Slow News Day

August 31, 2005 on 8:25 pm | In Main | No Comments

I had another full day class, and I was a bit tired when I came home. Sean and Ethan played together with the wooden trains while I watched TV. Not much else here is worth mentioning. Somehow, the events here do not seem much in comparison with the suffering going on in New Orleans.

A Long Work Day

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I had another training day at the company facility near the airport. I actually left early, only to go to a nearby seminar that went past 6:00 PM. I barely arrived home in time to put Sean and Ethan to bed, but it was worth it just to see the two of them.


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We have been going through a major reorganization at work for the last two months. For the most part, everyone has lost their job, and must re-apply for a position. I used this opportunity to try and get a promotion, and after interviewing for three positions, I received offers for two of them. I had a real tough time deciding between the two offers, but I made my decision this morning. I’m a little nervous about my decision, but I am eager to start the new job.

I had to make some decisions about Sean today as well. He has had croup for the last two days, so Cortney and I had decide if he should go to school. He seemed fine this morning, so we sent him off. This evening, Sean was not cooperating with dinner, so I had to decide just how lenient to be. I ended up holding the line, and it took Sean a while to finish dinner, but he eventually did. Next, Sean decided he was too tired for gym class. I decided he wasn’t, and after fighting to get him there, he had a good time in gym class.

Work Around the House

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Yesterday may have been fun day, but today was a get things done day. The yard work took longer this morning. Quite a few weeds had grown in the front yard since the recent monsoon storms. I also did laundry and bills to round out the work for the day.

I cooked dinner this evening, making one of Cortney’s favorite meals — sweet and sour chicken. I decided that Ethan might want to try it, so I gave him a bowl of rice, then carefully added just a bit of each ingredient from the sweet and sour chicken to round out his dinner. Ethan had other ideas. He ended up dumping the entire bowl out on the table. I guess he doesn’t care much for my cooking. At any rate, he got a time out for his efforts. After his time out, he had no interest in eating, and actually fell asleep in the chair, right at the dining table! Ethan never did wake up again. I cared him out to the pool when we all went swimming, and he slept outside. After swimming, I took him inside. He woke up briefly when I gave him a shower, then fell back asleep when I put him on the sofa. Near bedtime, I carried him up to bed, still sleeping, where he stayed for the rest of the night.

A Fun Family Day

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We had a fun-filled day today. This morning, I put together a Lego truck for Sean and Ethan. The truck was fairly complicated, and it took all morning. This afternoon, we went to a birthday party for one of Sean’s friends. The party was at Pump It Up, and Sean, Ethan, and I all got plenty of exercise on the play equipment. After the party, we went out to dinner. Sean and Ethan were still a bit wound up from the party to sit still for dinner, but other than that, we had a good meal. After dinner, we went to the mall. I took Sean and Ethan to the play area, while Cortney went shopping. We finished the mall trip by going to two of Sean and Ethan’s favorite stores, the pet store and the game store. We arrived home right at Sean and Ethan’s bedtime.

Friday Night Fun

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We went to McDonald’s this evening rather than Burger King. I was starting to get a bit tired of the Burger King, even though Sean and Ethan never tire of the ball pit. After we arrived at McDonald’s, Sean and Ethan both appeared to be run down. They had fun playing initially, then tapered off. They both had enough energy to polish off a small ice cream cone before we left.


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I had two follow-on interviews today, so the chances are good that I will receive an internal job offer. One of the interviews was down at the airport, and I had to try to make it home through rush hour traffic in time to take Sean to his gym class. I barely arrived in time, only to find out that Sean did not want to go. That was frustrating.

Homework and a Swim

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I’m trying to establish the time after dinner as homework time for Sean. Sean does not have any assigned homework yet, but I am working on getting Sean to write his name. When Sean does his name on his own, he actually writes the letters in reverse order. After some coaxing, he did a passable job tonight of writing his name the correct way.

Sean and I followed the homework session with a nice swim in the pool. One of the few benefits of the month of August in Phoenix is the opportunity to swim anytime we want to, and we took advantage of that tonight. Sean and I played with the beach ball, hitting it back and forth.

Ethan still appears to be sick. Cortney and I are surprised the preschool has not said anything about Ethan. Ethan fell asleep during dinner time, and no interest at all in swimming. I hope Ethan feels better soon.

Another Gym Night

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There was no story time at the library this evening, so I took Sean to the gym for a make up lesson. Cortney has moms night out, but she waited until we came home before going out.

A Clever Solution

August 22, 2005 on 8:17 pm | In Main | No Comments

I had some trouble with Sean this evening. He said he was too tired to go to the gym for his tumbling class. I left early, since I needed to stop by the store on the way. I struggled to get Sean in the car, and then Sean refused to get out of the car at the store. I somewhat dragged Sean out of the car, and he cried the whole time at the store.

On the way to the gym from the store, I reminded Sean about one of the new shows he watches, called Lazytown. I asked Sean if Robbie Rotten had given Sean any bad food (candy) to slow him down. When Sean said no, I told him Sporticus would be disappointed that Sean did not have enough energy for his tumbling class. This discussion did the trick, and was certainly more effective than me telling Sean he “had to.” Sean enjoyed his gym class and behaved well up until he went to bed.

A Nice Day in August

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We had nice weather today, fairly hot, but not real hot, and not too humid. Sean and I went in the pool twice today; once after my morning yard work, and once after dinner. Cortney joined us in the pool for the session after dinner. Ethan was cranky most of the day and did not want to go in the pool, so I took Ethan outside and had him sit in a chair while the rest of us swam in the pool. This is the first time in a while where we have had both sunny weather and clear pool water. The bout with algae two weeks ago left the pool cloudy for a long time.

Feeling Better

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I felt good today, the first time in over a week. I still took it easy, but I spent lots of time with Sean and Ethan. I setup a big train layout for them to play with. This evening, we all went out for dinner to night at a place that serves an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sean and Ethan both behaved and they both tried to eat different foods, and Cortney and I had a nice meal. Cortney and I finished the evening with a DVD mini-marathon.

The Weekend Begins

August 19, 2005 on 8:40 pm | In Main | No Comments

This has been a tough week for me. I really don’t like being sick, and I am still recovering from the sinus infection I had earlier in the week. I was even cranky at Burger King this evening. I plan to mix some rest with time with the family and getting some work done this weekend.


August 18, 2005 on 8:18 pm | In Main | No Comments

I felt good enough today to not only put in a full day at work, but take Sean to the gym as well. On the way home, I noticed the moon rising above some very distant clouds on the horizon. I was staring at the moon while sitting at a traffic light, and I noticed the moon was moving! Sean and I saw about a fourth of the moon move out from behind the cloud just as we were sitting at the traffic light.


August 17, 2005 on 6:56 pm | In Main | No Comments

I’ve decided my illness was most likely a sinus infection. This morning, some stuff came out of my nose that looked like it was from another planet. My symptoms are nearly gone, but I still feel tired. I put in a full day at work, but did almost nothing this evening. Sean and Ethan are still enjoying school.

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