Dinosaur Night

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Story time has started back up at the library, and tonight’s theme was dinosaurs. Both Sean and Ethan loved the dinosaur stories and the dino-hokie-pokie dance. I’m glad the library had a theme the kids liked; both Sean and Ethan were cranky, and weren’t sharing well at the train table, so I had a tough time making it to story time. We all left the library in a good mood though.

Happy Memorial Day

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Even though it was Memorial Day, we did not do anything special. We went shopping this morning, then relaxed in the afternoon. Sean joined me for a swim after dinner. Ethan was very cranky after he woke up from his nap, and did not eat dinner. I was afraid he wasn’t feeling good, so he missed the swim. Ethan did eat some food just before bedtime, so he must not be too bad.

With an extra day of relaxation, the four-day week ahead should be a breeze.

A Day of Rest

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After yesterday’s busy day, we just took it easy today. Other than some light yardwork and laundry, I didn’t do anything productive today.

Sean and Ethan did join me for a swim this morning. It was a bit more humid today, so the pool seemed warmer, even though the water was still in the low 80’s.

I cooked cheeseburgers on the grill for dinner. It’s hard to beat a good quality cheesburger for taste, so I enjoyed the meal. Sean and Ethan were a bit restless after dinner, so we took them to the mall play area before they went to bed.

I have tomorrow off, so other than some shopping, it should be a light day as well.

In-Town Day Trip

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We went on a day trip today, but it was entirely in town.

We started off with a trip to the Chandler Mall. Sean, Ethan and I spent most of our time in the play area while Cortney did some shopping. We left soon after lunch to go to the Arizona Science Museum. We had not been there since Ethan was born. Sean, Ethan, and I had lots of fun with the interactive displays. I think we could have stayed until the museum closed, but Cortney was not as interested as we were, so we left in time for an early dinner at Red Lobster. We finished with some quick shopping before returning home for the day.

Ethan fell asleep before we reached the house. I know both kids were tired, as I’m a bit tired myself. We won’t be doing anywhere near as much tomorrow.

Training Day

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I had an all day class down at the company learning center near the airport. The class was called Influence Edge, about improving the ability to influence others. It was an interesting class, but I’m glad it ended early, as I was able to beat the worst part of rush hour traffic, and still arrive home in time to take Sean and Ethan to Burger King.

Sean and Ethan both behaved well, and they both had over two hours of exercise, so I was happy as well.

Sean’s Graduation

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Today, I took time off of work to attend Sean’s graduation ceremony. Sean received a certificate, a bag of items for the summer and for kindergarten, and we had cake to celebrate. Sean does not know the name of the school he will be attending (Legend Springs), so I have tried to work with him on that today.

Sean had a big gym class this evening. Many of the kids were misbehaving, but Sean was doing his best to get them all to sit still while waiting their turn. Sean gave in to temptation when they started pretending to be animals. Sean was pretending to be a dog, while a couple of the girls were pretending to be cats. Technically, he was not misbehaving, but he was loud when he should have been quiet.

Sean Hits the Gym

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Sean went to his gym class for the first time in a week and a half. I was on a business trip last week, and Monday was the school slide show. Sean was the only kid in the class, so he was able to get a good workout. Even though we were just there last night, we hit McDonalds again for a quick dinner, and some more exercise for Sean in the play area.

Fast Food Dinner

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Story time at the library does not start up until next week, and Cortney did not feel like making dinner, so we settled on McDonalds for dinner. Sean and Ethan had fun playing with the other kids there, and they did not spend too much time on the video games (like I did). I wanted to take the kids swimming tonight, but at least they were able to get some exercise anyway.

Sean’s Slide Show

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This evening, we all went to see Sean’s preschool teacher’s end of the year slide show. This is the third year in a row we have done this. Sean was a bit confused about the term slide show. Sean was thinking he could go down tall slides.

After straightening Sean out about the slide show, he enjoyed it. Sean was very good at singing songs to start the show, then sat still during the show. Ethan sat still, but only after we bribed him with the promise of a treat afterwards. Cortney and I enjoyed the pictures. This Thursday, we return to Sean’s school for his graduation.

A Hot Day

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It was a hot day, with a record high of 109 degrees, but it did not reach the forecast high of 112 degrees. Still, it was hot enough that I took the kids into the pool twice today — once in the morning after I finished the yard work, and again after dinner.

I cooked barbecue ribs on the grill for dinner, and it felt like it was so hot, that I did not even need to turn the grill on. I cooked some corn on the cob as well as the ribs, but the corn wasn’t very popular.

Ethan is getting comfortable with the pool. So far, he has been content to just sit on the pool steps. Yesterday, he braved going down the slide, and today, he actually pushed off the steps to swim out to me. Sean is pretty much a fish in the pool. I brought out the dive toys, and it did not take him much time to relearn to dive down to get them.

The water is still too cold for Cortney. The water temperature was 81 degrees this morning, which was described as icy by Cortney. This evening, it warmed up a couple of degrees, but still not enough for her.

Fun with the Kids

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I spent the morning building Lego models with Sean and Ethan. Sean even put one of them together himself. I laughed when Sean was talking to his grandmother on the phone. He held the phone up to the Lego models, and asked his grandmother to look at them, presumably through the phone.

This afternoon, we went to the mall play area, then went out to dinner, and we finished the day with a swim in the pool.

Good to Be Home

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I had no problems with my flight home; it was actually an easy trip. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for temperatures over 100, as it was never much over 60 in Seattle.

Because of rush hour traffic, I arrived home too late to make the trip to Burger King. As it turned out, I arrived home at the same time as Cortney and the kids. Both Sean and Ethan were happy to see me, and I was happy to see them.

We took advantage of the hot weather, and took a quick dip in the pool before Sean and Ethan went to bed. After this week long trip, I am looking forward to relaxing at home this weekend.

Last Night in Seattle

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I ended up working late tonight, barely leaving time for a snack this evening. At any rate, I will be leaving for the airport at noon tomorrow, and I can’t wait to get back home. I will be arriving a little too late to make it to Burger King, but at least I will see Sean and Ethan before they go to bed.

I Miss Home

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I’m having fun here with my work assignment in Seattle, but I still miss home. Cortney thinks she is coming done with a cold, and I can’t imagine dealing with Sean and Ethan without any help isn’t easy.

4 Years of Blogging

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Today marks the four year anniversary of my first blog post. If you look at the “On This Day In:” section on the right, you can find out what I wrote four years ago.

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