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I’m back from my business trip. Sean and Ethan seem to be doing fine, but Cortney is suffering from a cold. My plane was a few minutes late, but I still arrived home in time to put the kids to bed. Princess certainly gave me an enthusiastic welcome.

It’s been a long day, and I’ll be going to bed early tonight.

New Mexican Fare

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We had a long session of meetings today. They were involved, but a bit draining as well. I thought it was just me, but most of our group ended up just going back to the hotel and not going out to dinner. For me, it would be like going to France and not having a drink of wine; I wouldn’t travel to Albuquerque without eating New-Mexican fare.

Cortney reports that she and Ethan are sick. Ethan was diagnosed with a sinus infection, and Cortney has cold-like symptoms. I hope she can make it through tomorrow until I arrive home, where I can at least help out a little bit.

Business Travel

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I flew to Albuquerque this morning for a three day business trip. I left this morning before the kids woke up, but I was able to give a groggy Cortney a kiss goodbye. And, I was able to feed Princess before dashing off to the airport.

We had a really nice day here. As we drove from the airport to the plant site, we noticed a dusting of snow on the peaks of the nearby mountains. Driving back to the hotel this evening, the snow had all melted.

Today was a fairly easy day today. We had no agenda for the morning, so we had time to make it through the normal flow of email. This afternoon, we had a tour of the manufacturing facility, and just a few meeting topics, ending on time for the day.

I am about to join my fellow travelers for dinner, and then relax this evening.

A Productive Day

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I had a busy day today, completing the yard and house work I should have done last weekend (but did not because I was sick). I let Sean play Lego Star Wars on my computer, and with Ethan watching, the kids were occupied enough for me to get my work done.

I will be flying tomorrow morning to Albuquerque, where I will be working for the next few days.

An Evening Hike

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Cortney wanted to go hiking after dinner, which I thought was a good idea. We loaded the kids and the dog into the car and headed over to the trail. Ethan pretty much set the pace, which was nice and slow. The slow pace was actually good for the busy mom and the dad recovering from bronchitis, but we quickly ran out of daylight. I ended up having to carry Ethan the last bit of the trail when it became difficult to see the rocks on the trail. The good news is that we were able to get exercise and some outdoor air, and we were able to get some nice views of the sun setting.

Sean’s Bowling Party

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Today, we held Sean’s birthday party for his friends. The party was at the bowling alley. A number of the kids had never been bowling before, but everyone had fun. There were several birthday parties all going on at once at, during what they call “cosmic” bowling. This consisted of black lighting and loud music. We tried to take lots of pictures, but not many came out well due to the lighting.

The big surprise was the high bowling score. On Ethan’s first game, he finished with two spares followed by a strike, to reach a score of 90. I’ve done worse than that. I watched Ethan bowl during the second game, and concluded it was just beginner’s luck. The scores did not matter anyway, the kids had plenty of fun just throwing the balls down the lane. With the pizza, drink and cake going on, the kids barely finished 2 games in the two hours of the party.

Sean and Ethan Enjoy the Birthday Gifts

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Ethan took advantage of Sean’s birthday gifts, and played with them while Sean was good. Cortney reports that Ethan even woke up in the middle of the night to play with them. Sean had plenty of time to enjoy his gifts though. He took the transformer toy to school for show and tell today.

Sean turns 7

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Sean had his seven birthday today. Sean is having his party for his school friends on Saturday, but we helped him celebrate today as well. Rather than describe it, I think you would rather just see the pictures. Click on the picture to go to the photo album page.


Getting Better

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I think I am finally turning the corner on this bronchitis thing. I went in to work today, and took Sean to gym class, with a brief nap in between.


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I went to see the doctor this morning, and he diagnosed me with bronchitis. I made the doctor’s appointment on Friday, when I was feeling worse than I was this weekend. I’m on antibiotics, and the doctor told me to rest for a couple of days, so that I would heal faster. So, I took today off of work, and plan to do the same tomorrow.

Dinner for One

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I thought I was making an extravagant dinner this evening. I saw a recipe I liked on Rachel Ray’s cooking show, called everything lo mein. I modified the recipe somewhat, and went through a fair amount of trouble to fix it. I thought it was delicious, but I was the only one who thought so.

Picture Day

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We took Sean to get pictures for his seventh birthday, which will be next week. We took a few shots of Ethan and Sean and Ethan together as well. Unfortunately, we had the proofs set to the lab as well as the pictures we ordered, so it will be a couple of weeks before I can post them here.

I took it easy for most of the day, but we did go out for a nice dinner this evening.

A Rough Week

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This has been a rough week for me. I been feeling tired and out of sorts enough not to be able to do anything productive, but not really sick enough to take time off work. I hope this weekend goes better.

A Thunderstorm in February

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We occasionally have interesting weather in Phoenix. I was surprised the we had a thunderstorm this evening, complete with rain and heavy winds. Cortney let Princess outside when she went to see if anything blew over, and Princess started running around like crazy. I don’t think she was scared by the storm, but maybe she just liked the cool, damp air.

I worked from home today as I wasn’t feeling well. Right now my symptoms are mild, but I just feel tired from fighting off whatever I have.

A Dream of Illness

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Last night I had a dream I was sick. I woke up this morning feeling a bit tired, but otherwise feeling fine. Around noon, I definitely felt ill, with body aches, a mild fever, and a swollen throat. Was last night’s dream a premonition, or was I just starting to feel the symptoms without knowing it?

I ended up coming home from work to take a nap, and didn’t get to spend much time with Sean and Ethan.

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