New Patio Furniture

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We have had the same set of patio furniture for over 15 years now. I thought that it had weathered well, but Cortney disagreed with me. So today, we finally got rid of it, replacing it with a new set. The new set is cast aluminum with a green powdered finish, and I have to say it looks great in the pool area.

I put in a lot of work today. In addition to tossing the old patio furniture and putting together the new set, I did a healthy amount of yard work as well. The front hedges are now growing again, so they needed trimming, and I trimmed around the pool as well. It was late in the afternoon before I finished everything. I am a bit sore, but I imagine I will sleep well tonight.

Sean, the Picky Eater

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Sean may be a picky eater, but he still has a healthy appetite. This picture shows Sean enjoying a slize of pizza.

Sean Likes His Pizza

Sleep Recovery

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I was a bit behind on my sleep after traveling during the week, so I just took it easy today. We did have a nice meal out this evening, but I did not do much other than that.

Fast Food Night

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I tried a new tack in parenting this evening. Sean and Ethan wanted to go to different Burger King restaurants. Ethan wanted to go to the one closest to our house, and Sean wanted to go to the one by the mall. I tried to let them resolve it amongst themselves, but I guess they were both too stubborn to reach a compromise. So, I ended up with one unhappy kid. In the end, once we went inside, they both had fun playing. And, Cortney received a well earned break after my trip out of town this week.

Back in Phoenix

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Today was the final day of the meetings at the Redmond facility, and most of the morning was taken up by my presentation, which went well. After a quick lunch, we left for the airport, and I arrived home in before Sean and Ethan went to bed. Sean and Ethan were both happy to see me, and they liked the little gifts I picked up for them at the airport. I’m a bit tired after a long day, but it’s good to be back home.

Too Much Food

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This is one of the first trips where I can honestly say I am getting too much food. We have a free breakfast buffet at the hotel. The meeting room we have is at the Redmond Learning Center, which has breakfast food in the morning, gourmet lunch in the cafeteria, and afternoon snacks. The hotel has another free buffet for happy hour. By the time I arrived at dinner, I wasn’t very hungry, but the food was so good, I just had to eat a full meal. We ate at a seafood restaurant, and I had dungeness crab for an appetizer, and king salmon for the main course. Too good.

Besides eating, I have been attending some good meetings here. We had a really nice sunny day yesterday, but the typical cloudy day today. Still, the view was good enough to see the water down by the seafood restaurant, and it was nice to watch the boats go by.

Hello from Redmond

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This post arrives via Redmond, Washington, home of Microsoft. The company facility I am working at is literally surrounding by Microsoft buildings.

I flew up here this morning, attended a meeting this afternoon, had a nice dinner, and I am relaxing at the hotel as I write this. More to follow tomorrow.

A Phone Call with Sean

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The highlight of my day was when I called home to talk to Cortney. Instead of Cortney answering, Sean picked up the phone instead. I liked hearing Sean’s cheerful and angelic voice on the phone. He told me what he wanted to about his day, and then said “I’m done talking now”, just in time for Cortney to pick up the phone.

Another Birthday Party

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We finished the weekend with yet one more birthday party, for another of Sean’s friends from school. I was a little burned out from this weekend’s previous parties going in, but apparently bouncies and jumpies never get old with Sean and Ethan. And to tell the truth, I jumped and bounced around myself.

Still, after the party, we all just took it easy for the rest of they day.

Open House

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I couldn’t decide on just one picture for the picture of the week, so I am going with two. The first shows Sean and Ethan on the pony ride (Sean is actually on a mule), and the second shows Sean and Ethan hard at work at my office desk (Sean is playing with a rubix cube).

pony ride

hard day at work

More Fun

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Yesterday might have been the fun festival, but we had even more fun today.

We started with a birthday party, one of Sean’s friends from his kindergarten class. The party was at Chuck E Cheese, so Sean and Ethan both had a good time. They knew all the right games to play, since this is one of their havens when I go out of town. I enjoyed watching Sean and Ethan, but the pizza there gave me a stomach ache.

Next we had open house day at work. This turned out to be more fun than any of us expected. They had jumpies there, pony rides, train rides, games, food and snacks, all for free. The most boring part was when I brought everyone to see my office, since is the first open house since I changed office locations.

After the open house, Sean and I took a refreshing dip in the pool, and we went in again after dinner. The water is still chilly, but I’m getting used to it.

I think this was quite a day for Sean, and Ethan too.

Fun Festival

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Tonight was Sean’s school fund raiser, a fair like event with food, rides and games. Sean and Ethan had fun on the jumpie and slides, and Sean won quite a bit of candy playing the games. I was surprised at the number of families that attended, so the school must have made quite a bit of money.

Tomorrow we will have even more fun, with a birthday party for one of Sean’s friends, and open house at work.

Emergency Pool Repair

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Earlier this week, the vacuum hose broke in the pool. By this evening, the pool was starting to look bad, so I went out and bought new tubing. It was an easy install job, and I took Sean into the pool with me while working on it. Either the pool water is warming up or I am getting use to the cool water, as I enjoyed the swim.

It was near bed time, and I had put on a video for the kids. I thought it was safe to relax on the computer for a few minutes before putting the kids to bed, but I was wrong. Ethan decided on his own to do some finger painting. He painted the tile floor, the wall, himself, and a couple of door knobs before I caught him. Oh well. It least it was the washable kids paint, so the cleanup job wasn’t too bad.

Back to a Normal Day

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Sean woke up at the normal time this morning, and did not show any effects of having stayed up late. He did not even appear to be tired when I took him to his gym class, and Sean had a good class.

Baseball Night

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Sean’s school had baseball tickets for half price, so I took Sean to Chase Field to watch the Diamondbacks this evening. It was a good game, because any time the Diamondbacks beat the Giants, it’s a good game. We sat in the bottom section behind left field, so we had plenty of time to boo Barry Bonds every time he came to the field. We also saw Luis Gonzalez hit his 500th career double.

I tried to explain the rules of baseball to Sean, but Sean had the most fun cheering for the team. Sean also liked looking at the scoreboard, to check the number of runs, hits, balls and strikes. Sean had enough fun that he stayed for the entire game, even though it went on to 9:30 PM. Sean even stayed awake for the drive home, and he could not wait to tell Cortney all about the game.

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