The Last Day of the Year

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I’m posting early today, because Cortney and I are going out to a New Year’s party. We’re lucky we have Cortney’s parents here, or we wouldn’t be able to go. And it’s no effort on their part, since we will leave after the kids go to bed.

Fitting with the last day of the year, I finished the office project. I added the trim pieces to my custom built table/shelf that fits between the big desk and the bookshelves. With the desk and sofa in the loft, we now have a nice room to relax in.

Cortney’s parents spent a lot of time with Sean and Ethan today. They played outside for several hours this afternoon, and we all spent time together this evening. I think Sean and Ethan will miss their grandparents when they are gone.

The Weather Improves

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We had a sunny day today, but everything outside was soggy from the rains we had yesterday.

I spent most of the morning moving the bookshelves in the loft, and attaching them to the wall. I was always afraid of the kids trying to climb the bookshelves, and having the bookshelves topple over onto them. I had to remove all of the books, and so I spent the time trying to put them back in an organized manner. I feel better knowing the bookshelves are secure.

After working hard on the kitchen and the loft for the last few days, I took a nice nap this afternoon. After that, Cortney and I took Sean and Ethan to Burger King, to give Leslie and Corky some peace and quiet.

Heavy Rain

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The rain started yesterday, but we had periods of rain throughout the day. I took Sean and Ethan to the mall so the could get some exercise in the play area. We had to drive through heavy rain to get there. I was trying to figure out a way for the three of us to get inside without getting soaked, when the rain lessened to a just a drizzle. Sean and Ethan had fun playing, but they seemed tired.

I spent the afternoon finishing the kitchen project. The cabinet under the sink is now done, and the end cabinet unit just needs a coat of paint.

Two Big Items off the To Do List

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Today was a busy day for me. This morning, I took my car to get serviced. In addition to changing the oil, I had a new coolant sensor put in. For the last nine months or so, I have been driving around with a warning message on the computer display about the coolant level. It will be nice starting the new year with all known problems fixed on my car.

This afternoon, I worked on replacing the rotten wood underneath the kitchen sink. The rotten wood was caused by numerous leaks under the sink over the years. The wood was so rotten, it made the task easier. I had no problem removing the old wood. I was able to easily pry and kick out the old wood. After cleaning up the mess, I cut and assembled all of the new wood. The new floor board actually fits better than I had expected. The floor board is now drying with the second coat of polyurethane, and I will complete the final assembly tomorrow.

A Day at the Park

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We are predicted to get rain for the next few days, so I wanted to take Sean and Ethan to the park while it was still sunny. We went out right before lunch, after a spent time with Sean building a fancy train layout that included blocks from his new block set.

Sean can now pull him self onto the swings without any help. This means he can manage the swings all by himself. Sean had fun swinging while I went on, holding Ethan in my lap. Later on, Ethan broke his swing phobia, and went on the swing just by himself. Sean and Ethan also had fun playing on the hill at the park, running and rolling down the hill. They also had fun playing with some other children.

Most of the afternoon and evening was spent getting the house straightened up for the cleaners, who will be by tomorrow morning. Corky made a nice barbecue dinner, so that was a nice break from the work.

Boxing Day

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I spent the day doing chores around the house. Sean and Ethan had fun playing with their new toys. A Satisfying day for me, but not much to write about.

Cortney broke her tradition of going out first thing in the morning to get the day after Christmas sales. I don’t know if she thinks we have enough holiday stuff, or she just didn’t feel like it.

Merry Christmas

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Sean had lots of fun opening his presents and playing with his toys today. Ethan did not care much for all of the activity. He opened his first couple of presents and then was not interested in opening any more. He did like playing with toys Sean was playing with.

I cooked the turkey and the stuffing for dinner, and everything came out well. After a big meal, we all just relaxed for the remainder of the day.

Christmas Eve

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Most of the day did not seem like the day before Christmas. I spent the better part of the day cleaning up the loft. Both my old desk and computer desk are now gone.

This evening, however, definitely seemed like Christmas Eve. Corky and Cortney took Sean and Ethan out for a walk to see the Christmas lights. It was too cold out, so they loaded up in the van, and took Leslie with them. I started up a fire in the fireplace for their return.

After the came back and warmed up by the fire, Sean helped Cortney put out a cookie for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer. I think this is the first year that Sean really gets Christmas. I read the book “The Night Before Christmas” to Sean and Ethan. I told the kids to listen for reindeer hooves on the roof when we put them to bed.

As I am writing this, Cortney is busy putting all of the presents under the tree. It should be a fun day tomorrow.

Zoo Lights

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We all went out to zoo lights, the evening light show at the local zoo. We had chilly weather, with temperatures in the 40’s with a stiff wind, so we all bundled up as best we could to withstand the temperatures. Sean and Ethan both enjoyed it. Sean’s favorite set of lights was the fire-breathing dragon on the nearby hillside. After we were done, we cranked up the heat to warm up on the way home.

Sean Goes to the Dentist

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Sean went for his cleaning and checkup at the dentist today. His teeth are in good shape, but he made need to treat the problem of his upper jaw not being wide enough to overlap the lower jaw. We will find out more on his next visit.

Sean was very cooperative, and allowed all of his teeth to be cleaned. Sean was rewarded with a trip to the treasure chest, were he picked up a ball to take home.

Sean and Ethan Have Fun with the Grandparents

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Sean and Ethan had lots of fun today. They started the day with a trip to Starbucks to have hot chocolate. Then they played with the train. The spent time playing outside. Ethan took a long nap this afternoon, but Sean had fun playing Candyland with Corky and Leslie. Both Sean and Ethan were tired at the end of the day.

Welcome, Corky and Leslie

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We all drove to the airport today to pick up Cortney’s parents, Corky and Leslie. Sean and Ethan were happy to see their grandparents. Corky set up my O gage train in Sean’s bedroom, and Sean and Ethan were happy to play with the train.

Ethan’s Dream

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We put Ethan down late for a nap this afternoon, since I was still hammering and drilling after lunch, and did not want to disturb his nap. He slept until dinner time, when we woke him up. What was surprising was that he was telling us all about his dream while we were eating dinner. Apparently, there was a big dinosaur in his room. He talked about it non-stop for about ten minutes or so. Ethan has an impressive imagination for a two year old.

Home Office Project, Final Entry

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The desk unit is now complete. I have to say the project turned out well. I’m happy with everything except the crown molding. The crown molding has the patch piece in the middle, and didn’t quite fit right on the left hand side. But, I can live with it. I think everything else looks like it was professionally done.

I still have some related work to do. I need to put the baseboard molding back on the exposed areas, install the keyboard arm, organize the cables for the computer, and of course, put everything in the desk unit in an organized fashion. I’m not in any particular hurry to get these activities done, and I’m not likely to write about it further.

Home Office Project, Day 5

December 19, 2004 on 9:55 pm | In Main | No Comments

Yes, as you can tell by the title, there isn’t much new here, and yes, I am excited about my new desk area.

I thought my desk would be in use by now, but I decided it would be better if the glue I used on the molding dried overnight. The crown molding was a real challenge. I thought I could just hold the molding the way would be installed, and then just cut a 45 degree angle. After that didn’t work, I read the manual that came with the mitre saw, and figured out the correct way to make the cut. Only I used the wrong side as the bottom, and all of the cuts still came out wrong. I was close to tossing the crown molding, when I realized I could just put in a patch piece to make up for the lost length from the wrong cuts.

The only tasks remaining are to attach the last pieces of the crown molding, attach the knobs on the drawers and doors, and patch up all the holes I made with wood filler. That’s about a days worth of work, but I might spread it out over the next few days.

We are having beautiful weather here, and I did take advantage of it by taking Sean and Ethan to the park after lunch. We actually went to both parks near our house, and did quite a bit of walking as well. I enjoyed the fresh air, and Sean and Ethan had fun playing.

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