A Humid Day

July 31, 2005 on 8:58 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was a bit unusual in that we had a cloudy morning. The sun did not burn off the clouds until mid-afternoon. We had a big storm move through this evening, with lots of wind and rain.

After my yard work this morning, I took Sean and Ethan into the pool. After being in the pool for just a few minutes, Ethan was starting to shiver, which was strange because it the air was warm and humid, and the pool water was close to 90 degrees. I took Ethan out of the pool, wrapped him up in a towel, then put him in one of the pool chairs. I continued to play with Sean for a while, when I noticed that Ethan had fallen asleep!

I thought for sure Ethan was ill with the same virus Sean had last week, but Ethan was just fine after he woke up.


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After a good night’s sleep last night, I am feeling better. Sean seems to be doing better as well. Ethan, however, has the worst case of conjunctivitis I have every seen. This morning, his eye was so puffy and swollen, he looked like he had gone ten rounds with a fighter with a good stiff jab. He will have to wait until Monday morning before we can get him some medicine.

Sean and Ethan were both tired by late afternoon, and they both fell asleep on the couch together. The promise of dinner was enough to wake them up, so they had a normal day after that.

One Day At a Time

July 29, 2005 on 9:03 pm | In Main | No Comments

Despite not feeling well, I made it through a full day of work and a tour of duty at Burger King this weekend.

Sean and Ethan still are not getting enough sleep. I’m hoping the three of us can rest up this weekend.

Another Short Post

July 28, 2005 on 6:36 pm | In Main | No Comments

I may be coming down with whatever Sean has, so I took the day off of work to rest up. Sean and Ethan woke up early this morning, so they were nice and cranky this afternoon and evening. This wasn’t a fun day.

Nothing New

July 27, 2005 on 7:57 pm | In Main | No Comments

Not much news to report today. Sean is still sick, Ethan has too much pent up energy, and we didn’t do much this evening.

Fun at the Library

July 26, 2005 on 9:05 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean is still sick, so I spent the evening with Ethan. I took him to the store to pick up a few items. On the way home, he fell asleep in the car. I unloaded the car, then drove straight to the library. We had a thunderstorm with actual rain at this time. At the library, I scooped up Ethan while he was still sleeping, than ran through the parking lot to avoid the rain. This woke up Ethan, and he appeared to be happy at the library.

I noticed Ethan shares more at the train table without his older brother around, and he was well behaved until story time. I was worried about Ethan sitting still during story time, but he wasn’t too bad. He loved the songs, even though he was not that interested in the stories. He likes the movie at the end though.

Storm Clouds and a Trip to the Doctor

July 25, 2005 on 8:00 pm | In Main | No Comments

We had dark, threatening clouds this evening, but no rain, and very little wind. We are a bit better prepared for summer storms now that the big mesquite tree in the front yard has been trimmed. Still, I would prefer not to get any storms. If nothing else, the dust from the storms really clogs up the pool filter.

Cortney took Sean to the doctor’s office today. He was tested for strep, which was negative. He has a sore throat, and he is still burning up with a fever. He most likely has a virus. If he wasn’t tired though, it would be hard to tell he was sick. I hope no one else in the family gets sick.

Sean’s Sick

July 24, 2005 on 9:06 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean is still running a fever, but he does not have any other symptoms as far as we can tell. He seems to do fine if we give him some ibuprofen, but otherwise is groggy and tired.

Ethan has become quite a handful. We are trying to potty train him and have him use a bed (as opposed to a crib) at the same time. We are ending up with a tired toddler with frequent accidents. Maybe we need to back off a bit.

An Easy Day

July 23, 2005 on 9:23 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean was sick this morning, so when Cortney left to go shopping, I just took it easy myself. Sean was running a fever, and spent the entire morning on the coach, sleeping for a good part of it. Ethan seemed to enjoy himself just playing on his own.

By dinner time Sean was feeling better, so I took Sean and Ethan into the pool. We were able to swim for a half hour before we went inside to escape from a threatening storm.

I hope Sean is feeling better tomorrow. I need to get some work done as well, including yard work, laundry, and bills.

Burger King Night

July 22, 2005 on 8:52 pm | In Main | No Comments

We have started back our normal daily routines, which meant I took Sean and Ethan to Burger King this evening. It was fairly crowded, and my guess was many people were trying to stay indoors and beat the heat.

Sean and Ethan were getting into some serious play with the other kids. Sometimes they were a bit too physical for my liking, but other than that, they had fun and behaved well. And, Cortney was able to get a break.

Good-Bye Corky and Leslie

July 21, 2005 on 8:37 pm | In Main | No Comments

Cortney’s parents flew home today, so we are back to the normal four people in the house. Cortney took Sean and Ethan in the pool this afternoon, but I just relaxed this evening and let the kids play on their own.

Corky and Leslie’s Last Night

July 20, 2005 on 7:25 pm | In Main | No Comments

This is Corky and Leslie’s last night in town, so we all went to dinner. Ethan fell asleep on the car ride there and the car ride back. We now have Sean and Ethan sleeping in the same room, and my guess is that Ethan is only getting as much sleep as Sean, but he needs more. We did have a good dinner, and once Ethan woke up, he was fine.

Library Night

July 19, 2005 on 8:05 pm | In Main | No Comments

I took Sean and Ethan to the library this evening, giving Cortney, Corky and Leslie a break from the kids. I was glad to see Sean and Ethan playing nicely with the other children before story time. Story time was a little hectic with many kids running around the room, but Sean wasn’t one of them. Ethan was a little too restless, so I sat down with him to make sure he sat still. Maybe soon, Ethan will have the attention span to sit still for the stories.

Sean Goes to the Orthodontist

July 18, 2005 on 7:19 pm | In Main | No Comments

We had our initial consultation for Sean with the orthodontist this morning. The orthodontist agreed we would need an appliance to fix his cross bite, but we do not need to do anything right away. More than likely, we will have this procedure done 1 or 2 years from now.

The cross bite is where Sean’s upper jaw is too narrow for the upper teeth to fit over his lower teeth, so his upper jaw moves over to the side so that Sean can close his teeth together. The appliance will spread his upper jaw apart. This isn’t a big deal because the bones in his palate are not fused together yet.

In other news, the hard drive on my work laptop crashed, so after the IT guy took it away, I came home early. Since I had some extra time, I barbecued burgers for everybody. We finished the evening with a nice swim in the pool.

Time with the Kids

July 17, 2005 on 6:57 pm | In Main | No Comments

I didn’t do too much today; I had all of the house stuff taken care of yesterday morning. I did spend some time with Sean and Ethan. The three of us went out this morning to help clean up around the play area outside. We each had a bag, and we tried to pick up the leaves and tree droppings from the palo verde tree. Sean actually did pretty good. He actually helped out. Ethan did not do much though. He picked up some stuff, then ended up dumping it back out for no net gain. I did pay Sean for his efforts, giving him a dollar bill.

I spent some additional time again with both Sean and Ethan throughout the day. We did not go swimming today, since we had a monsoon-type storm this afternoon the lasted until the kids went to bed.

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