Hello from Tucson

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I took a ride down to Tucson this evening, and I will be spending the next three days here. Tucson is usually about ten degrees cooler than Phoenix, but as this is the monsoon season, it feels a bit more humid here. I am staying at a really nice resort facility with a great mountain views, but of course, I will spend most of my time here working.

Cloudy Weather

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We did not see much sun today, and in fact, we had a few brief showers. I went out to mow the lawn this morning, and the grass was too wait, so I waited a couple of hours first. I thought I would get rained on again when I tried again, but it was just a few drops this time, so I was able to finish.

Other than that, it was a typical Sunday here. I spent a little extra time helping Cortney cleaning the house, as I will be traveling to Tucson tomorrow, and will be staying for a few days.

A Relaxing Day

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This morning, I concentrated on spending time with Sean. We played several games of Parcheesi, and built a Lego model. I took a nap this afternoon, and just before dinner, I took Sean and Ethan in the pool. The swim in the pool was very nice. The water has cooled off a bit, and the humidity is just high enough to prevent the rapid evaporation than can make leaving the water uncomfortable.

Cortney finished painting of the walls of the kid’s room. She just needs to paint the baseboards and the trim around the room.

Air Conditioning Fixed

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The repairman arrived early this morning, so we were too inconvenienced by the air condition problem. I ran the AC yesterday evening up until we went to bed, then turned it off for the night. I turned it back on when the repairman said he was on the way. The problem was the relay or contact switch had fused in the on position. The part had to be replaced. I paid too much to have it fixed, but I would not have felt comfortable installing it myself.

We have had double digit temperatures the last two days, which is quite a change from last week’s record temperatures. Cortney has been complaining about the humidity, which is surprising for a Florida native, but I don’t mind.

We went out to dinner to Sweet Tomatoes, a buffet restaurant, and both kids did a good job of eating healthy food.

We have no plans for the weekend, so it will just be time to relax.

An Air Conditioning Problem

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We had the most unusual problem this morning. Our air conditioning was stuck on! I was quite cold when I woke up this morning. I thought that Cortney had turned down the thermostat by a few degrees, but the temperature turned out to be ten degrees colder than the set point. I had to go flip the circuit breaker to shut it off. I opened up the unit outside, but I did not see anything obvious that was causing the short. We scheduled a repairman to come out tomorrow.

Bits and Pieces

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It turns out we had more than just a dust storm last night. We had stormy weather all night, with plenty of lightning, and sometime during the night we received enough rain to leave standing water this morning.

Cortney continues her painting of the kids room. She has all but one wall painted.

Sean had a really good gym class this evening. There was only one other boy in his class. This other boy was only a couple of inches taller than Sean, so I was really surprised to hear the boy say he was eleven years old. Sean certainly did just as good as the older boy, if not better.

Cooler Weather

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Finally, it cooled off a bit here. We had a light shower this morning, and a dust storm this evening.

Ethan joined us while I took Sean to his gym class. Ethan sat for the whole hour and played his game boy. That device works as an effective baby sitter.

Still Another Hot Day

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The record setting hot weather continues, with today’s high a relatively moderate 114 degrees. I took the kids in the pool this evening, and the only way to feel “cool” was to constantly going in and out of the water. If you stayed completely in the water, the water was too warm at 88 degrees. If you stayed out of the pool, the air would quickly warm you up. But just getting out of the pool allows the water to evaporate, cooling you off for just a bit.

Pool Party

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We had friends over again for dinner by the pool and swimming. I ran out of gas right after I had all of the food on the barbecue. I had to cook the burgers on the stove, microwave the hotdogs, and throw the corn on the cob in the oven. At least the meat had “grill” taste on one side. The food all came out ok, so other than taking longer to cook and making more of a mess inside the kitchen, there was no downside to losing the grill.

We all had fun swimming, as it is still hot enough to need to cool off in the water.


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We started off our trip to Home Depot to tray and match some paint colors for the kid’s bedroom. Cortney was so in to it that she went ahead and started paint the ceiling.

I spent most of the day watching the kids. I fixed dinner, and we had a nice swim in the pool afterwards.

A Scorcher

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Today’s high was 118 degrees, which is not only the record high for today, but the hottest temperatures we have experienced since we moved to Arizona, or just the darn hottest temperature we have experienced anywhere. It did not seem particularly hot to me, but then again, anything over 110 degrees is too hot, so it’s hard to tell relative temperatures. I did notice that is seemed cooler when the air was still than when the wind was blowing, which seemed strange.

We braved the hot temperatures to go out to Red Lobster for dinner. The hostess put one of the lobsters on the floor for Sean and Ethan, which was nice. Sean and Ethan were both afraid of the lobster, but they were still fascinated by it. We had some dark clouds approach as we were eating dinner, but the result was just a dust storm, which is typical. We finished the evening with a stop at a couple of stores before returning home.

Computer Games

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It turns out the Sean and Ethan like role-playing games on the computer. I loaded up Neverwinter Nights, an older game I haven’t played in awhile, and both Sean and Ethan enjoyed watching while I drove the keyboard and mouse. What a deal! I get to spend time with the kids, give Cortney a break, and play a game on the computer, all at the same time.

Tired Kids

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I guess the long trip on Monday and the time zone change finally caught up with Sean and Ethan. Ethan fell asleep right after I came home from work. Sean made it to his gym class, but he was visibly tired, which is unusual for him. Sean worked hard in his gym class, despite his tiredness, so I was proud of him, and told him so.

On the way to gym class, out of nowhere, Sean asked me what “Spring Fever” was. I had to think a bit, since I could not tell him the obvious answer, so I replied, “It’s when the weather is nice, and people like spending time outside.”

Almost Normal

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Cortney’s plane landed on time, but the it took an hour to get the luggage off the plane. Apparently, the airport did not have enough ground crews to service the plane. We did not make it home until around midnight.

You would never know that the kids were short of sleep. They both woke up early, and I took everybody out to breakfast. I was late getting into work, but it was more important for me to spend time for breakfast.

This evening, I took Sean to gym class. He missed the first half hour. I got a voice mail message earlier stating Sean’s class had been moved to 6:30 PM, but it turns it this was for the Wednesday class, not the Tuesday class. We’ll get the schedule right next week.


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Cortney and the kids arrive home this evening, so the cats and I will have to get used to a new schedule. The house is fairly clean, and it certainly is neat, so I guess I am as ready as I will ever be for their arrival.

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