Another Monday

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We were hit with a surprise shower this afternoon following a mostly sunny day. Sean and Ethan were both restless when I arrived home. It took awhile to get their attention so we could get dinner going.

Sean had was back to his normal gym instructor, and a class size of three, so that wasn’t so bad. Sean must have had a long day. He asked to be put to bed when we came home from the gym.

Sunny, but Cool and Damp

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I was actually looking forward to rain today, so I could avoid doing any yard work. Well, the sun came out, but it was still cool outside, and the ground was damp from yesterday’s storms. I did empty water out of the pool, and mowed the lawn, but that was it.

Cortney and I started our reupholstery project today. I took apart one of the chairs, and took the staples off the existing fabric. The chair had staples put in diagonally and almost touching each other, so it took quite some time to get them all out. We did finish the first chair bottom, and started the chair top. The bottom came out fairly well, although if you turned the chair over, you could see it wasn’t professionally done. Our goal is to finish one a chair a weekend until we are done with all four.

Ethan Has a Rough Night

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We had a tough time with Ethan last night. When we came home from the mall, he refused to drink his milk, and did not want any water either. He insisted on drinking orange juice. Ordinarily, we might have given in, but Ethan has had diarrhea for the last day or so, and we did not think juice was a good idea. So, we put him to bed crying, thinking he would just cry himself to sleep.

Well, Ethan ended up crying for a lot longer than we thought he would. He had thrown all his blanket and pacified out of the crib, and when I though he was asleep, I snuck back in to put those items back in his crib. It turns out Ethan was not sleeping, and my entering his room set off another round of crying.

Despite Ethan’s shortage of sleep last night, he wasn’t too bad today. He took a long nap in the afternoon. And, during his normal bedtime (after finishing his milk), he actually asked to be put to bed.

Sean’s New Shoes

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We had several thunderstorms today, and Cortney reported seeing hail while driving around. So, Sean and Ethan were stuck inside for the day.

I promised Cortney we would go to dinner. We had a rough time with Sean and Ethan until the food arrived, but had a good time after that. We decided to go the mall after dinner. I wanted to buy a staple gun, and decided Sears was a good a place as any to go to.

First though, Cortney wanted to stop by the shoe store to get the kids’ feet measured. Sean’s size is now a 12, and Ethan is a 7 and 1/2. We saw a nice pair of sandals for Sean, and so Cortney picked them up. We went a size larger so that Sean could wear them through the summer.

After that, we hit the play area. Ethan soon filled his diaper, so I took Sean and Ethan to the rest rooms. On the way back, we were in a crowded elevator. Sean told everybody there that he had new shoes, in his cute little voice. He got quite a few laughs on that one.

Sean’s Friend, the Toy Crocodile

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When Sean woke up this morning, he was talking to his rubber crocodile. I asked who he was talking to, and he said his crocodile. Sean reassured me that the crocodile was “just pretend”. He said his crocodile was hungry, and wanted breakfast. I thought this was cute, and went along with it, until Sean gave the toy a drink of milk.

Cortney Joins the Fun at Burger King

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Cortney went with Sean, Ethan and me for our trip to Burger King this evening. Sean and Ethan both behaved well while playing. They were alone in the play area most of the time we were there, and Sean and Ethan actually had fun playing together. It’s too bad that they both did not do well eating dinner. When Ethan started to throw food on the floor, we decided it was time to leave.

We were at the Burger King by the mall, so we just hopped over to the mall. After checking out a couple of stores, Sean and Ethan were able to play in the play area until it was time for bed.

Another Crowded Gym Class

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I guess the gym was missing an instructor this evening. Not only was Sean’s class combined with the Mom and Me classes, but the kindergym class was large as well. Sean did not seem to mind, but I was disappointed that he only worked on the balance beam and the trampoline.

We had some nice sunshine today, but it was hard to do anything outside since the ground was still wet. We are predicted to get more rain this weekend, but hopefully it will clear up after that. It’s been awhile since I have taken Sean and Ethan to the park, and I’m looking forward to doing that again.

A Rainy Day

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It rained all day long today, so Ethan and Sean were cooped up inside. And if the water outside wasn’t enough, the downstairs’ toilet overflowed when Sean flushed it today.

I tried to keep the kids occupied the best I could when I got home from work. Sean and I played Chutes and Ladders, and watched Sean and Ethan play with their toys.

Unfortunately, the weather isn’t supposed to get any better for a while.

Ethan Has a Long Day

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Cortney reports that Ethan has officially reached the terrible two’s. Apparently, he wasn’t very cooperative today.

By the time I took Ethan to the library, I think he was a bit worn out. During story time, he curled up in my lap and quietly listened to the stories and watched the movies. He looked so cute while he was resting there, but I imagine he wasn’t so cute when he was misbehaving earlier in the day.

An End to the Nice Weather?

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This morning was cloudy, and the ground was damp from rain last night. But, the sun came out early on, and we had a beautiful sunny afternoon with highs in the low seventies. Our streak of good weather maybe coming to end though. We are expected to get rain and cooler weather starting Wednesday.

Sean had a good gym class today. There were two other kids in his class, but he still was able to do most of the routines.

Cortney said that Ethan was out of sorts today, but he was in a good mood when I arrived home from work. He sat with me while I was waiting to take Sean to the gym. I think Ethan struggles to get attention with Sean around, and I also think Ethan appreciates the one-on-one time.

A Busy Sunday

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Today was a busy day. We went out this morning shopping for fabric to reupholster the kitchen table chairs. After that I did my yard work. Even while watching the football games today, I managed to do the laundry and get caught up on my newspaper reading.

Sean’s big thing today was the miniature golf game. He and Ethan got this as a late Christmas gift, and we set it up today. The cutouts for the “holes” did not stand up in the grass outside, so I set them up in the living room. Sean wanted to play golf all day long, even preferring it over a trip to the park. That surprised me. I had to put the golf game away late in the evening when Ethan was starting to get tired. He was going crazy with the golf club, as well as knocking over all of the cutouts.

On This Day In Feature

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I made some improvements to the “On This Day In:” feature. One of the changes was writing a macro to automatically determine how far back to go. I had previously put in the 2001 link, even though it wouldn’t work until May. Now, I don’t have to worry about it, even when the year changes.

The other change is that the dates reflected in the archive pages are the date of the archive itself. That means if you want to check previous years for the previous day, just click on the archive link (on the calendar), and the previous years for that day will show up.

Dinner Guests

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Oops, I see I stayed up a bit late, and did not actually post an entry for Saturday (the 22nd). I have been having problems with my posting setup, and it has taken awhile to resolve them. That’s why the Friday posting did not show up as well. I think everything is working now.

Anyway, back to the titled item. We had dinner guests this evening, another mom from the MOMS group and her family. They actually have two boys, but one had to stay home. Cortney did an excellent job of preparing dinner, and we all had a good time. Except Ethan. He fought through our attempts to give him a nap earlier in the afternoon. We served dinner later than we normally do, and Ethan was both tired and hungry when our guests arrived. Poor little guy. He was fine once he was fed, but it was tough going there for a while.

A Trip to IKEA

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This morning, we decided to go to the IKEA store.

This store recently opened here, and is the only one in this area, so it is a big deal.

Going through the store was quite an adventure. They have it set up like a big maze. You have a long way to walk between the start of the showrooms and the checkout. Fortunately for us, the store was kid friendly. The had lots of small areas of kids to play in, and they have a nice children’s section. We actually picked up a couple of toys. We also bought some home organizing items as well.

Sean Has Fun at Burger King

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We made our usual trip to Burger King this evening. There were two families in the play area when we arrived, and one left shortly. The family remaining had a girl who was two to three years older than Sean. Sean and the girl played for a long time together.

I witnessed an exchange between Sean and the girl that amazed me. Apparently, Sean and the girl were pretending to by dinosaurs, and they were roaring at each other. The girl was louder and better at it than Sean, and Sean became uncomfortable with her doing that to him. Sean clearly told the girl that he did not like that, and he wanted her to stop. The girl did not, but then Sean suggested that they go play in the ball pit, to which she agreed. I guess what amazed me was that Sean understood his own feelings, was able to communicate them to someone else, then redirect the other person to do what he wanted. I guess it doesn’t sound like such a big deal now that I am writing about it, but I don’t think I could have done that when I was Sean’s age.

Ethan had fun playing too, and we made a brief stop to Toys R Us on the way home. I though Sean and Ethan would have fun playing on the train table there, but instead they quickly started running off in different directions, so we had to leave. We still managed to arrive home close to bed time, so Cortney had her full break.

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