Trouble Sleeping

March 31, 2007 on 11:20 pm | In Main | No Comments

I had trouble sleeping last night, and I had trouble getting up this morning. I think I need to reverse that order tonight. It shouldn’t be surprising then that I did not get much done today. I spent some time with Sean and Ethan this morning, took a nice nap this afternoon, and worked on cleaning the pool before going out to dinner.

Sean and Ethan really like the game I posted earlier this week. Ethan likes to watch me play, and Sean likes playing on his own. And like the Star Wars Lego game, Sean keeps asking questions about the game when he is not playing. I guess this is a good thing, because in addition to the logical and spacial skills required for the game, Sean is also learning some verbal skills.

Back From Tucson

March 30, 2007 on 10:07 pm | In Main | No Comments

I spent the last two nights in Tucson. I had internet access at the hotel, but I just never got around to posting.

Ethan is still sick, but Sean seems fine. I’m a bit tired after getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the way back from Tucson, so I’m going to bed early tonight.

Sean’s School Conference

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Ethan is still quite sick. He slept most of the day today.

Cortney stayed home with Ethan, while I went to Sean’s school to join Sean in his student led conference. Sean showed me all of the things he does in school. My favorite was when Sean showed me his journal. Sean’s journal entry was about how he got up in the middle of the night and played a computer game. It was cute that Sean did not know that would get him into trouble.

I also received Sean’s third quarter report card. He received Satisfactory in Spelling, Reading, Writing and Art. He received Excellent in Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, and Music. That’s quite a bit better than his last two report cards.

A Windy Day

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The weather was a bit unusual today, we had gusts up to 50 mph all day long today. Princess enjoyed the cooler weather. Despite the “dry” Arizona heat, Princess starts becoming uncomfortable around 90 degrees. So, with temperatures in the 70’s with a cool breeze, Princess enjoyed running all over the back yard.

Poor Ethan. He woke up this morning feeling terrible. He had been out of sorts since this weekend, so Cortney took him to the doctor. Ethan tested positive for Strep Throat, and he might have a sinus infection on top of that.

Sean was just about the opposite today. I took him to gym class this evening, as I will be driving to Tucson tomorrow night. Sean had lots of energy at the gym, and he showed no signs of being tired even after we got back home.

April Fools

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I made the mistake of explaining to Sean the concept of April Fools. Sean picked up right away, and practiced all night long on his brother.

Addicting Game

March 26, 2007 on 9:04 pm | In Found on the Intenet | No Comments

Try this game:

Instructions here.

Recovery Day

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I wanted to get much more done today, but I had to settle just to recover from my trip to Toronto. I did install some wire shelves on the inside of the pantry door. If I would have known how much trouble it was to hang shelves on a hollow door, I might not have done the project. The shelf is now hung in a sturdy fashion, but I now have to repair the front of the door where the screws pushed through.

Things I didn’t get to were finishing the taxes, and taking care of the pool, which is now green from algae.

A Long Day

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After having breakfast in Toronto, a flew back to Phoenix. I arrived home around 1:30 PM. I wanted to spend time with the kids and with Princess, so we went to the dog park. We also went to the playground around the corner from the dog park, so the kids had a good time.

After missing lunch, it seemed like the best thing to do was go out for an early dinner. I was pretty worn out after coming home from dinner, with three hours added to my day from the time difference. I stayed up just a little bit later than the kids, and then went to bed myself.

Tired and Ready to Go Home

March 23, 2007 on 6:41 pm | In Main | No Comments

I successfully completed my business here in Toronto. I’m just waiting to go home now. There weren’t any good flights leaving this evening, so I’m flying back tomorrow morning.

Wish I Was Home

March 22, 2007 on 6:43 pm | In Main | No Comments

Well, the newness of this Toronto trip has worn off, and I find myself wishing I was home with Cortney and the kids. At least the work day was productive, and the weather here is still warm.

Warm in Toronto

March 21, 2007 on 6:29 pm | In Main | No Comments

Here in Toronto, it warmed up to temperatures above freezing today, but unfortunately, the temperatures brought some rain. Even though the rain stopped by the time I drove back to the hotel, I still had to use my windshield washer fluid every half mile from all the junk on the road.

I had a productive day today, and I rewarded myself with some Canadian beers for dinner. While this might sound fun to some, I still would rather be home with Cortney and the kids.

In Toronto

March 20, 2007 on 6:45 pm | In Main | No Comments

I arrived in Toronto this evening without much difficulty. Despite that the weather consisted of some temperature ridiculously below freezing, the skies were clear, and there wasn’t much wind, so I did not feel too uncomfortable. Now I just need to get to sleep early enough to accommodate the three hour time difference.

A Short Night

March 19, 2007 on 9:01 pm | In Main | No Comments

I wanted to spend more time with the family this evening, as I am leaving for Toronto tomorrow. But between getting the house ready for the cleaners and packing, I did not have much other time. I did spend some quality time putting the kids to bed. I asked both Sean and Ethan to behave while I’m gone.

A Lazy Day

March 18, 2007 on 8:30 pm | In Main | No Comments

We had record high temperatures again today, but it was a mild 94 degrees, compared to the 99 degrees we have had the last two days. Other than a long session on the exercise bike, I didn’t do much today. Sean and Ethan watched Star Wars III, IV, and VI (but not in that order). Each time Sean watches those movies, he dreams up lots of questions to ask. I guess that’s just his way of learning about real life drama.

Hot Weather Hike

March 17, 2007 on 10:45 pm | In Main | No Comments

I was expecting cooler weather today, so I didn’t think anything of a late morning hike. I took Sean and Princess with me. We at least went prepared for warm weather. Sean and I both had hydration backpacks, and I took a quart bottle just for Princess. Sean and I both wore hats to protect us from the sun.

Well, the weather was much hotter than I expected. Princess finished off her water three-fourths of the way through the hike, and I had to take some water from my backpack to give her more. Princess and I finished off my water by the end of the hike, and I had to take some from Sean’s pack to give Princess a drink when we got to the car.

Sean and Princess were real troopers. Sean didn’t even slow down until the last part of the hike. Princess kept going, even though it was too hot for her.

Sean came out just fine, but Princess developed some pad blisters on her front paws. She won’t be able to go for any walks for a few days. And the next time I go hiking in hot weather, Princess will be staying at home.

I just found out that the high was 99 degrees again today. The previous high for this day was 92 degrees, so this definitely is unusually hot weather for this time of year.

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