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We had a change in weather today. Rain, and quite a bit of it. I was soaked walking to my car, and most of the streets were flooding when I drove home. We had to cancel evening shopping plans.

I’m feeling much better today. I put in nearly a full day of work, and I’m only slightly tired. Yesterday, I went to see the pulmonologist. He believes my current illness is something new, and also that I should never have to see him again. I liked that part.

Getting Better

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I went to the doctor this morning, where I was diagnosed with yet another upper respiratory infection. By the time I filled the prescription for the antibiotics, I was pretty wiped out, so I slept for a few hours afterward. I woke up later feeling much better. Just to make sure I don’t have any lung problems, I’m going back to the pulmonologist tomorrow.

Sick Again

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I seem to have picked up a cold. I was pretty wiped out yesterday, and today I suffered through a sore throat, headache, and fever. Since I also have a bit of chest congestion, I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Vacation’s over

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I guess I should feel rested and ready to start work tomorrow, but I feel tired instead. More than likely, I’m coming down with a cold. At least I had a good time today.

Laura took us all out to breakfast this morning. This afternoon, I took Laura to see the Arizona Biltmore hotel, which was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. This evening, we all went over to my parent’s for dinner.

Cortney, the Die-hard Shopper

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Some of the local stores had sales and specials starting at midnight, and some stores started at 4:00 AM. Cortney decided to do both. She left just as I was going to bed at around 11:15 PM last night. Apparently, at some point, she decided to drive home and sleep in the car! My mom was supposed to meet her at 4:20 AM, and happened to arrive early, finding Cortney still in the car. Not surprisingly, Cortney was pretty tired most of the day. I had no idea if the “special” shopping was worth it or not.

Happy Thanksgiving

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We had a really nice meal this afternoon. I made the turkey and the stuffing, Cortney made mashed potatoes, and my mom made rolls, green been casserole, sweet potato casserole, and the pecan and pumpkin pies. I ate way too much, and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Finally, Vacation

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My plan was to take off the entire week, but that plan changed when I was asked to go to Seattle for a Tuesday meeting. I left Monday afternoon, and returned late last night. The meeting went well, but the flight back was a bit rough. For various reasons, the flight was an hour late. And to top it off, the airport was so crowded, I had a tough time getting my backs and even getting out of the airport with all of the traffic.

So, despite that I did not get enough sleep last night, I still felt relaxed. I enjoyed taking Sean to the gym, and I am preparing the turkey now for tomorrow’s meal.

Cortney Gets New Computer Hardware

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It seems like I should have done more today, even though I did some weeding in the yard and took the kids to the park for a couple of hours. I think the main reason is that I am in the process of replacing Cortney’s computer, and that task isn’t done yet.

While I was traveling last week, the graphics card died on Cortney’s computer. Her computer is old enough that I don’t think it is worth buying new hardware for, so I am giving her my old computer. So, she has a computer to use, but none of the programs are installed yet. I need to get most of that done tomorrow, before I leave yet again.

Back Home

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My flight back to Phoenix was uneventful. I drove directly to work, as I had to finish up a few items before before taking a break for the weekend, and also next week. I was planning to take off all of next week, but I have to fly to Seattle for the day on Tuesday. I will still take off Monday and Wednesday, and I have Thursday and Friday off for holiday.

We all went out to dinner last night, including Laura, who arrived earlier in the week. I had just enough energy afterwards to watch a movie with Cortney, which is why I did not post last night.

I mostly took it easy today.

End of the Trip

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My business trip is almost over, withing nothing left to do but get up early tomorrow and fly home.

Successful Day

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I successfully facilitated another meeting session today, so I can mostly relax tomorrow.

Albuquerque really cools off at night. Even though the daytime temperatures are pleasant, it cools off into the 30’s at night. I definitely need my jacket this morning.

Toronto to Albuquerque

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I traveled from Toronto to Albuquerque today, connecting through Denver. The flights were fine, but I was stuck in US Customs in Toronto for over an hour when the computer systems went down.

I’m going to take advantage of the longer day (flying from Eastern to Mountain time zones) and get some extra sleep tonight.

Back in Toronto

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It was foggy and wet this morning in Toronto, but at least it wasn’t cold. Tomorrow is actually supposed to be quite nice; temps in the mid-50’s and sunny. It’s too bad I’m leaving for Albuquerque at midday.

Yesterday’s flight was routine, and I had no problem finding my way to the hotel. I was successful in facilitating today’s meeting, leaving me free tomorrow to take care of some loose ends.

Busy Days

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Lately, I’ve been quite tired in the evenings, which is mainly why I haven’t posted in a while. I believe that is mostly the result of fully-engaged days.

This morning, I’m packing for a business trip next week. I will be spending two days in Toronto, two days in Albuquerque, and returning on Friday.

Computer Repair

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We lost power for about a half hour or so on Monday. But that was enough to disable the power supply for my computer. Fortunately, that is an easy repair. But it took a couple of days before I had the time to buy a new power supply.

All as well now, but the new power supply was not as good as the old one (when it was working). The fan on the new one is noticeably louder. Oh well.

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