Gym Night Again

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This was another evening dedicated to taking the kids to the gym. I was just thinking how long it is to have back-to-back classes, then I remembered the kids will be taking a month of because of their vacation in Florida. I then realized I will miss taking the kids to the gym.

With school out, the kids were able to stay at the McDonald’s play area as long as they wanted.


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We ended the Memorial Day weekend with back-to-back pool parties, one last night and one today. I might need a week at work to recover!

New Life form?

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We had a bad odor in our refrigerator this morning, which I attributed to a bag of chicken that had been stored a couple of more weeks than it should have. Just in case, I decided to pull out the meat drawer and clean it as well. It was at this point that I discovered something strange at the bottom of the fridge. It was a combination of gunk, ice, and some time of mold or fungus. It looked like something from another planet, maybe a new life form discovery. My analysis of the life form was limited to seeing how long it would take to clean it up. Most of it came off rather easily, but the underlying gunk that likely caused the problem took some elbow grease. With a bowl of baking soda to absorb any remaining odors, which should have a clean smelling refrigerator tomorrow.

Sean played Lego Star Wars today, and he finally saved enough Lego studs to buy the 4x brick. He can now collect studs at 4 times the rate he had been. I think Sean is learning a lesson on saving, in that if you buy everything that comes along, even if you have enough money for it, you don’t have enough for what truly makes a difference. Wait a minute, maybe Sean’s parents could learn that lesson as well!

Sean and Ethan behaved well today, so we rewarded them with a trip to Sweet Tomatoes. We went to the bookstore afterwards, where Cortney bought a book to read on the plane. Cortney and the kids will be flying to Florida week after next.

Pool Night

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Sean was wound up when I came home today, so after dinner, I wanted to give him plenty of time in the pool. I only enjoy swimming for a half hour or so, so I took my laptop out by the pool to give me something to do. I was able to get a nice strong signal from my wi-fi, so I had a full network connection. The only problem was that the kids kept coming over dripping wet to see what I was doing. Other than that, it was a good way to keep me occupied while they went swimming.

Sean Finishes First Grade!

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Sean is done for the school year, and he successfully finished first grade. Cortney and I will need to work with Sean on his reading and writing, but otherwise, Sean will be in good shape to start second grade this Fall.

I had a rough morning today. I went to get my car keys to go off to work, but I could not find them. I was fairly certain I left them in the laundry room where I normally put them, but I could not find them. I thought they might be in my computer backpack, so I took it out of the car to look. No luck. After frantic searching, I ended up finding my backup set of keys. So I drove off to work, parked in the parking lot, got ready to grab my backpack, and oops, I realized I had left it at home. So I ended up driving through rush hour traffic twice this morning.

This evening, Cortney found the keys behind the hamper in the laundry room. I’m guessing they were probably on top of the hamper before the kids went to put their dirty clothes in, and the keys fell behind.

A Slow News Week

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I did not have much to write about today, but I did not want to go two days without posting. Tonight was gym night, and Sean climbed to the top of the rope again. We went to McDonald’s afterwards again, and this time it was Sean, not Ethan who was a bit tired and cranky.

The big news from yesterday was that Sean had a splinter in his finger. He would not let me take it out, letting Cortney do it instead. I might not have been as gentle as Cortney, but I would have been done with it quicker. Oh well, it was Sean’s choice.

Princess, the Bundle of Energy

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Princess spends most of her day lying around the house. She gets a little playful when it’s time for her breakfast, but otherwise, she is a calm dog. That is, until she decides to let go of all of her energy at once.

This evening, that happened as I was taking the kids out to the pool. Princess started running around the yard at full speed. She has already created a banked trail around the play area, and she does somewhat of a figure eight as she rounds the play area, darts through the patio, then takes a loop in front of the rose bushes. I had the kids stand well out of the way, as she could easily knock them down, or just even scratch up their bare feet if she were to step on them.

I thought she calmed down as we went through the pool gate, but she had one last round left. Unfortunately, she went flying around the desert landscaping, sending the little rocks everywhere, including the pool. That did not make me happy.

Wrapping up the Week

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Sean finished a marathon Lego Star Wars session today. He is been trying to get the 4x extra, which requires 6 million lego studs, which means playing quite a bit. He didn’t quite get there, but he is a lot closer than when he started yesterday.

I went in the pool three times today. Once after mowing the lawn, once after riding the exercise bike, then again as I took Sean and Ethan into the pool after dinner.

I can’t believe Sean is about to graduate first grade. He has just 3 and half days left for the year.

A Relaxing Saturday

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I took it easy today. The only thing I really accomplished was taking the kids to get haircuts. Sean was able to play Mario Kart while he got his haircut, and Ethan watched a Spongebob episode for his. Needless to say, it was an easy time for me.

Struggling to Write

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Last night, I didn’t think I had much to write about, and I find myself in the same situation tonight. Last night consisted of fixing myself dinner (a yellow rice, sausage, and chicken recipe Cortney doesn’t like), a swim in the pool with Sean, then watching the season finale of CSI.

Tonight was dinner out at a pizza restaurant, shopping at Target, and watching the Suns game.

Good times, but not the best writing material.

Sean the Rope Climber

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Sean successfully climbed all the way to the top of the rope in his gym class. This is the first time he has done this, so it is quite an accomplishment.

I had a rough time at the gym. The viewing area wasn’t air conditioning, and after almost two hours, I wasn’t very comfortable. Ethan was the only student in his class, so he finished early, and we were able to spend some time in the McDonald’s play area. Unlike last week, Ethan ate his full meal, and had plenty of energy to play afterwards.

Sore Feet

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I blistered my feet at the water park Sunday, causing me quite a bit of grief. I did not get much sleep Sunday night, as it felt like someone was applying a blow torch to my feet. Walking around Monday was painful, but not too bad with shoes on. My afternoon meetings on Monday were canceled, so I used the opportunity to come home, take a nap, then work at home with my feet propped up.

By today, I can feel the blisters when I walk around, but it isn’t bothering me much. I was able to relax in the pool this evening with Sean.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Today was Mother’s day, so I made Cortney breakfast this morning. Home made French toast, so it took some effort. Sean and Ethan gave Cortney a card they had made.

Today was also the day of the company picnic, so we spent the day at the water park. The temperature was over 100 degrees, which was good and bad. Good, in that the water temperature was very pleasant. Bad, because I blistered my feet on the hot decking.

Sean and Ethan definitely had a good time. We had to wait for them to announce the park closing to pry them away from the water slides. Sean and I hit all of the big slides. My favorite was called the Cauldron, which I called the toilet bowl. You shoot down a slide at high speed, coming out into a bowl area. I went down fast enough that I went around the bowl at least four times before falling out the bottom, which drops you down about four feet into a pool. Even after dropping into the pool, you feel disoriented for a few seconds, so that you don’t know which way is up, or which way out of the pool.

A Pool Party

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Sean and the rest of us were invited to a pool party to celebrate one of Sean’s classmate’s birthday. It turns out they lived just down the street, so we walked over. In addition to the pool, they had a water slide. Sean and Ethan both had a great time in the pool and the slide. We put the kids to bed early, because we are going to a water park tomorrow.

Cooling Off in the Pool

May 10, 2007 on 7:50 pm | In Main | No Comments

Tonight was the first night since Monday that we did not have anything planned, so I was looking forward to swimming in the pool this evening. As a bonus, we had a nice hot day today, so the pool warmed up a few degrees. Sean and I swam in the pool for nearly an hour.

I am trying to get Princess used to the pool. She really doesn’t care for the water, and the best I could do was to have her just sit on the top step of the pool. Maybe when it gets warmer, she will appreciate it more.

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