Princess Gets a Group Lesson

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Finally, something decent to write about. Many times when I go to write a journal entry, I look at day that is pretty much like any other day, and I struggle to pick a topic to write about. And often, I end up writing about the weather, or writing about how cute the kids are.

I have a mentioned recently it’s been cold here? Cold enough to light a log in the fireplace. We all enjoyed sitting by the warm fire after dinner this evening.

The big news today was that Princess went to her first group lesson. I was a bit worried the other dog owners in the class would be a bit snobbish about their pure-breads, but they were all complementary on how nice Princess looked, and what a good dog she was.

A couple of the dogs had problems, but Princess seemed to be at home with the other dogs in the class. Princess struggled a bit with the unattended sit and the wait commands, but she did really good at walking over picnic tables, sitting on the park benches, and even going down the playground slides.

I’m looking forward to more classes. And, we can now looking forward to taking Princess to the nearby dog park.

Yes, It’s Cold

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I kinda of spoiled today’s big story by talking about the cooler weather for the last two days, but by golly, it’s cold now. This morning wasn’t too bad, but some windy weather really cooled things off this afternoon. I wished I had a jacket with me when I took Sean to his gym class. After we came home, I turned the heat on in preparation for tonight’s cold temperatures.

Cold Weather

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It was a little bit cooler today than yesterday, and it may get down into the 30’s this evening. We may even have to turn on the heat. At least this will help me get use to the Albuquerque weather, where I will be traveling to next week. The Albuquerque weather should be at least 15 degrees cooler than Phoenix, and I will be experiencing temperatures below freezing.

Not much else is new today. I had an easier day at work today than yesterday, as I have now “recovered” from my time off. Sean had a good gym class.

Back to Work

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It was rough going back to work today after having nearly a week off. The good news is that this will be a short week as well. I have to use up my vacation time by the end of the year or lose it, so I will be taking at least a day and a half off this week.

It’s finally starting to turn cold here. After dinner, I went for a short walk in my work clothes, including long sleeves. The kids wore sweatshirts to stay warm. It’s supposed to get even colder later this week.

Picture Day

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Here are some pictures from yesterday’s trip to the Tucson area. Click on the picture to see the full album (there’s more than one page, too):


Here is a picture from today’s hiking trip:


This picture was taken a while ago, and I just got around to downloading it from my cell phone. Sean loses his first baby teeth:


A Road Trip to Tucson

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We spent the day on a road trip to Tucson. We have been there before, but there are many sites in the area we have not seen.

Our first stop was Colossal Cavern. This is a dry cave, meaning the formations are no longer active. But there were still many stalagmites, stalactites, and curtain walls, just covered in dust. The cave certainly lived up to its name, although we do not actually see that much of it. The cave was well lit, and had smooth floors and stairs were added to make the trip through the cave an easy one. I thought Sean and Ethan liked the cave, but they said they liked our later stops better. Cortney and I liked the cave.

Our next stop was Saguaro National Park. This was a nice park, but the Tucson desert landscape wasn’t any different than that in Phoenix, so it wasn’t that new to us. The best part of this trip was when we pulled off the road to climb on some large rock formations.

The last part of our trip was Sabino Canyon. This was another nice park area. Here, we took a tram ride to see the Canyon. That turned out to be a good idea, as it was late in the afternoon at the time, and the kids were starting to get tired. Sabino Canyon also had some great scenery, with mountains, rock formations, and desert landscaping mixed with deciduous trees growing from the creek bed. The only bad thing about this part of the trip was the part of the canyon was closed due to flood damage from earlier this year. We’ll just have to go back again.

Buy the time we had dinner and arrived home, Princess was in her crate for well over eleven hours. I was amazed she made it that long without having an accident. We rewarded her with lots of attention for lasting that long alone.

I will show some of the pictures we took today sometime tomorrow.

Another Slothful Day

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This seems to be a running theme this week, as I didn’t do much again today. My schedule was thrown off when Cortney had to get up early to take her car into the shop. Her air conditioning broke down Wednesday, and as we are planning a road trip tomorrow, we wanted to get if fixed today.

So I had to get up early to watch the kids, and felt tired all day long, even with a brief nap. I did make my turkey soup today this morning, and I did watch the kids while Laura and Cortney went shopping this afternoon.

Happy Thanksgiving

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We had a good meal today. The turkey and other dishes came out without any problems. We also had some nice wine to enjoy, complements of Laura. Sean and Ethan actually ate Thanksgiving food. They tried just a little bit of all of the foods, and between the rolls and the pumpkin pie, they were able to get enough to eat.

Princess had a really good day today. She ate her normal food topped off with turkey meat that had fallen in the drippings, which she really seemed to enjoy. She got lots of attention from everyone in the house, and she just seemed happy and content. I have to say I feel the same way myself right about now.

Another Easy Day

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I’m starting to like this vacation thing. I was able to spend some quality time with the kids and the dog, and still relax and take it easy for the day.

Princess finally used one of her chew toys! I slept in late this morning, later than Princess wanted to sleep. I was real pleased to see that Princess had taken her chew rope out of the crate, and was happily chewing on it when I got out of bed.

An Easy Day

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I pretty much took it easy today. Cortney took her car in to get serviced, so I woke up with the kids, gave them breakfast and got Sean ready for school. I took Ethan and Princess to the park today, and I took Ethan and Laura to the gym for Sean’s gym class. I took it easy for the rest of the day.

Sean did really well climbing up the rope. He did not make it to the top, but he climbed up fairly high.

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 20, 2006 on 7:56 pm | In Main | No Comments

I’m taking off the next two days, and I have off Thursday and Friday, so tonight is the start of my Thanksgiving break.

Our friend Laura arrived in town today. She will be staying with us for a couple of weeks.

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

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Princess was tired yesterday after the hike. She behaved really well, being too tired to get into any trouble. So this morning, I tried to get Princess some exercise again. I took the kids and Princess for a long walk, stopping by the parks and playgrounds as well. In the big field near our house, we all had fun running. Princess may not be a lean racing dog, but she can still run fast.

It seems that this morning’s outing was enough exercise. Princess is asleep lying down under my desk as I right this, and has been calm all day long.

A Hike

November 18, 2006 on 6:45 pm | In Main, Picture of the Week | No Comments

I was feeling a bit better today, so I took Sean and Princess with me on a hike. The trail was crowded, and Princess did really well with the other dogs on the trail (and people too). Lots of people commented on what a good-looking dog Princess was.

We all had fun on the trail. The only thing keeping us from doing this more often is that Princess collected an amazing amount of dirt and dust on the trail. Sean and I gave her a bath, and the water was brown from all of the dirt.

Here is a picture from today’s hike:


Not Feeling Good

November 17, 2006 on 9:47 pm | In Main | No Comments

I woke up this morning feeling terrible. I would definitely say I have a cold. Sean has a croup cough the last couple of days, so more than likely it is the same virus.

Princess had a training session with a couple of other dogs today. Princess has a problem greeting other dogs, but she is not dog aggressive. This is good news, as we can treat the greeting problem. We also learned the “heel” command, so Princess now knows all of the basic commands. Princess’ next training session will be to deal with the cats.

An Off Day

November 16, 2006 on 6:30 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was an off day for me. I drove off to work, and was almost out of our neighborhood when I noticed I left the computer at home. I had to turn around and go home to get the computer.

On the way into the building, I realized I forgot to swap out the cell phones. My personal cell phone is a camera phone, which is prohibited at work. So when I leave work I replace the work phone with my personal phone, forwarding my work number to my personal number. I repeat the process in reverse in the mornings. I have been doing this every day for over two weeks, so I don’t know why it slipped my mind today.

I do feel a bit tired and run down. I don’t know if it is allergies, a virus, or just a reaction to the flu shot I had Tuesday, but I am not 100%.

Sean was excited to find two dollars, one for each tooth, under his pillow this morning.

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