Knott’s Berry Farm

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We went to Knott’s Berry Farm today. This park had losts of roller coasters, and lots of kiddie rides as well. We rode on an authentic steam train and a real stage coach. I was impressed with the rides and the landscaping at this park, but I couldn’t help but notice that the teenage help they used to run the place were not any near as professional as Disney.

Ethan fell asleep around 4:00 PM, and Sean and Cortney were starting to get tired, so we called it an early day. This allowed us to go out to dinner at a restaurant, as well as start packing and get to bed early. We have a busy day tomorrow. We are going to checkout of the hotel after breakfast, drive to Legoland, then drive home via San Diego. Legoland’s hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, so if we stay until the park closes, we will have to deal with San Diego rush hour traffic, and we may not make it home until midnight.

Disneyland, Last Day

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We used the last day of our three day park-hopper pass today. We spent the entire day in the Disneyland park. I’ve decided that the Disneyland park has the most kid-friendly rides, even more so than the individual Florida parks.

We went on a few rides that we went on Thursday, but we spent most of the day hitting the stuff we missed on before. I think Sean’s favorite ride was the Autopia ride. I controlled the gas pedal while Sean controlled the stiring. He did a fairly good job, negotiating most of the turns with hitting the rails.

We have an interesting story to tell about Ethan. Yesterday at lunch, Ethan apparently shoved a dried blueberry up his nostril. He snored loudly all night last night, and he woke up this morning with what we thought was a bloody nose, but it was blue, not dried blood color. Today in the sunlight, we could actually see the blueberry up inside his nose. Fortunately, it dropped down low enough this evening that we were able so squeeze it out. I thought I was going to have to use tweezers, and perform an “operation”. Ethan felt much better after it was out. Little booger (pun intended).

California Adventure

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We went to Disney’s California Adventure today. This theme park has some big roller coasters for adults, but also some rides for the kids.

Sean became scared at the Bug’s Life show, and I almost had to take him out before the show was finished. But the rest of the “bug” area had some nice rides for kids, so Sean and Ethan had fun.

I think Sean and Ethan had the most fun not on any of the rides, but the two free-form play areas, . The first play area was an actual ship, and the second one was setup like a National Forest park. I know Sean and Ethan were starting to get tired, but I guess when they have the opportunity to play, they suddenly find the energy to go all out.

The highlight of the day was riding the monorail. We were able to sit in the front car with the captain, so we got a great view.

We quit early today, and came back to the hotel right after dinner. By the time we put the kids to bed, it was still pushing 8:00 PM.

Tomorrow, we will hit the few rides we missed at Disneyland, and go on some of the ones we liked again.


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We spent the day at Disneyland. We arrived just before the park opened, in order to use our early park entrance passes. I guess other people had the same idea, as it was still crowded early on. We had beautiful weather, and they even extended the park operating time by two hours. We still left at the normal closing time, at 8:00 PM, as we were all tired by then, having been at the park since 9:30 AM. We were told the park was open late because of all the people who had bought multi-day passes, and had been rained out for the last few days.

Sean’s favorite ride was Dumbo ride. He said it was his favorite, even though the first time we did not make it on the ride. The ride broke down just before we got on, and we decided we had waited long enough. After Sean said he preferred that ride over the others, we just had to try again, and he was glad we did so.

Ethan rode his first roller coster today, as he met the 35 inch height requirement, exceeding it with a half inch to spare. Ethan was quite brave about all of the rides, mainly because he is not old enough to realize he should be afraid. Sean had trouble with all of the dark indoor rides, but he toughed them out.

Both Sean and Ethan were good troopers throughout the day. Ethan was helped out by a mid-afternoon nap. He slept through the Pirates of the Carribean, the Adventure Cruise, Tarzan’s Treehouse (what a workout that was), and part of the line at the Haunted House. Other than Ethan’s nap, neither seemed tired anytime during the day. I don’t think we will be keeping the kind of pace we set today, though. We still have two more days to spend at both Disneyland and the California Adventure, so were are likely to go slower for the days ahead.

We Made it to California

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We had a fairly nice drive to Anaheim this evening. We had light rain, just enough to wash the bugs off the windshield and prevent a glaring sun setting in the Western sky, but not enough to cause a problem with the roads.

We stopped at Burger King before we left to let Sean and Ethan work off some energy before the long trip in the car. They did not play as long as we expected, most likely because they were tired. In fact, Ethan fell asleep a few minutes onto the highway.

Sean asked how long the trip would take, and I told him several hours. He suggested we take a short cut. It was a good idea; I would take one if I knew it would make the trip shorter.

We had a minor mix-up with our hotel room, but we should still have a good time on our vacation.

Sean is 5!

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Today was devoted to Sean’s birthday. This morning, we all had cinnamon rolls that were arranged to form the number 5. At preschool, Sean had a birthday celebration. Cortney brought in dinosaur cupcakes, and the were a big hit. I took Sean and Ethan to the library for story time after dinner. They sang the happy birthday song for Sean during story time. We rushed home from the library to have birthday cake. Cortney made a “bug” cake. I’ll have to post a picture if I get the time. After that, Sean opened presents. It was quite a day for Sean. My brief description here just doesn’t do it justice.

Bunco/Bill Night

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Tonight was one of those few nights where Cortney and I do our own thing. Cortney joined her friends for Bunco, and I cranked up the stereo and put myself to work getting the monthly bills done.

You might be worried that loud music would wake up Sean and Ethan, but with an active day like they had today, once they fall asleep, a bomb could go off in their room and they would not wake up.

A Nice Day After All

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After a night of heavy rain, I thought we would be stuck inside for the day. Sean won a marathon Uno session this morning, beating me 16 games to my 10.

After lunch, the sun came out, so I went outside to do some weeding and mow the lawn. The winter lawn is very healthy after all of this rain. It’s a shame that there are weeds everywhere, or else the yard would be in good shape right now. I was only able to get to the weeds that were threatening to turn into small bushes. The rest of the weeds will have to wait.

The good weather held until this evening, and I was able to grill some hamburgers for dinner. Sean and Ethan never actually made it outside, but we all still had fun today.

Sean Learns Uno

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It rained all day today, but we made the best of it. I took Sean and Ethan to the mall play area this morning. They were able to get some exercise, which was good. Afterwards, we stopped in one of the stores and picked up the Uno card game.

After lunch, I taught Sean how to play. This is the first game I have played with Sean that involves actual strategy, as opposed to pure luck. We had fun, and we played a dozen games or so. Sean actually one a few of them. This evening, we played one hand with Cortney joining in as well. Cortney and I ganged up against each other, and Sean came out winning!

Nothing New?

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Sean and Ethan aren’t leaving me much to write about these days. This evening, we had a long session at the Burger King play area. Sean and Ethan behaved well, had fun, and then we came home. As you can see, that doesn’t leave much to write about.

Back to Full Energy

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I was back to full energy today. That was a good thing, as both Sean and Ethan were fully wound up when I arrived home from work. After dinner, we all played tag. We chased each other around the furniture in the family room and living room areas. Sean was quickly out of breath, but he wanted to keep on playing. He was on the go all the way until his gym class started, and even up to just before he went to bed.

A Normal Day

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Today was the first day in a while that was completely normal. I went to work for a full eight hours, then came home, spent time with Sean and Ethan, spent some time on the computer, then went to bed.

My Parents Return Home

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I dropped my parents off at the airport this morning. I hope they had a good time while visiting.

I drove to work straight from the airport, and only worked a short while before returning home to watch Sean and Ethan while Cortney went to the dentist. I was planning on going back into work, but a cold virus had me feeling lousy, so I just stayed home an took it easy for the rest of they day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Sean had his school celebration for Valentine’s Day today. I brought Ethan and my mom to join in on the festivities. We arrived a little late, so we barely were able to get Sean’s Valentine’s to the other kids in time. Sean had fun playing outside, since this was the first day dry enough to go outside in a while. I know Ethan had a good time, since he did not want to leave, even though Sean’s class was over.

Cortney made it home today. I left right after putting the kids to bed, so they will have to wait until tomorrow to see their mom.

A Trip to Sedona

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I took my parents on a driving trip to Sedona today. The weather started out on the cloudy side, but most of the clouds burned off and we had mostly sun for the day. We were able to see some good views. All of the rivers we passed had running water, which is a bit unusual.

Sean and Ethan had fun just watching videos in the car. They behaved well, so I rewarded them with a trip to the mall play area after dinner.

Sean did not want to leave the play area, and I had a tough time getting him back to the car. When I put Sean to bed, he said he was sorry he did not want to leave, and that the problem was that he was cranky. He was sincere when he said that, and he looked so cute and innocent while doing it.

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