Sean Is Doing Well at School

August 27, 2007 on 7:41 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean is doing well at school. He got a 100 on his spelling test, and the teacher said he did really well on his DIBELS test.

This evening, Sean was telling me that Ethan put him in the trash. As Sean is about 20 pounds heavier than Ethan, I couldn’t tell what he was talking about. It turns out that they were taking picture of each other with the digital camera, then deleting the picture, or putting the picture in the “trash”.

A Cloudy Day

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It was cloudy today, and relatively cool compared to the hot weather of the last week. It was especially dark outside this morning, perfect for sleeping late.

Sean and Cortney went out to a birthday party while I stayed home with Ethan. Ethan and I spent the time playing games on the computer.

Busy Week

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This has been a busy week, and I’m glad to take a break over the weekend. We had a nice family dinner tonight, so that was a good start.

Still Hot in Phoenix

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I spent the day in Tucson yesterday. I left early to avoid the Phoenix rush hour traffic, but got stuck in a jam due to a bad accident halfway to Tucson. I did not get back home until very late.

It was noticeably cooler in Tucson than Phoenix. Today was a hot day in particular, and it was nice cooling off in the pool with Sean and Ethan.

First Week of School

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Since I missed posting the last few days, I thought I would post a picture today. To celebrate the first week of the school year, here is a picture of Sean and Ethan going to school on the first school day:


Ethan Gets Hurt at School

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Ethan had his school day cut short today when he cut his head on the playground. Apparently there was enough blood that Cortney took him to the doctor. It turns out he is just fine. By the time I came home from work, I could barely see a red spot under his head, and I couldn’t even see the cut.

Washed Ear Buds

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I ran the earb uds through the washer and part of a dryer cycle this weekend. I actually have several pairs, and I used the ear buds that came with the iPod as my travel pair. Still, I would have been upset to have lost them through something so stupid.

As it turns out, other than having the cord considerably tangled, they work just fine. Maybe this is a new way to clean off any dirt or ear wax.


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I was getting Ethan ready for bed this evening, and I was helping Ethan brush his teeth. I was surprised when Ethan started gagging and spitting out the toothpaste. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but Ethan helped me. He said this was Mommy’s toothpaste, and he pointed out which tube I had used.

He was right, of course. I guess Ethan doesn’t like the mint “kiss fresh” flavor of the adult toothpaste.

First Day of School

August 13, 2007 on 8:57 pm | In Main | No Comments

Both Sean and Ethan did well on the first day of school. Unfortunately, they were both overtired this evening, and Cortney and I had trouble putting them to bed.

School Night

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Sean and Ethan both start school tomorrow. Sean will be starting second grade, and Ethan will be in pre-kindergarten. Ethan will have the same hours as Sean, so Cortney will get a nice break during the week!

It was a real hot day today. The monsoon season brought slightly cooler temperatures but also brought in moisture. When it dried out towards then end of this week, I was expecting it to stay cool, not get hot again. In fact, we had a record high today of 114 degrees.

Duels and Diving

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We went to the nearby aquatic center. The aquatic center is close to a full-blown water park, with slides and a lazy river ride. But since it is run by the city, the prices are much cheaper. Sean and I had the most fun in the diving area. The aquatic center has two 1 meter boards. I had forgotten just how much exercise you can get on a diving board; I was quite sore when we drove home.

The rest of the day was spent on I don’t want to post a link, as the site’s response is already overwhelming the servers. Sean and I had fun leveling up our characters, and we were even able to challenge each other in duels.

Meet the Teacher

August 9, 2007 on 7:59 pm | In Main | No Comments

Tonight was meet the teacher night at school, so wet met Ethan’s teacher (actually a group of 3 teachers) and Sean’s teacher. Sean was excited to see some of his old friends. Ethan quickly discovered the Lego Duplo blocks in his classroom, so he has something to look forward to as well.

Where’s Zelda?

August 7, 2007 on 5:57 pm | In Main | No Comments

Zelda went missing sometime in the afternoon. An hour after the kids went to bed, and she still had not come out. Cortney and I were starting to get worried. It turns out that she had become “trapped” in the kids room. I think she tried sleeping in the drawer under Sean’s bed. After we found her, Zelda seemed shaken. Well, whatever happened yesterday, she is doing just fine today.

A Week Off From Writing

August 5, 2007 on 7:58 pm | In Main | No Comments

I was low on energy this week, and by Tuesday, I realized I was coming down with something. On a couple of days, I just completely ran out of energy, typically right after dinner. I started to feel better yesterday. This is my excuse for not writing during the past week.

Today was a wet, soggy day in Phoenix. I needed to do yard work, but I delayed going out until late in the afternoon. It was so humid, I couldn’t tell if was raining or not.

Today ended well, though. I grilled some steaks for dinner. I garnished mine with a few twigs of freshly picked rosemary, which I thought added just a hint of more savory flavor. After dinner, we had a nice family swim in the pool. We shower the kids after the pool, so that they are clean to start the week.

Zelda has pretty much taken over the house. She uses every object and every living thing for her own amusement. She thinks nothing of laying on the computer keyboard, roaming the kitchen bar while you are eating, or sitting up on top of the vanity while watching you get ready for work. I have taken to closing the bedroom door to keep her out, as she likes to play with your toes and lie directly in front of your face while your are sleeping.

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