A Routine Day

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Not much new today. Even the visit to the dentist this morning was routine.

Sean and Ethan still haven’t lost there enthusiasm for Star Wars. Ethan plays his television game, Sean plays with me on the computer, and they both play on their game boys. I have used Sean’s enthusiasm for the computer version of Star Wars as a means of discipline. Sean is told if he doesn’t follow directions, he doesn’t get to play. This works well until he gets tired, then he just gets frustrated that he can’t play. Still, it’s better than time-outs or spanking.

A Rainy Day

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We had light rain for a good part of the day today. At least it rained when I went to work and when I came home from work, as the ground did not look particularly wet. Today’s high was 17 degrees lower than yesterday’s.

After Sean finished his homework, the kids ended the night with a Backyardigan’s video.

Last Day of Good Weather?

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We had another nice day today. Since we are predicted to get colder, rainy weather for the next few days, I made sure to take Sean, Ethan and Princess outdoors this evening. We went to both of the nearby parks, where Sean and Ethan played, and I worked on training Princess. We had so much fun that we stayed out until it turned dark.

More Good Weather

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The weather was good again today. It was a bit warmer, but a with few more clouds. I washed the car this morning, and took Sean and Princess hiking this afternoon, so I was able to get full enjoyment of the weather.

With two good days of weather, I was almost able to complete all the outdoor tasks I needed to. The last item, fixing the sprinkler system, will have to wait for later. I had what I thought was a broken pressure relief valve. After taking the part to Home Depot, I learned that it was a vacuum pressure breaker, and that I need the 3/4 inch size. Only I couldn’t get one. These parts were breaking all over the Phoenix area with the recent hard freeze we had, so they were all out at the store, and couldn’t promise any more. I had to order the part over the internet to get one.

Good Weather

January 27, 2007 on 7:51 pm | In Main | No Comments

I was pleased that we actually got the good weather promised by the forecast. We had temperatures in the upper 60’s and it was sunny most of the day.

Sean and Ethan liked the nice weather. They played outside for two hours this afternoon, giving me enough time to clean the pool and pull some weeds.

Earlier today, I tried teaching Sean to ride a bike. He did fairly well, riding up to ten feet on his own. He got tired before he had it down pat, but we can try again tomorrow. Cortney just had to go out and take pictures, so here’s one:


Looking Forward to the Weekend

January 26, 2007 on 10:01 pm | In Main | No Comments

Cortney and my mom went out to see the new model homes where the new home will be built. Last time we were there, the sales office was still working out of a trailer.

My mom treated us to a nice dinner at Red Lobster. We stopped by Best Buy afterwards, so I could use two gift cards I got for Christmas. I ended up getting a 2Gb memory stick.

We should have good weather for the next two days, so I’m looking forward to the weekend.


January 25, 2007 on 9:16 pm | In Main | No Comments

My mom has safely arrived here in Phoenix. She will just be staying for the weekend.

I had to do a bit of mental wrestling with Sean to get him to do his reading homework. He does just find when he puts his mind into reading, but he rarely does that at the end of the day. I keep telling Sean that he can’t be a zookeeper (or anything else) if he doesn’t learn to read. That helps a little bit, but it still takes Sean a few minutes to settle down. I can only think Sean is much more attentive and willing to learning during the day at school.

A Typical Wednesday

January 24, 2007 on 7:56 pm | In Main | No Comments

Not much is new here in Phoenix. At least my mom will be flying in tomorrow for a weekend visit. That should liven things up a bit.

Ethan Can Read?

January 23, 2007 on 6:27 pm | In Main | No Comments

This evening, I was clicking through the channels on the television. We have the digital program guide, so the channel and show is listed on the bottom of the screen. I use this to quickly page through the channels, without every waiting for the picture to appear. As I was going past the Nickelodeon channel, Ethan must have the seen the word “spongebob”, as he asked to put on the Spongebob show.

Ethan Goes to the Doctor

January 22, 2007 on 8:03 pm | In Main | No Comments

Ethan had a croup cough last weekend, and he was coughing quite a bit this weekend, so Cortney took him to the doctor. It turns out he has an ear infection, but is otherwise okay.

I feel like I am coming down with whatever he had, so I’m trying to get plenty of rest.

Gloomy Day

January 21, 2007 on 8:51 pm | In Main | No Comments

We had a brief period of sunshine today, but it was cloudy most of the day, and it rained all morning. There was nothing to do but watch football today.

Don’t miss the pictures from yesterday’s trip: (click on the picture to get to the album page)


Snow Day

January 20, 2007 on 7:03 pm | In Main | No Comments

We made it to the snow play area, but the drive wasn’t easy. It was raining when we left, and the rain gradually turned into snow, just below 4000 feet. There was a 15 mile stretch that had not been plowed yet, so we had to slow down to 35 mph. Flagstaff and the route to the play area had all been plowed, so the last part wasn’t too hard.

And it was worth the drive. We were able to play in freshly fallen snow, and the sun came out just after we got there. The snow was too dry to make snowmen, but it was just fine for sledding. This play area did not have the best hill for sledding, but it was good enough. A number of sled routes were steep enough and had enough bumps that it was hard to stay on the sled.

Sean just loved the sledding, but I think Ethan was a bit too young. It didn’t help that I wiped out with Ethan on the sled with me, and he got a face full of snow.

We only played in the snow for about two hours, but that was enough to tire us all out. Climbing back up the hill after sledding down is hard work. Both kids were crying by the time we took off all of their wet clothes to put on dry clothes. They aren’t old enough to appreciate how much faster you warm up with dry clothes on.

The drive home wasn’t nearly as bad, as the snow had stopped falling and the roads were all plowed. We did hit some spots with heavy fog. Of course, with elevations as high as 7000 feet, the fog is really just low hanging clouds. It was sunny by the time we made it to Phoenix.

I’ll try to post some pictures of the trip tomorrow.

Getting Ready for a Snow Trip

January 19, 2007 on 7:50 pm | In Main | No Comments

We have big plans to go on a trip to play in the snow tomorrow. We are a bit nervous, as it is snowing there now and will continue to snow through the night. It’s ironic that snow would cause a problem on a trip to see snow, but we can’t do much if we can’t get there.

I forgot to post yesterday. Not much news. I took Princess to another group class. This time, there were mostly experienced dogs, so we just walked to keep warm, and took the dogs on the playground.

Typical Wednesday

January 17, 2007 on 9:24 pm | In Main | No Comments

Slow news day today. My day was work, followed by taking Sean to gym class, followed by dinner, and finally Lego Star Wars before putting Sean to bed.

It was slightly warmer today. I left my jacket at home when I took Sean to the gym, but I would have needed it if we were going to spend any significant time outside.

Cold Weather

January 16, 2007 on 9:12 pm | In Main | No Comments

I forgot to post yesterday. Cortney hosted Bunco yesterday, and I guess in all of the commotion in the house, I forgot to post.

It looks like we have had frost for the last two nights. I have at least some damage to the bougainvilleas, but I’ll have to wait a few weeks to see just how bad. The worst case is that I cut them down to the ground, and have them grow back this spring and summer.

Sean and I did brave the cold weather to take Princess for a walk this evening. I work my jacket, and Sean wore a jacket over his sweatshirt. We walked at a brisk pace, which helped us keep warm. Sean kept talking about the Star Wars Lego game the entire time. He really just wants to understand the entire Star Wars saga, which is just a bit too advanced for him. So, it’s likely he will keep asking questions until he grows out of it.

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