New Mexico

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After a decent day of work, I had a good New-Mexican style mexican dinner for this evening. Every dish is either smothered with red chile or green chile sauce, your choice (I had both). I was lucky enough to be joined by two of the people I met with today for dinner, so I had both company as well as the recommendation for the restaurant.

Albuquerque is not much differnent from Phoenix, just about 5000 feet higher and 10 degrees cooler. Other than the fact that I am staying in a hotel, I don’t feel like I’m away from home. I do feel like I am away from the family, and look forward to flying home tomorrow.

The Unwanted Travel Companion

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Today’s post hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I will be attending a day and a half meeting here.

I had an interesting problem going through airport security. I was trying to stow the telescoping handle on my suitcase, when I noticed a scorpion in the cavity where the handle is stored. I used my boarding pass to flick the scorpion out of the cavity. It landed on the outside of the suitcase. I was going to squash it with my shoe, when I realized my shoes had already gone into the scanner. As this was a highly poisonous scorpion, I asked the security guard what to do. He grabbed one of the bowls used for pocket items and scooped up the scorpion.

I guess this was a bit of excitement for the security guard. He was showing it to all of the other guards. I liked the comment that the scorpion did not have a boarding pass.

I left just after dinner today. I took Sean to gym class, since I will not be able to go tomorrow. Sean and Ethan were both a bit wild when I left, so I’m worried Cortney will have her hands full while I’m gone.

Sean, the Spider

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I decided to pick this picture of Sean climbing on a rope “spider web” as this week’s picture of the week.

Sean climbs a web

A Trip to the Zoo

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Since this was my mom’s last day in town, we decided to go to the zoo. The highlight of the trip was the squirrel monkey exhibit. This exhibit allows you to walk freely with the monkeys, and they were out and very playful. One of the monkeys came within one foot of me. I grabbed several photos, and here is one of the better ones:

Up close to a squirrel monkey

Ethan was a bit tired cranky by lunch time, so we had to leave early.

We dropped my mom off at the airport this afternoon. It seems like she just arrived yesterday, the time went by so fast. Ethan caught up on his sleep on the way to the airport and the way back. We put him to bed early just to make sure he gets enough sleep this evening.

A Big Yard Sale

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Cortney, along with two of her friends, had a big yard sale this morning. Apparently, they all did well.

This afternoon, we went to the park closest to us, and we fired off Sean’s air rocket again. Sean was even able to pump it up himself, although not to full pressure, and launch it himself.

We went out for dinner this evening. We put the kids to bed early since they seemed tired, but it took them forever to get to sleep. Hopefully, they will sleep in tomorrow.

Fun in the Park

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I worked from home again today, but the real highlight of the day was the evening at the park. My mom joined Sean, Ethan and me for the trip. We started off with a picnic lunch (well, fast food to go), then had fun playing. I setup the air rocket that Sean got for a birthday present. The rocket went fairly high, and fairly straight, so we were able to have quite a few launches. The other kids at the park were certainly interested too.

I brought plenty of stuff to do. Ethan had his sand toys for playing in the sand. I played a little basketball on the court at the park. Sean and Ethan rode their scooters around while I rode my unicycle.

We had so much fun, and the weather was so nice, that it was close to dark and pushing Sean and Ethan’s bedtime when we left. We will likely make another trip to the park tomorrow.

Working From Home

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I did not have any meetings or conference calls today, so I decided to work from home. I was asked to join a conference call after the day began. I participated while still in pajamas, with a cat on my lap. It’s nice to work from home. The only downside was that Sean and Ethan wanted me to play with them.

My mom cooked a good dinner tonight. After dinner, Sean and Ethan were fairly tired, so I worked with Sean on some homework, and read him some books before it was time for him to go to bed.

Sean is Six

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Even though Sean had his big birthday party on Saturday, today is his actual birthday. So, Sean had mostly a normal day. He went to school, and he went to gym class.

Sean did have a bit of a celebration at school. Cortney brought donuts at the end of the day, with my mom joining her. Sean’s classmates sang happy birthday to him.

And, after his gym class, we celebrated here at home with a birthday cake, then opened presents. Sean had to go to bed before he could check out his presents, so I’m sure he will do that tomorrow.

A Long Day

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Today was a busy day at work, complicated by the fact I had to leave around lunch to arrange a wire transfer. I really hate banks. My existing bank is closing down, and my first choice isn’t working out at all, so now I am trying the third bank in one month.

Sean continues to do well in his gym class. He had a bit of a spill last night, but that did not slow him down at all.

I will be leaving soon to pick up my mom at the airport. She will be staying with us until the end of the week.

A Tasteless Video Game

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Not much to write about today. If your bored, try this tasteless video game.

A Lazy Sunday

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After yesterday’s big party, I just took it easy today. I should have spent more time outside; it was a nice day. I soaked up some sun while doing yard work, but spent more time indoors than I should have.

Sean and Ethan both had fun with Sean’s new toys. I had to help set up some of of the new birthday toys, but otherwise they had plenty to keep them busy.

Sean has school off tomorrow, but I have a normal work day, and Ethan will be going to school as well.

The T-Rex Pinata

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This week’s picture of the week shows Sean trying to break open the pinata.

Sean swings at the T-Rex pinata

I finally figured out how to make proper thumbnails. I was previously showing the full image at a smaller size, so I imagine page loads were slow on low bandwidth connections. With the thumbnail, this page should load much faster.

Sean’s Dinosaur Birthday Party

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Today was Sean’s big birthday party, with Sean’s friends and classmates attending. Sean picked the theme of the party, which was dinosaurs, of course. Sean has been waiting for this party for weeks, and he was so excited today that he ended up waking at 4:00 AM this morning.

Cortney really had some creative ideas for the party. I helped by putting out dinosaur “tracks” on the driveway, front walk, and patio. The tracks were just footprints done in chalk. Cortney set up a dinosaur egg hunt, a dinosaur bone excavation, and a dinosaur pinata. And, we had lots of dinosaur decorations, including Sean’s toys.

It was hard work, and I was tired after the party. But Sean had a great time, and it was worth it.

I’ll close this post with a picture form the party.

A Cold Day

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It was cloudy and a bit chilly today. I really wasn’t in a mood to take Sean and Ethan to a park this evening. So, we went to our old standby, Burger King. The ironic thing was that the play area had the thermostat set on “arctic blast”, and it was even colder than outside. It was too cold for me, so I went into the main play area while Sean and Ethan played. Surprisingly, they did not seem to mind the cold, and they did not even mention it once.

Sean and Ethan are both excited about the big birthday party tomorrow. Cortney has been working hard all day to get ready.

The Bug

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Cortney cleaned the porch patio today in preparation for Sean’s birthday party on Saturday. While washing the patio, she washed out some bugs out of the cracks between the patio and the house. Cortney called them cockroaches, but I think they are beetles. They are a bit oven an inch long — big, but not enormous. At any rate, one of the bugs managed to run into the house when Sean opened the sliding glass door. The bug ran across Ethan’s foot, and Ethan was terrified. He was so shaken up that he refused to put his feet on the floor for the rest of the day. While on the surface, this might seem like an amusing incident, Ethan was in hysterics. We might have to try some bug desensitization with Ethan this weekend.

I had a long day today. I drove down to Tucson to give a presentation this morning, and then drove downtown this evening to listen to a project management presentation. At least both events were worthwhile.

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