Dungeons & Dragons Day

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Today, Sean, Ethan and I played tabletop Dungeons & Dragons. I tried this once before, but waited until now to try it again. Since Sean and Ethan can’t read yet, and aren’t mature enough for role playing, I bought some miniature figures and printed some cave and dungeon maps to make the experience more realistic for them.

Sean had a blast playing, and could not get enough of the game. Ethan was mildly interested, but kept dropping out. Ethan was also not feeling well today, so that might have been part of the reason for his lack of interest.

In other news today, I installed a cat flap in our laundry room door. The plan is to make the laundry room a place where Princess can’t enter, so that the dog will not disturb the cat food or the litter box. Just now, we tried training the cats to use the cat flap. Floppy was able to get in with no problem, but Zip was reluctant. Zip barely fits through the cat flap, so it’s a bit harder for him. The next size cat flap was too close to Princess’ size, so that would have defeated the purpose of the cat flap. Still, we will want to train Princess further before she gets the run of the house, so the cats have some time to get use to the new flap before they are required to use it.

Friday Night Fun

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I took Sean and Ethan to McDonald’s tonight to give Cortney a break. Sean and Ethan had fun playing the video games.

Cortney and I both tried a little bit of training Princess. Princess is starting to get the “sit” command, but she is not doing that well with the other commands.

Princess Gets a Lesson

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Princess received her first training lesson this evening. She got quite a work out as well. We covered “come” and “sit” quite a bit. We did a little bit of “wait”, as she is now required to wait at the door until we give her permission to go through. We worked on “off”, and did not get to far, until Princess spotted Floppy. I was glad we had a professional trainer for that part, as Princess just went nuts, and it took quite a bit of effort to get her back to responding to commands again.

Cortney, the kids, and I will all be working on the commands for the next week. We will even teach Princess to respond to Sean and Ethan, as this will help Princess understand where she is in the pack order of the family. Princess will get another appointment with the trainer next week.

Our New Recreation Center

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This evening, we took a tour of our new recreation center, which opens this weekend. It certainly is a nice facility. The interesting thing will be to see how crowded it will be. In addition to the tours they were running today, there was a long line of people signing up for memberships.

It was tough getting Sean to his gym class. After school, homework, then the trip to the recreation center, he was quite tired. You wouldn’t know it though if you saw him in gym class. Once he gets to the gym, he has more than enough energy to complete the class.

Back to Normal

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Not much is new in the last two days. The weather has warmed up a bit, with highs around 100, so it’s a little too warm to take the kids and the dog to the park. The mornings are still nice, though, so it still feels like we have entered Autumn.

For the most part, we have integrated the new dog into our lives. Taking Princess out for a walk is quite fun, as she really likes to prance when she gets outside. Sean and Ethan never seem to tire of playing with the dog. When we have her loose in the bedroom, they always charge through the door so they can give her a pet. Things should be even more fun when Princess gets the run of the house. This will likely take a few weeks of training so that the dog doesn’t run after the cats.


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I thought this was pretty funny: Bin Laden dies after eating tainted spinach.

The Last Swim of the Year

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I took Sean in the pool with me this afternoon. I did not even bother with Ethan, as I know Ethan does not like cold water. Still, I took Ethan out to watch, and brought Princess outside as well.

Princess did not care much for the pool. Maybe it was just Sean jumping and splashing, or maybe she just does not like water; she hid in the bushes for most of the time we were out of the pool.

The water was a bit too cold for Sean. He barely spent any time at all in the water, and he was more interested in playing with the dog. So, I think this will be the last swim of the year, at least for the kids.

Princess Gets a Bath

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Princess actually got her bath last Tuesday, but I did not see the pictures Cortney took until today. Here’s my favorite:


Nice Weather

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Finally, after recover from last week’s illness, I can finally enjoy the good weather we are having. This morning, Sean, Ethan and I took Princess for a nice long walk, finishing with a stop at the local playground. Actually, both local playgrounds, as the kids played on both.

Princess kept stopping to smell every bush we passed. I would not have minded if it was just me, but Sean and Ethan did not have the patience to wait for the dog. So, princess received a few tugs on the leash, but otherwise, she enjoyed the walk.

Happy Birthday, Cortney!

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We celebrated Cortney’s birthday today. Cortney went out to breakfast with her friends after Sean and Ethan went to school. I took Cortney and the kids out to dinner this evening. After dinner, we had cake and opened presents. I hope Cortney had a good birthday.

Dog Training?

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We interviewed a dog trainer this evening. The trainer came over to our house, which was good in that we did not have to go anywhere, but bad since Sean and Ethan decided to go a bit crazy at the time.

The trainer confirmed that Princess does not represent a threat to the kids, as she is very well behaved around people.

We will likely go with the training program they recommend, as we need to train the dog to not chase after the cats. We will have the added benefit of off-leash training.

A Trip to the Park

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Sean’s gym class was canceled, so after dinner, Sean, Ethan, Princess and I all went over to the nearby park. It was a really nice evening, and Princess and I enjoyed the fresh air. Sean and Ethan just seemed happy to run around all over the place.

So far, I have only found two activities that Princess likes — getting plenty of attention, and hunting for other animals. Princess was able to do both this evening. She had fun following the trail of other animals in the grass at the park.

More Fun with Princess

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This afternoon, we all went in the back yard to play with our dog, Princess. I let her off the leash and tried to play a game of fetch with the tennis ball. She chased after the ball a couple of times, but seemed more interested in pets than chasing after a ball. Sean and Ethan sure had fun running around like crazy. At least Princess was not bothered by the kids yelling and screaming.

This evening, Princess got her first bath. She was fairly dirty when she came home from the pound, but we were not able to wash her until know because of her surgery incision. Princess did not care much for the bath, but she tolerated it.

Sick Day

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I felt a little better today, but I still went in to see the doctor. He took one look at my throat, and said “I’m going to give you antibiotics, the only question is whether you have strep or not.” My strep test came out negative, which is good, since everyone in the family would have had to go get a test if it was positive.

This morning, I decided to let Princess out of the crate and give her a few pets. She peered around the corner of the bathroom, and spotted Zip just outside the bedroom door. Before I could do anything, Princess was out chasing Zip around the family room. I think she might have actually caught Zip, but her paws were flying everywhere on the tile, and she could not get much traction. Next time, I will be more careful and close the bedroom door.

This evening, I had better luck with Princess. I put the head collar on her, which will force her mouth closed if she lunges. I then took her out to sit with me while watching the Monday night football game. Princess was happy to get a few pets sitting beside me on the floor, then climbed up onto the sofa to lie down next to me. I think she enjoyed that.

Fun with Princess

September 17, 2006 on 6:09 pm | In Picture of the Week | No Comments

Princess is feeling much better, but we still are keeping her in the crate most of the time. We still have to be careful where she has the stitches, and she still thinks our cats are nice furry toys to chase after. Princess enjoys her walks though, and here is a nice picture of Sean giving her a pet:

Sean gives Princess a pet

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