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I took the kids trick-or-treating tonight. Sean was dressed up as a red power ranger, and Ethan was dressed as a clone trooper (Star Wars). Princess went with us as well. I told everyone Princess was our pet chihuahua dressed up as a pit bull.

I was prepared to keep the kids out for a while to fill up their candy buckets, but when we made one loop to change shoes for Ethan (he was getting a blister), both kids called it quite for the night. Still, they both collected more candy than they can eat in the next few weeks.

Busy Days

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I have a training course down at the airport today and tomorrow, which means a long day with the extra commute added. Wednesday, I have to go in at 6:00 AM to teach a remote class in England. I won’t have much free time in the next few days.


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I took Princess swimming this afternoon. I keep the leash on Princess to have her swim around the pool while I walk on the outside. This teaches Princess not to swim to the sides, but to swim to the stairs so she can get out easily. It’s also good exercise for her as well.

I decided to get some yard work done while Princess was drying. It was warm enough that a was starting to work up a sweat, when I toyed with the idea of going in myself. Sean and Ethan were happy to put on bathing suits, so the came in as well.

The water was cold enough that the kids and I just jumped in a couple of times, and that was it. Princess put in another couple of laps as well.

Princess was so tired this evening that she put herself to “bed” at 7:30 PM, and left us alone the rest of the evening.

11th Anniversary

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My mom came over this evening to watch Sean and Ethan while Cortney and I went out to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Cortney and I went out for dinner, then a movie, then out for a glass of wine to end the evening.

History of an Illness

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9/25: I drive to Tucson for an afternoon meeting. I am snacking on baby-cut carrots, when I choke on a sliver of carrot. I have a coughing fit for the next half hour. After that, I was a bit hoarse, but otherwise fine.

10/1: Free flu shots at work. So I get one.

10/3: I am definitely not feeling well. Typical sinus irritation plus sore throat. I get this 4-5 times a year, so it’s not a big deal at this point. I do have some chest congestion, which is a bit unusual to get so early after being sick.

10/8: After toughing out the weekend, and feeling worse, I break down and make a doctor’s appointment. The doctor determines I have an “upper respiratory infection”. I was prescribed antibiotic a cough suppressant, and an inhaler (albuterol).

10/9-12: The antibiotic (Zithromax) is really tiring me out. I took off Tuesday, and worked short days for the rest of the week.

10/17: I feel the best that I have since 10/3, but I still have a tightness in my chest.

10/19: My chest is feeling worse. In addition to the tightness, I have distinct pain on the left side of my chest. Coughing fits are driving me crazy. I go in to see the doctor again. The doctor is a bit more concerned this time. I get a blood test, and go to the lab to get an x-ray. I get two more inhalers, one steroidal, the other is an albuterol derivative. I get an appointment with a pulmonary doctor on Monday.

10/20: The inhalers aren’t working. My doctor calls to tell me they did not get the x-ray results. When I tell them I feel worse, they recommend going to the emergency room. I grab my computer bag and a couple of books and go to the hospital. The hospital was empty when I arrived, but it still took three hours to get an x-ray and for the emergency-room doctor to tell me the x-ray is clear. He decides whatever I have can wait until Monday. I did get a breathing treatment at the hospital which made me feel better. I went almost two hours before the coughing fits resumed. I get a prescription for yet another inhaler, and cough suppressant with codeine.

10/21: The cough suppressant with codeine definitely helps get me through the night. I took a dose at 5:30 PM the previous evening, and did not wake up until 8:00 AM. It was a windy night and day, and we discovered a 10 inch branch had broken off from our largest mesquite tree. After blowing $150 dollars on an x-ray the day before, I decide I don’t want to spend money cleaning up the mess. I discover being out of breath doesn’t make me feel any worse, so I am able to complete the clean up.

10/22: I see the pulmonary doctor who tells me the x-ray isn’t likely to show anything unless the problem is near the outside edges, so I am schedule for a bronchoscopy the next morning. The cough suppressant with codeine helps get me through the rest of the day.

10/23: After enduring a not so pleasant preparation to have a tube inserted in my nose, I wake up from the bronchoscopy feeling much better. The nurse tells me the doctor found some congestion, and he took a sample for a lab test, and washed away as much as he could. No report of any carrot slivers. I am prescribed a much stronger anti-biotic and prednisone. I take Cortney out to lunch, wolfing down my meal and then finishing the rest of her meal. At least the procedure did not affect my appetite.

10/24: I go to work, finishing a full day. I schedule a follow-up visit to the pulmonary doctor on 11/5. I find out that my initial blood work from 10/19 is negative for valley fever and white blood cell count. The prednisone seems to be offsetting the antibiotic, so I am left with a normal energy level.

10/25: For the first time in over three weeks, I come home from work still having energy left. I still have some minor non-descript pains in my chest, and minor phlegm clearing, but no coughing fits.

Am I cured? And what exactly was it that was making me ill? Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

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Ethan is five years old today.

I know I haven’t written much lately, but I’ve been busy, and sick, and busy and sick, so I hope to return tantalizing prose real soon now.

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