Home Phone Conference

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Cortney had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so I came home from work to watch Ethan. Unfortunately, I had an extended phone conference, scheduled from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM. This type of thing has become more common at work since they cut back on travel. At any rate, I had to spend the entire afternoon at home.

Ethan seemed to be fascinated with the phone call, and he wouldn’t leave the room. I had the phone on mute while I was not talking, so any noise Ethan made would not interfere with the phone call. Fortunately, Ethan never made any noise when I needed to speak. I also couldn’t help but notice Ethan carries on a much conversation with an imaginary entity. Today, two of his toys were talking with each other, but I have had heard Ethan mention an imaginary friend in the past.

Cortney went right from the doctor’s office to pick up Sean from school. By the time they made it home, the phone call had wrapped up early, so I was able to calmly finish up a few work items before finishing the day.

Miscellaneous News Updates

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I received my new license plate for my car. The number begins 113, which should be easy to remember. I didn’t waste any time putting the plate on the car. I haven’t liked driving around with the temporary tag.

I finally added grouping by year on the On This Day In page. I had to learn a little bit more about PHP to get it working.

Ethan had fun going with Sean and I to Sean’s gym class. I brought the game boy for Ethan, and he played Lego Star Wars nonstop for the first 40 minutes. I noticed Ethan is doing better than I ever did with that game. Of course, Sean had fun in his gym class, too.

Typical Tuesday

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Not much to write about today. One thing that has changed a bit is the weather. It has turned drier, and become a bit hotter. We are supposed to be back to the normal monsoon weather this weekend, though.

Homework Night

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Cortney wasn’t feeling well today, so I came home early, arriving just after Sean came home from school. I spent a fair amount of time working with Sean on his homework. We had to break the work up into chunks, as Sean did not want to sit still for long. But in the end, we finished all of his assigned work. Mondays are more work, as Sean gets a list of spelling words, phonograms, and a reading assignment that he will continue throughout the week.

Cortney tells me that Sean no longer wants to have Cortney pick him up in the classroom. Now that Sean is a first grader, he wants to walk out to the front gate and meet Cortney there.

No Picture of the Week

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No picture of the week again this week. I guess with school starting, Cortney hasn’t had much time for taking pictures.

Today was another relaxing day, although I did do some yard work and fixed a couple of things around the house. We did have a nice swim in the pool this afternoon. Ethan was able to swim all the way across the pool, lengthwise. He started to swim to me from the steps, and I just kept walking backwards until he made it across the pool. I also tried to see if Ethan could swim to the bottom of the pool to pick up objects, but he had trouble swimming downwards. I did like it when I pushed him down so he could grab things.

A Relaxing Saturday

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I was able to relax today, which is what I wanted, and what I think I needed.

Cortney took Sean to a birthday party. It was at the bowling alley, and it was only for older kids, so Ethan stayed at home with me. Ethan did not miss out on all the fun, though. I took him to the mall, where we looked at a couple of stores, and spent some time in the play area.

A Tiring Week

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At the end of the week, I’m feeling a bit rundown. I never really recovered from the trip to California, where I did not get a good night’s sleep for two days in a row.

We all went out to dinner this evening, but did not do much after that.

Ethan’s Sick

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Cortney took Ethan to the doctor today. Ethan has a sinus infection and an ear infection. I think he has been sick for a while, and the infections are the result of the lingering illness. You really wouldn’t know he was sick though, he always seems to be in a good mood.

Sean and I did more homework again this evening. Sean doesn’t seem to think he can read, but he almost always is able to sound out words. It will be interesting to see when Sean develops more confidence in his abilities.


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I helped Sean with his homework, since Cortney did that for the last two nights. Sean’s homework assignments have increased this week, as the first week of school was somewhat of a transition. The homework lessons appear to reinforce what was learned at school. Sean had no problems with the phonograms, and only made a couple of mistakes on spelling. I’m really excited that Sean is learning to read and write.

Home Early

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I ended up getting on an early flight home, so I made it home an hour earlier than I expected this evening. I was still to late to say goodnight to the kids.

After two busy days, I’m ready for a good night’s sleep.

El Monte, California

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As business trips go, this one isn’t the most fun — 6:00 AM flight, driving on L.A. freeways during rush hour — but at least it was a change of pace and a learning experience. The early morning flight did have one plus; it was mostly business travelers — people who know how to get through airport security quickly. With the new security procedures, I did have to check my bag. I could use the hotel shampoo, but I’m not traveling even one day without deodorant.

And, the weather is nicer here. There was even a hint of cool air this morning at the Burbank airport.

A Tough Morning

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Sean and Ethan woke up at 5:30 this morning! That certainly caused issues with tired parents and tired kids throughout the day. To add to the excitement, we lost power for nearly an hour. It didn’t take long for the house to heat up to an uncomfortable temperature.

The day wasn’t all bad. I took Sean and Ethan for a nice swim in the pool this afternoon, and the rest of the day wasn’t too bad.

I have to get up early in the morning to catch a 6:00 AM flight out to LA tomorrow.

Dinner Out by the Pool

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With school during the week, we haven’t been swimming since last weekend. To make up for it, we had barbecued burgers for dinner out by the pool. We all had fun playing in the pool afterwards, Ethan in particular. Ethan has lost his fear of the water. He can now jump in off the side of the pool and swim 8 feet or so to the stairs to get out. This is a big improvement from the beginning of the summer where Ethan refused to leave the pool stairs. Let’s not leave out Sean, who is like a fish in the water, and always enjoys his time in the pool.

Once the monsoon season ends, we will likely end the swimming season. Although the pool water is comfortably warm now, once the dry air returns, it will seem too chilly to swim. The monsoon season could end anytime, but should be around for another month. Of course, the return of cooler dry air will bring its own reward.

A Week of News

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Sean had finished his first week as a first grader. I still think it is a bit of a transition for him, as some of it is just a bit too new.

Today is also one week after I bought my new car, the Honda Element. I actually like it more now than when I first bought it.

Sean and Ethan were content just to watch me play the Dungeons and Dragons game (Neverwinter NIghts) on the computer. We have been doing that quite a bit all week, and it keeps the kids entertained from dinner time until they go to bed.

Curriculum Night

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I wanted to go to Sean’s teacher curriculum night this evening, but I had to work late today. Since I wanted to enjoy dinner, and Cortney needed a break, she went instead. Unfortunately, Cortney went out afterwards, so I don’t have the details yet.

Sean and Ethan both did fine as far as not being tired at the end of the day.

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