Ethan is Accident Free for One Week

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One of the items on the chore chart for Ethan is to make it through the day without an accident. Ethan has been so into getting stars on his chart, that he has now been one week accident free. That’s a big accomplishment for him.

Our Chore System

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We have created a wall chart for Sean and Ethan that shows how they are doing with their daily chores. We give them a star when they have done the chore or item for the day.

We have had some interesting side effects with this system. On the first night we did this, Ethan was crying non-stop for over a half hour just before bedtime. I thought Sean was doing something, but all Sean did was to say that Ethan was not getting any stars for the day. Ethan was so into getting a star that this really upset him. I had to tell Ethan that Sean was not responsible for the stars to fix the situation.

We also have had ups and downs with the system. Yesterday was a down day, with Sean not getting any stars. Today was an up day, with both Sean and Ethan getting stars for each item.

It will be interesting to see how this continues to work.

Sean Does a Handstand

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Sean did a fairly decent handstand this evening in his gym class. He held it for about 2 seconds, which is much better than he has done. For some reason, Sean can no longer do the pullover, but he should pick that up again soon.

On the way over to the gym, I told Sean that I was going to be out of town next week, and would not be taking him to the gym. Sean then became all excited all of a sudden. I was a bit taken aback, until he explained that me going out of town meant a trip to Chuck-E Cheese for him.

Sean’s Classroom Tour

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Today, Cortney and I were invited for a tour of Sean’s classroom, given by Sean himself! My favorite part was when Sean said the pledge of allegiance. Sean’s favorite part was the computer. I was impressed that Sean had memorized his six-digit password.

We also received Sean’s third quarter report card. Sean is making good progress overcoming some of the problems he had earlier in the year. We will meet with Sean’s teacher in a couple of weeks to discuss any additional services Sean might need, but I personally think Sean does not need the help.

Shadow Turtles

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This morning, I commented on Sean’s boxer shorts, which happened to have a picture of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them. I ask Sean if they were injured turtles, and he said “No, these turtles hide in the shadows.” I had previously explained that a ninja was a shadow warrior.

Spring is Here

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It finally feels like spring. It has warmed up a bit, and there are lots of flowers all over the yard. I really enjoyed the yard work today, which consisted of weeding, mowing the lawn, and even cleaning the pool.

We had the house open today, and the smell of orange blossoms filled the house.

Sean and Ethan played out in the yard a bit, but still spent most of the time inside. They had fun playing hide and seek together. I considered taking them to the park this afternoon, but Ethan conked out just before dinner, and I though it would be best if he got caught up on his sleep.

Scott’s Family

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This week’s picture of the week shows my brother’s family, including the new baby, Glory Ellen:

Scott's Family

Another Shopping Day Trip

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We continued the recent trend of making a day trip to a local mall. This time, we went to the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, which is the fanciest mall in the area. I did not realize until we arrived that this mall had a play area. So, Sean, Ethan and I spent a good part of the time there.

The theme of the play area was enchanted kingdom. Ethan was absolutely fascinated with a mural of a fire breathing dragon breathing fire and toasting the marshmallows on the end of the knight in shining armor’s sword. I don’t know if this scene did not make sense to him, or he just liked the theme. Sean had fun running and jumping, which became a problem when he was doing too much running.

We had pizza for lunch, and it turns out that Ethan likes pepperoni. He ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza, then proceeded to pick off and eat all of the pepperoni on the pizza. I didn’t mind; that allowed me to get almost a full slice of pepperoni-flavored cheese pizza.

Ethan conked out on the way home. The trip wore me out as well, and I took a nap after we arrived home. We just relaxed for the rest of the day.

My New Niece

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Congratulations to my brother and his wife on the birth of their new daughter, Glory Ellen.

My new niece, Glory Ellen

Good to Be Home

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I had a successful presentation in New Jersey this morning, then flew home in time to beat the serious rush hour traffic in Phoenix.

The family consensus for the evening was dinner at a buffet restaurant, which may have turned out to be a mistake. Sean knocked over his water glass twice, and Ethan’s once. Neither Sean nor Ethan were serious about their food. Still, I did not mind. I will take a rough evening with the kids over business travel any day.

Greetings from New Jersey

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I flew out this morning to New Jersey. I was able to stop and see my grandfather and aunt before meeting up with my business colleagues for dinner.

My grandfather had a rough day. He was moved from the hospital to the nursing home, then back to the hospital. At least the hospital had a nice room. They had a plasma TV with internet access, so I showed my grandfather a few pictures from this site.

My grandfather is having a rough time physically, but he seems in good shape mentally. I think he appreciated my visit. I know I was glad to see him, and my aunt as well.

Time to Pack

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I’m packing my bags for a trip to New Jersey. I have to give a presentation there Friday morning. Because of the time difference, it will take me most of the day to get there.

I’m hoping to see my grandfather while I am there. He is currently staying at a hospital just a mile away from my hotel, but he may be moved to the nursing home tomorrow. We’ll see.

Spring Break

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Sean is out of school this week. Cortney has her hands full, but at least Sean still has his gym classes to go to.

I noticed the gym was much less crowded this evening. The instructor spent a good amount of time learning to do push-ups the correct way. Boy’s gymnastics is mostly about strength, so they start on the strength exercises early. Tonight was the first time I have seen Sean do a push up properly..

Lists of Lists?

March 20, 2006 on 7:28 pm | In Found on the Intenet | No Comments

This site is kind of neat. It’s a list of lists; but for things like books and movies, you can check off to see how far on the list you have gone.

A Gloomy Day

March 19, 2006 on 6:58 pm | In Main | No Comments

We did not get much rain today, but it was cloudy and damp all day long. The kids were full of energy, and I felt lousy, still recovering from the strep throat. Still, we all made it through the day without anyone getting hurt, which is a good thing.

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