Ethan Has Another Ear Infection

September 14, 2006 on 7:59 pm | In Main | No Comments

Ethan woke up last night complaining of an ear ache, and this morning, he woke up with a high fever. So sure enough, he has another ear infection. He had a rough time this evening, and he ended up going to bed early.

Princess is recovering from her surgery. She is starting to eat more, and is starting to show her playful side. This afternoon, I arrived home earlier than I normally do, while Cortney was picking up Sean from school. It was too early to take Princess for her walk, so I just let her out of the crate to give her a few pets. She pranced away from me, towards the sliding glass door, letting me know she thought it was time to go out. Princess seems to like going outside and rolling in the grass.

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