Weekend News

September 16, 2007 on 8:09 pm | In Main | No Comments

I was fairly lazy yesterday. I think I needed a day just to relax.

Sean and I played a few games of Pokemon this weekend. The card game is definitely challenging, and I wasn’t surprised to see that the recommend age for the game is 10 and up. I don’t think Sean could learn the game with another player his age. It’s interesting that the cartoon show is aimed at younger children, and that so many kids are walking around with cards even though they don’t know how to play the game.

I did got a few odds and ends done today, so the weekend wasn’t a total loss.


September 14, 2007 on 11:23 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean and Ethan are now into Pokemon. Some of Sean and Ethan’s friends have cards. The other day at the library, someone gave Sean 2 cards and Ethan three cards. I don’t think any of the friends now how to play the card game; they just trade and give out cards to each other.

I plan to remedy that. We bought two starter decks this evening, and I plan to teach Sean how to play tomorrow.

Library Night

September 13, 2007 on 8:25 pm | In Main | No Comments

I took Sean and Ethan to the library this evening. I had Sean pick out a book to read. He picked out a Curious George book, and I have to say he did a good job of reading it. Sean picked out another Curious George book to checkout, and he and Ethan both picked out a video to check out as well.

Busy Times

September 10, 2007 on 9:44 pm | In Main | No Comments

My parents completed the final walk through today, and they close tomorrow. Wednesday, their furniture arrives.

The weekend was busy, but fun. I’ll probably start writing more substantial posts after things settle down in the next few days.

News Nibbles

September 7, 2007 on 9:50 pm | In Main | No Comments

My parents are adjusting to Mountain Savings Time. They went early to the motor vehicle department to get new driver’s licenses, but they left when they found they needed birth certificates.

Sean received a 100% grade on his spelling test.

We all went out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes this evening.


September 6, 2007 on 8:17 pm | In Main | No Comments

My parents and grandmother arrived today from Houston. They will be staying with us until they move into their new house next week.


September 5, 2007 on 9:13 pm | In Main | No Comments

Our internet connection was down last night. It was up in time to post, but I decided to catch up on my online game instead.

Cortney and I took Sean and Ethan to the gym this evening. We stopped going over the summer, but we want to continue with the classes. We tried Ethan in the same class as Sean, but the instructor said Ethan needed to much individual help to stay in the class. That’s not too surprising, since as a 4 year old, Ethan was noticeably smaller than the other students.

We stopped by McDonald’s afterwards, and I asked Sean what he wanted. Sean stated “McChuggets”. When Cortney and I told him that was funny, he quickly corrected himself to McNuggets.

Labor Day, 2007

September 3, 2007 on 8:43 pm | In Main | No Comments

I spent the day working in the yard and cleaning. The kids were a bit wound up during the day, but the kids and I relaxed in the pool after dinner.

Another Hot Day

September 1, 2007 on 10:23 pm | In Main | No Comments

We had yet one more day hit 110 degrees. I was going to take the kids into the pool after dinner, but we were threatened with a storm. Unfortunately, it was just dark clouds for a couple of hours, finished by a lackluster 1 or 2 minutes of rain.

I have to say I did not do much today. My goal was to relax anyway, and I certainly accomplished that goal.

A Busy Week

September 1, 2007 on 12:00 am | In Main | No Comments

This past week has been quite busy. On top of that, I have been fighting off a cold, leaving me quite tired.

I’m looking forward to the three day weekend. And I got a head start. I took the day off from work. I did not relax all day, as I spent the morning on the walk-through for my parent’s new house. I hope to relax tomorrow, then spend the next two days on yard work and cleaning the house.

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