Last Day of the Year

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I tried explaining to Sean and Ethan that today was the last day of the year, but the concept did not seem to sink in. I’ll try again tomorrow, telling them that it will be the first day of the new year.

I spent the entire morning detailing my car. I tried the “three step” system for the first time, using a deep cleaner, followed by glaze, and then wax. The process seemed to remove some of the lighter scratches, but otherwise does not seem to be a big improvement of using just the wax. At any rate, a clean car does look good.

Cortney and I have big plans for the evening. We will bring in the new year by watching a movie, having snacks, and toasting with some sparkling apple cider.

A Fun Day

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Today was a fun-filled day. This morning, we started with a trip to the zoo. I was surprised to see that the zoo was crowded, since it was still a weekday. I think the nice weather may have drawn more people.

We still saw lots of animals, including the petting zoo. We made some time for the play area there, and both Sean and Ethan were tired after about three hours total.

Shortly after we arrived home, Sean wanted to try his new scooter. I thought while he was practicing, I could try riding the unicycle. Here’s a picture of the three of us:

Sean did fairly well at the scooter, but he is a bit uncomfortable with both feet on it. He did get down the concept of “peddle, peddle, glide”.

I was surprised at how quickly I picked up riding the unicycle. I had a bit of trouble getting on it, but once I was on, I could make turns and go long distances.

All of us went to the park so we could continue riding. Ethan gave up his scooter fairly quickly, but Sean and I kept riding.

We finished the day with dinner at McDonald’s, and a movie: March of the Penguins.


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Christmas 2005 is but a fading memory. Corky and Leslie have flown home to Florida, and all of the Christmas meal leftovers have been finished. I still need to take down the outdoor decorations, but I’m too lazy to do that today.

Sean and Ethan still have their toys, of course. I took Sean and Ethan to the park this afternoon. Sean brought his remote control car, and Ethan brought one of his constructions vehicles. They had fun playing.

The Garage Project

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I took on a big project today, cleaning out the garage and installing wall cabinets. Between my tools and Cortney’s yard sale stuff, the third part of our garage was completely full.

The first part of the project, other than temporarily moving everything out into the driveway, was hanging a mattress and box springs from the ceiling to make more room along the wall. Next, I put in three tall wall cabinets along the outside wall.

That amount of work took up the entire day. I started right after breakfast, took a short break for lunch, then worked until dinner time.

We now have much more room in the garage, but it still looks cluttered. Adding one more cabinet, and getting rid of some of the stuff should take care of the rest. That will have to wait until some other day though.

A Good Day

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I felt much better today, with my energy returning. It’s a good thing; the next available appointment to see the doctor was Friday. I still have congestion in my sinuses and chest, but feel fine otherwise.

I spent a good part of the day working on my getting my financial records in shape. One of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to stay on top of the financial paperwork, rather than letting it go to the end of the year.

I still had time to take Ethan to the park (Sean did not want to go), and to take Cortney out to dinner.

The Day After

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On this day after Christmas, Cortney did go shopping for some sales, but did not stay out long.

I made soup from stock made from yesterday’s turkey, which took most of the morning to make. I took a long nap afterwards, and I felt a bit better after I woke up.

Sean and Ethan had much fun playing with their toys.

Merry Christmas

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Today, I felt like singing “’tis the season to be clogged and congested…”; my cold seems to be getting worse.

Everyone had a good time opening presents this morning. Even Floppy and Zip joined the festivities. Sean and Ethan both got lots of train gifts, and couldn’t wait too start playing with their toys.

The Christmas dinner came out well. I did the turkey, stuffing, and gravy. Cortney made the green beans and rolls, and Corky made the mashed potatoes. Everything was quite tasty.

Christmas Eve

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I could have done some chores around the house today, but it just seemed that relaxing on Christmas Eve was the thing to do.

I took Ethan, but not Sean, with me to the park today. Sean was having too much fun with his grandparents to go. Ethan I both wore shorts, as it was quite warm today. Since he was alone, Ethan had extra time on the swing.

This evening, Cortney and Corky took Sean and Ethan out to see some of the nearby light displays while I made some hot chocolate. I ended the evening reading “The Night Before Christmas” to Sean and Ethan.

Back Home

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We came back from Sedona today. The place we stayed charged for Internet, so I could not post for the last two days.

We did not make it as far as the Grand Canyon, but we had fun in Sedona. The lodge we stayed at was nice, and we saw a nice light show as well as had some good meals.

I came down with a bit of a cold just before we left, so today is a recovery day for me.

A Trip

December 21, 2005 on 7:51 am | In Main | No Comments

We will be staying in Sedona the next two nights, with a trip to the Grand Canyon on Thursday. I don’t think the hotel has Internet access, so I may not be able to post until I get back.


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Corky and Leslie, Cortney’s parents, arrived late last night. They still woke up early to greet Sean and Ethan when they woke up. I now Sean was certainly excited this morning.

I tried to get a few chores accomplished today, but I did not get as much done as I had hoped. We will be traveling for the next two days, but I will still have time to get more done after that.

Corky and Leslie joined Sean and me for the trip to the gym this evening. The gym was short of staff, so Sean’s class was mixed in with the beginning girls. Sean did not to do as much as he would with a smaller class, but I’m still glad we went.

Ethan complained of an ear ache this morning, so Cortney took him to the doctor. Ethan was diagnosed with a sinus infection as well as an ear infection. That would explain why he has been quiet and sleepy lately. I thought Ethan did not even need to go to the doctor, but Cortney knew better.

A Relaxing Day

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I took it easy today. Other than helping Cortney clean the house, I didn’t do much.

It was a nice day today, warm enough this afternoon to go outside without a jacket. Sean, Ethan, and I were out for a good part of the afternoon, playing at both of the nearby parks. It is supposed to be even warmer later this week. We are forecast for above average temperatures, with highs in the seventies. It could easily be too warm to light a fire in the fireplace for Christmas eve.

Sean witnessed his first police stop on the way back from gym class. Two vehicles were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic, and the second one was pulled over by a policeman just two cars in front of us. I explained how the policeman was making the roads safe by pulling over dangerous drivers. I wonder if Sean will fell this way when he starts driving. I know I didn’t at first.

A Typical Sunday

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Despite the fact that I on vacation, I stuck to my usual Sunday routine – yard work, read the paper, laundry. I even had to clean the pool.

I did have time to take Sean and Ethan to the park. A mom with two kids showed up shortly after we arrived, so Sean had someone his age to play with.

The one major change from my typical Sunday was watching a movie with Cortney this evening.

Zoo Lights

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Tonight was our annual trip to the Phoenix Zoo to see the Zoo lights. We arrived after it had opened, sitting through a long line of cars just to get inside the parking lot. Once inside though, it did not seem that crowded.

We took the stroller for Ethan. We thought that Ethan might be too tired to walk the full length, and it turned out he wanted to ride anyway. The stroller also gave us a convenient place to store our stuff.

Sean and Ethan had a good time. I know Sean liked the lights, but with Ethan it seemed that the popcorn was just a big a hit as the lights were.

We were prepared for colder weather, taking jackets, gloves, and hats, and a hot thermos of hot chocolate, but the evening was mild. In previous years, we had been too cold, so I would rather be prepared and have to carry around some extra stuff than to be too cold.

The Vacation Begins

December 16, 2005 on 6:43 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today is the start of my winter vacation, as yesterday was my last day of work for the year. I still had a busy day. I completed all of my Christmas shopping, got some exercise, and got a flu shot.

Sean was a little tired this morning, but is seems whatever illness that was bothering him yesterday has left him.

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