A Slow Evening

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I actually have some free time this evening. Usually, I have so much to do, I have no need to worry about what I should do until bedtime.

Sean appears to be sick. He was definitely too out of it to go to his gym class. Ethan does not appear to be sick, but he crashed just after dinner time. So, with the kids going to bed early, I have this free time.

Well, I could watch the State of the Union Speech, or I could write a nice essay here. Or, choice 3 — relax and go to bed early.

Sean’s New Karate Class

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Sean tried a new karate class at one of the nearby elementary schools. The instructor is very strict in this class, so it will be interesting to see how Sean handles it. Sean did say he liked the class. Sean learned that parenting is the hardest job in the world, and he should say “Yes, Sir”, or “Yes, Ma’am”, whenever his parents ask him to do something. Well, he was taught that; I don’t think it has sunk in yet.

Diaper Origami

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Found on the intenet: diaper origami. Here’s a parent with too much time on his hands.

Picture of the Week

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I am adding a new feature to this site — the picture of the week. This should force me to post at least one picture a week.

Here’s this week’s picture. This was taken yesterday at the Mesa Southwest Museum, and shows Sean sitting in a territorial jail relocated to the museum. I just love Sean’s innocent look — “But I didn’t do anything wrong!

Sean in Jail

Ethan’s First Hike

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Cortney came up with the idea of a hiking trip, so Cortney and I set our plans in place. We told Sean and Ethan we were going to the park, but we did not tell them which park. When we arrived, Sean said the he did not want to go hiking. But he went on anyways. Ethan did not complain at all, but I could tell he was quickly getting tired. He made it about nine tenths of the way, and I carried him the rest. Here’s a couple of pictures:

Boys on the Trail

Little Hiker

The Museu

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No, that is not a typo in the title of this post. We decided to go to the Mesa Southwest Museum today. Rather than find out where it was on the street map, we used our GPS navigation to get us there. Cortney had already entered the information into the unit, but there was not enough room in the title field to enter the entire name. So, we arrived there, the unit announced “turn right to the Mesa Southwest mu-zee-uh”.

This museum has an excellent dinosaur display, which is so realistic, the kids are afraid of some of the exhibits. Just like last time we went, we tried panning for gold, and Sean and Ethan got quite wet doing it. Ethan even soaked my shoe while he was getting wet. This was despite my warning to be careful not to spill the water out of the pans. Oh well. Sean and Ethan both had a good time.

A Fun Night

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Sean was really happy to see me when I came home from work. He opened the garage door to make sure it was me, than ran back into the house yelling “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”. I wouldn’t mind that kind of royal greeting every time coming home from work.

We went to the Burger King closest to us, the one without the ball pit. Sean and Ethan like this one because they have two video game machines. Sean and Ethan normally just pretend to play the games as they run through their demo sequence. This evening, Sean learned how to lose a quarter in the proper fashion :). Ethan had fun playing too. He liked it the best when we had the pretend gun fight (making laser sounds from the video game), and I pretended to be hit, and slouched to the floor.

So, we all had a good time, and no bad behavior from the kids. A fun night.

It’s Working!

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I was surprised to see the domain switch was active this morning. I was warned that the transfer could take 48 hours, so I was worried the website would be down for that long. I also found out the new design does not work on Internet Explorer 5.5. If you are using that, are something even older, I recommend either updating, or just switching to Firefox. Eventually, I will see if I can get it to render in IE5.5.

I took Sean and Ethan to the library this evening, but we missed story time. Both Sean and Ethan were too tired to stay. Story time starts at their normal bedtime, so it’s not that big a deal.

By the way, feel free to comment on the new site. Either click on the title link above, or click just below that on “comments”.

Pulling the Trigger

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This is my last post using the Radio Userland software. I am moving to WordPress, which has some advantages, such as easier maintenance, picture posting, and site design. You may not see this website for a day or two, as I am changing hosting services as well. And last, but not least, I have a whole new page design.

On the way to the gym today, Sean and I discussed a strange match up between dinosaurs and cats. I told Sean that a T-Rex could use a cat as a toothpick, but I am not sure he understood that. I told him a T-Rex against a saber-tooth tiger would be a more even match up. Sean understood that concept. Sean then went to tell me about a saber-tooth tiger against a triceratops, and then a stegosaurus. Sean is definitely into dinosaurs lately. Cortney is planning a dinosaur-themed birthday party, which is part of the reason.

Sean’s normal gym teacher was absent this evening, so Sean was put back in the kindergym class. Sean reverted back to some old behavior, such as goofing off and not paying attention. I told Sean he need to pay more attention when is regular teacher is back.

I was surprised at how well behaved Sean was after gym class. We finished dinner a half hour before bedtime, and I told Sean to read his books, which he did quietly until it was time for bed. I think it helped that Ethan had already fallen asleep on the sofa, so there was no distractions for Sean. My relationship with Sean would improve significantly if I was able to spend more time praising him, rather than constantly discipling him.

The Energetic Gymnast

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Sean woke up early this morning, but he did not show the effects of losing an hour of sleep. In fact, he had another good gym class this evening.

In tonight’s gym class, Sean was no longer the most inexperienced boy. There were two new boys who were both less experienced than Sean. Sean executed a proper backwards roll for the first time this evening.

Sean and Ethan are Healthy

January 24, 2006 on 4:19 am | In Main | No Comments

I declare Sean and Ethan back to full health. Why do I do this? Well, tonight, they just would not go to sleep. Sean and Ethan were well wound up by dinner time, and they did not calm down until at least one hour after their normal bedtime.

Football Day

January 23, 2006 on 3:51 am | In Main | No Comments

I reschedule my normal activities so I could watch the playoff games today. Both games were a bit one-sided, so I had more free time than I expected.

I spent some time with Sean and Ethan, but I would have been better off taking them to the park to play. They were both quite restless towards the end of the evening.

A Trip to the Train Park

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For our family outing of the week, we went to the train park. We brought a picnic lunch and made a day (or at least most of it) out of it.

Ethan spent a good part of the time on the train. Cortney took him on it over and over again. He really likes the train.

Sean spent most of his time on the playground, with me watching him. He made friends with two girls his age, and followed them around. He even invited them to his birthday part, which I thought was quite funny!

We took it easy for the rest of the day after we came back home.

Burger King Night

January 21, 2006 on 4:59 am | In Main | No Comments

I took Sean and Ethan to Burger King this evening. They missed last week since they were sick. Sean picked the place — he had a choice of Burger or McDonald’s, and a choice of locations for each. He picked the Burger King by the mall, which has the ball pit. This is actually my least favorite fast food joint. The place is always just a bit dirty, the service is not good, and they do not have the best clientele.

Sean and Ethan do not notice these things, though. They had lots of fun playing. And, they tired themselves out, which is always a good thing. It was easy to get them into the car and then get them into bed when we got home.


January 19, 2006 on 8:52 pm | In Main | No Comments

I had a long day today. I made it home for dinner after work, but then went out to the monthly PMI Phoenix Chapter meeting. The meeting featured an interesting guest speaker, but otherwise I would prefer to spend the evening with Cortney.

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