Happy Halloween!

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This year was Cortney’s night to go trick or treating, while I manned the door to pass out the candy. In between the time spent answering the door, I got caught up on my reading. I did notice that none of the costumes of the visitors were particularly noticeable. Perhaps the kids just want a costume good enough to collect candy, and no more.

Sean and Ethan started early, leaving around 6:30 PM. A half hour later, they returned. Ethan was exhausted, and wasn’t interested any more. I put Ethan to bed while Sean and Cortney went back out. Ethan felt a bit warm, so I hope he did not get sick. Sean certainly had a good time, and he ended up with more candy than he will ever be able to eat.

A Busy Sunday

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Today was a busy day. This morning was a major yard work day. I had quite a bit of trimming that needed to be done. We took Sean and Ethan to a small fair this afternoon, with contests, jumpie and food. This evening was the pumpkin carving. All fun stuff.


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Here’s the pictures from yesterday:

Picture Day

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The big event of the day was going to get our pictures done. Ethan is now old enough to fully cooperate, and both Sean and Ethan were patient, so we got some great pictures. Sean, Ethan, and I all dressed in similar clothes, which was fun. I was planning to post a copy of the proofs here, but I was too lazy to scan them today. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of lazy, I forgot to post yesterday. I watched a movie on the computer, and at the end of the evening, it never occurred to me that I did not write anything. Not much happened yesterday anyway.

Sean, Ethan, and I had a nice time at the park this evening. Sean and Ethan both like playing tag. Ethan doesn’t run fast enough to play, but he likes to “tag” me to see if I would tag him back. Sean and I play a normal game of tag, but I have to let him catch me every once and awhile to keep it fun for him.

Sean had fun writing his name in the sand at the park. He did a good job too. What amazed me was the time when he wrote his name upside-down, with the letters properly formed. I asked Sean to do it again, put he either would not or could not. Sean certainly is full of surprises.

Cortney’s Party

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Cortney held her big Halloween party today. She spent a good part of the day yesterday working on getting ready. I helped out, including carving fingers out of string cheese.

The party was a big success, and I know Sean and Ethan had a good time. They were able to wear their costumes today. At first, Ethan did not want to put his on, but then once it was on, he did not want to take it off.

9 Years

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Cortney and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary today. We went out to the nearby restaurant, walking over. The restaurant recently opened with a new name and management, and I like the new restaurant much more.

After dinner, I took Sean and Ethan over to the park. It was nice and cool out, and I had fun playing tag with Sean.

Pumpkin Night

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The theme for story night at the library was pumpkins. The librarian had the kids act out the Five Little Pumpkins story. I was surprised that Ethan was the only one who got his lines right. Sean knew most of the lines, but he was the third pumpkin, and he did not remember that particular line.

Hurricane Wilma

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Cortney’s parents survived Hurricane Wilma, but not without some damage to their house and yard. Their pool screen was destroyed, and at least one big pine tree blew over.

Sean did his second class of karate this evening. Sean is doing just as good as some of the older kids that are just beginning as well.

An Easy Sunday

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Today was a light yard work day. The winter lawn is starting to sprout, and the weeds are mostly under control, despite the rain we had last week. Other than cleaning up the pool, I spent most of the time cleaning the rocks off of the patio. Ethan loves to take his construction toys and make big piles of rocks on the patio. They are quite difficult to remove. I have found that the easiest way to clean up the rocks is to bring out the shop vac and vacuum them up. Cortney needs the porch cleaned up for her Halloween party next week, so this was a good time to get it done.

Other than cleaning the patio, I just took it easy today. I did spend time playing with Sean and Ethan, and I barbecued burgers for dinner.

Lego Time

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The local Toys R Us had a Lego event today. They had build you one model, which you could take home, as long as it was not too many pieces. Sean and Ethan both had fun building their models. I helped them a bit, but mostly finding good pieces for them to use. We had fun with it.

Cortney’s Back to Normal

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Cortney is feeling fine now. It looks like the virus was intestinal, and the cold symptoms were likely from allergy. Sean had a problem with diarrhea at school, but was fine when I came home from work.

Cortney’s Slightly Better

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Cortney seems to be doing better today. She still had it rough because today was a half day for Sean, and Ethan doesn’t go to preschool on Thursdays. Sean had another good tumbling class.

Cortney’s Not Feeling Well

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After all of the times Sean, Ethan and I have been sick recently while Cortney has nursed us back to health, it is now our turn to return the favor for Cortney. She likely is coming down with a cold. I took Sean and Ethan out to McDonald’s for dinner to give her a break for the evening. Sean and Ethan were both over-tired, so I had a bit of trouble getting them home, but otherwise we had a good time.

I went to the dermatologist for a check up today, and was given a clean bill of health skin-wise.

A Big News Day

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Lots of news today. I left work to go to Ethan’s three month year well visit. Ethan is now of average weight and height. He looks thin to me, so he must be making up the weight difference with some muscle. Ethan only had one shot, and he did not cry at all.

Right after work, I took Sean to gym class for a make up session. Sean did a really good cartwheel, and he performed a forward somersault without using his hands. He may be moving up to the beginner boys class soon.

Right after Sean’s class, I took Sean and Ethan to the library. The theme for tonight’s story time was the zoo. Sean enjoyed it. You would think Ethan would to, but he could not sit still. I had to take Ethan out of story time to let him calm down before going back in to see the movie at the end.

Speaking of Ethan, he is making major progress with the potty training. He went to both the doctor and the library wearing underwear. At the library, he even told me he had to go, and went on the potty without any trouble. That’s a first for him.

Sean Learns Karate

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The gym where Sean takes his tumbling class also teaches karate, so I switched Monday nights from kindergym to karate. Sean seemed to enjoy the class, although he still has a lot to learn. Even something as simple as bowing was tricky for Sean.

Ethan had a mixed day today. He went to preschool wearing underwear, and did not have any accidents. On the downside, he got into trouble while Cortney was cooking dinner. While Cortney wasn’t looking he went into the master bathroom, pulled the stopper on the sink, and let the water run. The sinks in this bathroom do not have overflow drains, so the water drained into the vanity cabinet and drawers. Cortney got to it fairly soon, and mopped up the water, so I don’t think the damage will be too bad.

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