bowls myself, just for lunch.

This evening, I took Sean and Ethan to Burger King. Recently they had removed the ball pit, with plans to put in some video games. I was disappointed to find that the video games were all pay games, unlike McDonalds. We may not return to this Burger King anytime soon. Sean and Ethan didn’t care about the video games, and they had fun playing together, since it was not crowded this evening. Or at least until it was close to time to leave. Then Sean had fun playing with the other children, and I had trouble getting him to leave.

Happy Thanksgiving

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After I wrestled the bird into the oven, I took Sean and Ethan for a walk over to the park. Sean and Ethan had fun playing together, and we stayed at the playground for about an hour. We had to leave the playground when Sean and Ethan started throwing sand at each other, but rather than go home, we took a nice walk.

The turkey finished cooking earlier than we expected, but that allowed us to serve the meal on time. In addition to the turkey, I made the stuffing, the gravy, and the cranberry sauce. Cortney made sweet potato casserole, corn, and rolls. I thought the meal came together nicely, and Cortney, Laura and I enjoyed it. I put a bit of each of the foods on Sean and Ethan’s plates, but they only ate the roll, although Ethan at least tried the turkey and sweet potato.

Before dinner, I had everybody go around the table and say what they were thankful for. Ethan kind of got the idea, and said “Thank you”. I was expecting the unexpected from Sean, but I was still unprepared for him being thankful for “making a trip to Florida”. Of course, I’m thankful for a wonderful wife, two terrific boys, and successful opportunities at work.

After the meal, we put Ethan down for the nap. I could tell Sean was tired and needed a nap, but he did not want to sleep, so he was cranky all afternoon. I had my appetite fully satiated, but had no motivation to do much else today. I guess that’s the way Thanksgiving Day should be.

Sean Celebrates Thanksgiving Early

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We all went to Sean’s Thanksgiving “dinner” at his preschool today. Sean was dressed up as a pilgrim, and the school had a big banquet that included the kindergarten classes as well as the preschool class.

A cute thing happened on the way into the school. I was walking, holding Ethan’s hand, as we approached the school entrance. At that moment, a class was heading from the cafeteria building to the main building. They had stopped, and were arranging themselves into two lines. Ethan, being the friendly sort that he is, said “hi” to the class. Ethan immediately received about twenty hi’s in return.

Ethan was jealous of the kids eating a meal, so they let him snack on some of the food. Sean really enjoyed the pumpkin pie part of the meal. Tomorrow, he will get a real Thanksgiving meal.

Library Night

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I took Sean and Ethan to the library this evening. We arrived later than usual, since Cortney and Laura went out to dinner, and they took the minivan with them.

Sean understands the concept of sharing, but he still doesn’t understand why he can’t play with a nice long train, when none of the other kids have train cars to play with. I was about ready to give him some serious discipline, when story time started.

Today’s story time was about Thanksgiving. The librarian asked what we like to eat for Thanksgiving, and Sean’s answer was “pumpkin pie”. Sean doesn’t care much for turkey, so his answer actually makes sense. Sean enjoyed the stories and the movie. Ethan just couldn’t sit still, but he did not misbehave badly enough to take him out of the story room. I don’t think any of the other kids or parents had a problem with him.

I’m going to take the day off of work tomorrow, to relax and get ready for Thanksgiving Day. I’ll be cooking the turkey.

Back to the Office

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It seemed a bit different going back to the office today after a week long trip. I’m glad it’s just a three day week. Today, I brought home some of the stuff I picked up at the conference last week. I picked up so much stuff that when the two people from our group who drove asked if they could take anything home, I immediately took them up on the offer. I gave Cortney some pens and notepads, and a football and remote control car to Sean and Ethan. This was all stuff given to me from the vendors at the conference.

Sean went to his gym class tonight. He missed last week’s classes, since Cortney did not want to have to worry about Ethan running around the gym while Sean was in class. Sean was very excited to go this evening, and he had fun.

Another Rainy Day

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We had a big thunderstorm early this morning, but surprisingly, the kids did not wake up. It continued to rain throughout the day, so I was unable to get any yard work done. I’m glad I did some weeding yesterday.

Since it was wet outside, I took Sean and Ethan to the play area in the mall. They both had a good time, and we even stayed longer than we normally do.

After lunch, Ethan actually asked me for a nap, which surprised me. Ethan has sometimes refused to take a nap in the afternoon, so this was a big deal. I guess I tired him out in the play area.

While Ethan was napping, I took Sean down to the airport to pick up our friend Laura. Just like last year, she is staying with us for Thanksgiving.

Cortney and Laura went out shopping, then dinner, then a movie, so I was left all alone with Sean and Ethan. We had fun, and Sean and Ethan were no problem until just before bedtime, where I think they were over-tired. Another good day for me.

A Day with Sean and Ethan

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I agreed to watch Sean and Ethan for the entire day, giving Cortney a break after watching them for the last week. Cortney spent most of the day shopping. This morning, Sean and Ethan played inside until it warmed up outside, then we went to both of the parks near our house.

After lunch, Ethan took a nap, and Sean played in the back yard while I did some weeding. After dinner, Sean and Ethan were given an offer to go the mall play area, but they decided they wanted to play at home. I let them play until they became cranky, then put in one of their favorite videos to wrap up the day.

I think Sean and Ethan had fun today, I was glad just to spend it with them.

Home From Disneyland

November 19, 2004 on 9:39 pm | In Main | No Comments

I just finished a weeklong conference, held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA. I learned quite a bit at the conference, and it was unusual to have a conference in the atmosphere provided by Disneyland. I’m glad to be home though. I missed Cortney, Sean and Ethan.

I arrived home shortly after dinner. I gave Cortney a break immediately, and she went out shopping. I wasn’t sure if I could tell if Sean and Ethan missed me, but they appeared to be glad I was home. Ethan seems to be more talkative than I remember a week ago.

If I have time this weekend, I’ll write some more details about my trip.

Leaving for the Airport

November 14, 2004 on 2:06 pm | In Main | No Comments

I’m going to Disneyland, on a trip for work. I will be attending a weeklong conference. I will be returning late Friday afternoon.

Other than packing, I managed to get some household chores done and still had time to go to the local train rides. We were just about two finish the second ride and were considering going on a third, when the locomotive derailed. It was at the switch just before the station, so it was no problem to walk back to the car from there. It looked like it would be a while before the train was running again, so it was a good time to leave.

A Trip to the Mall

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We had plans to go to the zoo today, but with the ground already wet from the rain last night, and with clouds threatening to rain again, we decided to spend the day indoors. We went across town to the Chandler Mall. This is one of the newest and nicest malls in the area, and we thought it would be a good change of pace from our local mall.

Even thought we dragged Sean and Ethan through a few stores, they still had fun at the play area. The played in the play area both before and after lunch. By the time we made it to the car, both Sean and Ethan were worn out. Neither Sean nor Ethan seemed to be too disappointed that we didn’t go to the zoo.

Ethan had one cute moment at the play area. Ethan was being too rough with one of the children, whose parents happened to be sitting next to me. I scolded Ethan for being too rough, and told him to be niece to the other children. Ethan went back to the other child and started stroking her back, just like petting a dog. The other parents thought that was pretty funny.

Emergency Plumbing

November 12, 2004 on 9:37 pm | In Main | No Comments

Tonight was one of those nights were nothing seemed to go right. I wanted to take Sean and Ethan to the park, not Burger King, to get some fresh air and exercise. Thunder, heavy rain, and cold winds ended that plan, so we fell back to going to Burger King. At least we met some friends there, so Cortney had someone to talk to, and the kids had playmates.

After putting the kids to bed, and I wanted to tighten the filter cartridges for the under-the-sink filter. I had recently changed the cartridges, and I did not tighten them all the way, so we had a slow leak. In the process of tightening the cartridges, I broke one of the fittings. I could have replaced the fitting, but this filter system has been nothing but trouble for me, so I decided it was time to get a new one. Too bad I had just bought new filters.

The hardest part about replacing the old system was the actual filtered water faucet. There wasn’t much space to get out the old one. At least the evening ended on a good note. The new system is now installed and working.

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