Hello From Arcadia

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This post hails from Arcadia, California. It’s a quaint Los Angeles suburb, nestled in the backdrop of a tall mountain range, with lots of shops and restaurants. I’m staying at a nice hotel as well, so I am enjoying the stay here. Of course, I always look forward to going back home, and I fly back tomorrow evening.

Pool Weather

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After yesterday’s warm temperatures, the pool was nice and comfortable today. Sean and I swam and played in the pool for nearly an hour. We brought Princess into the pool, but I don’t think she enjoyed much. She was obviously panicked, and her first thought was trying to get to the side to get out. She is almost strong enough to pull her out herself out of the side of the pool, but she can’t quite make it. I’m going to have to spend some time to get her gradually used to the water and teach her to swim to the pool steps. Sean and I did take the guilty pleasure of squirting her with the squirt guns. It’s just like an arcade gallery, trying to squirt her as she dodges from bush to bush. I think she prefers the squirt guns to being in the pool, but that’s not saying much.

A New Garbage Disposal

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I replaced the garbage disposal today. Earlier this week, I discovered that the old one was corroded enough to have holes in it. I bought a higher end model, and took care in installing it. I even replaced the flange on the drain, so that it would look new as well. When I fired up the new disposal, I was pleased to see no leaks, but I was also surprised how quiet the new unit is. With the water running and just a little bit of background noise, it was hard to tell the disposal was running.

Sean and I went in the pool today. It was quite warm today, and the pool water was pleasant. Ethan ended up joining us, accidentally. I was in the pool, and I asked Ethan to bring me the scrub brush. I was under the water cleaning the pool vacuum with the brush, when I heard Sean yelling. I looked over, and there was Ethan in the pool. I really don’t know how Ethan fell in. He had shoes on, so I know he didn’t slip. Oh well.

I was glad we went swimming in the afternoon. Around dinner time, we had a big thunderstorm. No rain, but dark clouds and lots of wind.

Floppy Gets Treatment

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Floppy hasn’t been doing well this week, so Cortney took her back to the veterinarian. Floppy had diarrhea at the vet’s office, and so she was treated for that, with anti-nausea medication and anti-biotic. She was dehydrated, so she got another fluid injection as well. I’m hoping that will be enough to get Floppy back on the road to recovery.

We had a hot day, and it’s supposed to be hot tomorrow, so I turned on the air conditioning. When we shut all the windows and turned on the A/C system, the upstairs temperature was 90 degrees, so we definitely needed it. I’m also hoping we get some of the pollen out of the house. My allergies have been really bothering me for the last week or so.

Sean’s School Play

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I left work early to watch Sean in his school play. The play was about the life cycle of a butterfly. I was proud to see that Sean had memorized his part.

Sean and I went swimming again tonight. The pool has warmed up a degree or two, and Sean was able to stand the cold water for almost 15 minutes. I didn’t make it that long.

Floppy is Ill

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Our oldest cat, Floppy, has had kidney disease for over four years. She has gone through some rough periods, where we typically have given her pills to increase her appetite. Despite her illness, she has been doing quite well since we brought Princess home. Living with a pit bull is not the easiest thing for a cat.

Until now. She has gone the last 4 or 5 days without eating. We are now up to giving her full appetite pills, where we had been giving her 1/4 of a pill before. We are trying some can foods in addition to the dry food. She nibbled a little bit today, so we are hoping she can pull through this rough spell.

Ethan Gets a Good Night’s Sleep

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Ethan slept in late this morning, despite that he went to bed early last night. I guess his problem last night was that he was just too tired.

It’s starting to warm back up again. Tomorrow temperatures will be back into the 90’s. Sean and I tried the pool again this evening. The top half inch of water was warm, but the rest of the pool was quite cold. Strangely, I seem to have developed a liking for the cold water. Maybe it’s just because it feels so good to warm back up again.

As I was cleaning up from dinner this evening, I found out that we have a hole in the side of the garbage disposal. I found out the hard way, when there was water all over the kitchen floor. Actually, there is at least two holes, as there seems to be corrosion all the way around the working part of the disposal. I patched up the holes with some duct tape, which should work unless the disposal is turned on. I plan to replace the unit this weekend.

This is actually the second disposal unit I have had a problem with corrosion. In my former house in Florida, the unit actually fell completely off the sink drain. I’m guessing the home builders are just buying the cheapest units they can find.

Ethan Has A Tough Night

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For some reason, Ethan had a tough time this evening. We needed to eat dinner quickly in order to make it quickly to Ethan’s gym class. Ethan never finished his dinner, and he refused to get dressed for the gym. I gave Ethan a choice of going to bed or getting ready for the gym. He ended up just sitting down and crying, so he went to bed early.

In contrast, Sean was a model child this evening, cooperating with his homework and getting ready for bed.

Polar Bears

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I think Sean and I must be practicing for the polar bear club. With lows in the 50’s, and a high of only 81, the pool was quite chilly, but Sean and I went swimming any way. We had just bought new super soakers, and we just had to try them out. They can easily shoot across the pool. Sean and I had fun squirting each other, but Princess did not like it at all.

Arizona Mills

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We went to Arizona Mills today, the big outlet mall in Tempe. The real reason we went is that Cortney wanted seafood for dinner, which she has been craving since I told her about one of the places I went to eat on my trip to Seattle. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack, which although a bit casual, is a good place to take the kids.

Dinner was just fine. Cortney and I were able to get seafood, and Ethan was able to get his macaroni with cheese, and Sean was able to get his cheese pizza. And, Cortney was able to do some shopping.

Fun Festival

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Cortney took Sean to another school’s fund raiser. This school is where the majority of the kids in Cortney’s MOMS group go to, so Cortney went to talk with her friends. I stayed home with Ethan. When they came back, I asked Sean how it was, and he said it was “fantastic”. Sean was proud to show me the prizes he had won. He even shared a lollipop with me.

A Cold Swim in the Pool

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Sean and I went in the pool again this evening. Sean just jumped right in. He claimed it wasn’t that cold, but if you have to say that, it is cold. I wasn’t going to go in, but after an hour of cleaning the pool, I just felt obligated. Ethan tried to join us, but I don’t think he did more than just stick his feet in.

Family Night

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Tonight was family night. We all went to Sean’s gym class, followed by dinner at McDonald’s. I’m still excited about my new work laptop, so I brought it to use during Sean’s class. Cortney drew the line at using the laptop during dinner, so it stayed in the car then.

The good news about this evening is that both kids were tired when we arrived home, and they had no problem falling asleep.

The New Laptop

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I finally had the chance to play with my new laptop. Of course, I have been using it at work, but it’s connected to the docking station and I use an external monitor and keyboard. One think I did notice is that my morning routine has now changed. The old laptop took over 10 minutes to boot and run email. The new laptop does this in about a minute. I will have to find some other time to get caught up on my magazine reading.

It took me awhile to get the laptop hooked up to my home wireless network, but it’s running now. I noticed a much longer battery life, and it’s hard not to miss the wide-screen 1680×1060 display.

Sean and Ethan were full of energy, so I decided to take them into the pool. Sean just jumped right in, and Ethan just splashed around on the steps. Sean lasted about 10 minutes before I had to warm him (and Ethan) in the shower.

Odds and Ends

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The highlight of the day was getting a new laptop at work. The old one was starting to get excruciatingly slow, so it was none too soon.

I took Ethan to his gym class this evening. Ethan had lots of fun, but I wish he would take it a bit more seriously, rather than goofing off. Still, he is only four, so I would he has plenty of time to learn.

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