Zoo Day

November 12, 2006 on 8:49 pm | In Main, Picture of the Week | No Comments

We all went to the zoo this afternoon. Today was the grand opening of Stingray Bay. The new attraction was crowded when we first arrived, but it wasn’t too bad later in the afternoon.

We asked the kids what they enjoyed the most about the zoo. Ethan enjoyed the popcorn. Cortney bought some kettle corn right after we walked into the zoo. Sean and Ethan munched on the popcorn while we walked around and saw the animals. Sean enjoyed the stingrays the most.

The stingray exhibit allows you to put your hands in the water and touch the stingrays. The stingrays have had their barbs removed, so they aren’t dangerous. And while we were in the exhibit, they passed out food to feed the stingrays. Sean and Ethan both dropped the food (fish parts and shrimp) into the water, but I was able to actually feed one of the stingrays. I have to say they are really slimy. Sean was at least able to touch the stingrays, but he did not mind the slime.

Here are some pictures of the stingrays. The first picture has my hand in the lower right corner getting ready to feed one of the stingrays. The second is Sean attempting to touch one of the stingrays.



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