Sean Helps With Yard Work

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I had Sean and Ethan help me pick up the mesquite pods in the front yard. Our big tree gets larger every year, and it seems like the tree put out twice the number of pods it did last year. Ethan quit after filling up half a bag. Sean worked for over two hours, and he picked up over two bags worth. Even though I did not work the entire time, I picked up 8 bags worth. Even with all that, we only finished about three fourths of the yard.

The pool was very enjoyable today. The water temperature is about 87 degrees, which is as warm as I can remember the pool getting prior to the monsoon season. Of course, we have had temperatures over 110 degrees for a week now.

Time in the Pool

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Sean and Ethan swam in the pool twice today. Once with Cortney in the afternoon, and one with me after dinner. Swimming is just about the only think we can do outdoors with this hot weather.

Tired, but Happy

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It was late when we arrived home from the airport. I think I stayed up late enough that I had trouble sleeping, so I’m really tired. Sean and Ethan, on the other hand, don’t seemed to be tired at all, despite that they were up around 5:00 AM, and it is now 3 hours or so after they were going to bed in Florida.

But I’m happy to have Sean and Ethan at home. I really missed them.

On Their Way Home

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Cortney and the kids are on their second leg of the flight home. I will be leaving to pick them up at the airport soon. I think it is going to take me a few days to get used to living in a crowded house again, just as it took me awhile to get used to being alone when they left.

Busy Busy Busy

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Normally I do my writing here shortly before going to bed, but the last few days, I’ve been tired enough that I’ve skipped writing.

My accomplishment today was fixing the sprinkler system. I hit one of the sprinkler heads with the lawnmower. This one spot has always been a problem, and it turns out that I have replaced that particular head enough that threads on the riser barb had been stripped. I could not get the riser out with the stripped threads, so I had to dig a big hole and cut off the pipe in order to put in a new fitting. Since I needed to put in a coupler anyways, I increased the length of the pipe to put the sprinkler closer to the edge of the lawn, which is slightly higher. This should end the problem of hitting the sprinkler with the lawnmower. This entire job would not been to bad if I did not have to deal with a mud pit.

In other news, Zip has finally become comfortable around Princess. I guess he realized that if he wanted human attention, he would have to put up with the dog.

One Week Left!

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Cortney and the kids will be back one week from today.

Not Much is New

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I haven’t written much lately, as not much has been happening here. Cortney and the kids are now half way through their vacation, and I have come to the conclusion that I’m not going to get anywhere near as much done as I wanted to.

Speaking of Cortney and the kids, they went to Sea World in Orlando today, with her friend Stephanie and her son. Sounds like they had a good time.

Floppy seems to be doing well. As long as Princess is at least 6 feet or so away, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by the dog. I’m wondering if it really is the kids that stress her out. Maybe it wasn’t a coincidence that she first became sick shortly after we had Ethan.

Full Days

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I haven’t written the last couple of days, because after a day of work, exerciser, and cooking and eating dinner, I have been tired.

Tonight, I skipped the exercise, as I need the day. I did do some cooking tonight. I made Past Puttanesca, and despite the off color name, was easy to make and quite tasty.

45 is Not a Bad Number

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Today, I’m officially 45 years old. That looks like an old age when I write it down, but I don’t feel that old. Sean called this morning to sing me happy birthday, complete with “cha cha cha.”

I worked from home today so that I could keep an eye on the house cleaners, who cleaned the house this morning. I took advantage of the extra time saved by not commuting to get some grocery shopping done. Wal Mart had the gourmet items I needed to try some new recipes.

So this evening, I fixed myself some Algio Olio, which sounds better than garlic and oil pasta. It was quite tasty, with anchovies for saltiness and flavor, and crushed red pepper for a little bit of heat.

Oh, one more thing — thanks Mom and Dad for the iPod!

Cleaning Day

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Other than work, I spent the day getting the house ready for the cleaners tomorrow. I have been picking up toys for the last few days, and it seems like every time I look, I find more.

Water Softener Repair

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Yesterday, I came home from work, exercised, cooked and ate dinner, had a glass of wine, then went to bed. I supposed I could have posted while drinking the wine, but I decided not to.

Today, my big accomplishment was fixing the leak in the water softener. The leak was bad enough to leave a standing puddle in the garage. The scary part was that I had to shut off the water main to fix it. The original owner’s of the house did not put in any shut-off or bypass valve. I took apart the injector valve area of the water softener. I expected to see a lot of corrosion and worn seals, but everything was in surprisingly good shape. It turns out the leak was just from a loose screw on the part that attaches the water in and out unit to the valve area.

I was glad I was able to fix the water softener. I was worried about either an expensive plumbing bill or a bill for a new water softener. I’m optimistic that the existing water softener wilil last for another five years or more.

Princess Misses the Kids

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I think Princess misses Sean and Ethan. Even though they mostly pester the dog, Princess seems bored without them here.>

I was able to take Princess to training class. Princess had fun playing with a great dane that made here look like a chihuahua. It was a fairly cool evening, with temperatures in the low 90’s and a nice breeze, so it was just a good time to be outside.

Cortney Arrives in Florida

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Cortney and the kids arrived safely in Florida. Here in Arizona, I’m starting to settle into a routine. After coming home from work, I exercise, cool off in the pool, then fix dinner. Tonight I’m fairly tired, so I will be going to bed early.

They’re Gone

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Cortney and the kids are on the second leg of their flight to Florida right now. So what am I going to do when they are gone? My first priority is to get more exercise and eat better. I hope to get my waistline back to where it was last summer. Three weeks will barely be enough time to do it; it seems like it takes a couple of weeks for my metabolism to change.

I also need to get our finances organized, and I want to clean and organize the garage. Lastly, I want to organize my Lego collection, that is, when I’m not playing with my new Mindstorms kit.

Cortney is Ready to Go

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Cortney is packed and ready to go, and it already seems lonely in the house. My plan is to keep my self busy with activities so that I won’t be thinking too much about Cortney and the kids being gone. And, I will have Princess and the cats to keep me company.

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