Pictures of Niagara Falls

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My “surprise” trip Friday night was to Niagara Falls. I did not want to post that Friday night, as I had gifts for Cortney, Sean and Ethan from there, and I did not want to give them a hint as to what they were getting.

With the three hour time difference, I ran out of energy last night, so I did not get around to uploading the pictures until this evening.

Anyhow, without further ado, here are the pictures (they were taken with my cell phone, so they are not the best quality, but at least they are still interesting). Click on the picture to go to the photo album.


Last Night in Toronto

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Our meeting finished midday, although I had a phone call later in the afternoon. I’m going to leave the description of this evening’s activity until tomorrow, when I should be able to post the pictures I took on my cell phone.

Good Weather

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The highs today in Toronto were in the low 80’s, and it was sunny with reasonable humidity. I won’t experience nice weather like this until November in Phoenix.

Today was a fairly busy day. My team got an early start, we worked late, went right to a group dinner, leaving me with barely enough time to get caught up on my sleep.

Toronto Again

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I’m back in Toronto, where I will be for the rest of the week. The flight was uneventful, except for the late takeoff. We were delayed by rain, and also a police pursuit. The flight was only about a half hour late, but that pushed the evening agenda enough so that I won’t be getting a full night’s sleep.

Zelda tried to help me pack last night. Every time I put something down on the bed, she would either dive into it or if it was small enough, bat it around. Every time I put something in the bag, she would jump in afterwards. While folding my shirts, she ran over, stood on her hind legs, and batted the shirt with her paws. It was cute and annoying at the same time.

Rain, Rain, Rain

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We have had some late night or early morning rain in the last few weeks, but only brief showers. Today was quite a bit different. It started raining late afternoon, and we had heavy rains for over an hour and a half. I got wet walking to my car, and I had to drive home over flooded roads.

Princess doesn’t care much for the rain. I let her out when I got home (so she could do her “business”), but she didn’t want any part of it. I’ll have to keep a close eye on her this evening, so that she doesn’t find a suitable place indoors.

Weekend Pictures

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Here’s what the kid’s and I did yesterday:


And here’s what we did today:


Bonus picture: (Zelda will try anything to find a comfortable place)


Fun with the Boys

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We went out to dinner tonight. Afterwards, I brought Cortney home, and I took Sean and Ethan with me. Our first stop was to get my hair cut. It was a bit of a challenge to get Sean and Ethan to behave, but overall, they did a good job. We made a quick stop at Staples to look for art supplies. I brought a pack of erasers, intending to give half of them to Sean. Those pink erasers and the pencil tip erasers just don’t work well.

Our last stop was the book store. They were preparing for the big Harry Potter book store at midnight. The line had already started. Many of the employees and people in line were dressed in character, so that was fun. I picked up an art book, using the last of the gift card I received from Cortney as a birthday present.

We arrived home just at Ethan’s bed time, but I kept him up a little bit later as a reward for good behavior.

Still No Working Garage Door Opener

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I’m not happy that I still can’t park my car in the garage. Yes, the garage door people showed up. Yes, they were able to put in the new door opener. So what’s the problem? They need to custom order an extension cord. Even though a cord is in place from the existing opener, the new model has three prongs, not two. And they would not put in a temporary cord until they can get a new one.

Zelda Goes to the Vet

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Zelda went to our vet today. She was supposed to get the last of her kitty vaccinations, but the vet thought she was sick enough that she should wait. Zelda has kitty conjunctivitis. She was given eye drops and oral antibiotic. I administered both this evening. The eye drops were no problem, but the oral medication was a different story. I was used to giving Floppy pills, but I forgot just how sharp kitty teeth are. Zelda managed to pull away from my thumb, which was holding her cheek against her teeth to prevent her from closing her mouth, and she managed to put one of her fangs right in the middle of my thumb. Boy, did that hurt. And, potentially dangerous, too. I washed the puncture wound with hydrogen peroxide and used antibiotic ointment to prevent an infection.

Zelda goes back in a couple of weeks to get her vaccination.

Slow Day

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Not much to write about today. Sean and I did some drawing after dinner, as the pool is off limits to Sean (because of his stitches). After Sean and Ethan went to bed, I spent some quality time with the pets. I had Zelda asleep on one side of me, and Princess asleep on the other.

More on Sean

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Sean wasn’t too intimidated at the hospital:


Here’s a picture of Sean’s stitches. Each one of those knots cost us $50.


I added some more pictures of Zelda, if you want to check that out:


Sean Gets Stitches

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Today was quite a day. This morning, we drove down to the Chandler Mall. Even though the mall is about an hour drive, it has the only Williams-Sonoma store, and Cortney had a gift certificate she needed to use. We had lunch at the mall as well.

This afternoon, we had friends over a pool party. It was hot enough that we decided to eat indoors rather than out by the pool. After dinner, the kids all went swimming, with me watching. Sean unfortunately hit his chin on the side of the pool. He started crying, stating that his chin hurt. I did not see any blood at the time, so I didn’t think it was a problem, but I told him to show me where it hurt. That’s when I noticed a small gash on his chin. It wasn’t wide, but it was deep, so I realized right away he needed stitches. That’s also when the blood started really pouring out.

I had yelled inside for Cortney to bring me a couple of paper towels for the blood. I also started drying Sean and myself off, preparing for the trip to the hospital. I would have preferred an urgent care center, but at close to 7:00 PM, they where all closed. Cortney insisted on taking Sean herself, so I stayed with Ethan and our guests. Our guests weren’t really in the mood for swimming, so they left as soon as they were ready.

Cortney just phoned from the hospital, and she tells me Sean got three stitched for his cut. She is stopping by the store to pick up some Tylenol for Sean and will be home soon. I guess I’ll write Sean’s tale of the events tomorrow.

Zelda and Princess

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Zelda and Princess really seem to like each other. Zelda likes to rub up against Princess, and Princess gives Zelda licks of affection. The only problem is that they have incompatible play styles. Princess expects Zelda to chase after her, so she can take a turn chasing after Zelda. Zelda doesn’t mind giving Princess a pat on the nose, but she doesn’t want to do much with a rampaging pit bull.

More on Zelda

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We still miss Floppy, but it sure is fun having a kitten in the house. Zelda seems to be half clown, half ferocious predator. She always seems to be full of energy when we let her out of her room. She likes to jump up and run along the top of the sofa and love seat. She even takes great leaps from the sofa to the barstools. After she gets the energy out, she alternates between seeking affection and playing with the various objects on the floor, sofa, and tables.

Zelda also has to check out everyone in the room. She even sees if Princess wants to play with her. I’m surprised to see the Zelda has no fear of Princess at all. Princess appears to be somewhere between amused and annoyed. Zip doesn’t think much of Zelda though. The few times they have been together, he hisses at her and then walks away. Eventually, she may grow on him though. As long as we keep Zelda downstairs, Zip has the upstairs to himself, where he spends most of the time anyway. This way, they can gradually check each other out.


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Zelda, our new kitten:


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