Getting Ready for Camping

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We are planning to take advantage of my day off tomorrow and go camping for 2 full days and nights. I was going to pack everything but the food this evening, but Cortney has to wash some of the kids clothes this evening. So I’m going to get a good night’s sleep instead.

Sean Gets His Staples Out

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I took Sean to the doctor this morning to get his staples out. Apparently, Cortney had a tough time when Sean had his staples put in, so she wanted me to take him to get them out. I coached Sean on what to expect, and except for having his hair pulled, he got through it without any problems.

In other news, I’m starting to feel better after a few days on antibiotics. My sinuses have cleared up, and I have much more energy now.


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We went on our first family camping trip this weekend. Many of Cortney’s friends go camping in trailers, and so Cortney has been interested in camping for a while.

We did not rent a trailer, but instead bought a tent. It’s a nice two-room tent, but of course a tent doesn’t have a bathroom. Our camping trip was to Lake Pleasant. Two of Cortney’s friends went with campers, but we had a separate place complete with a ramada and fire pit. We also had bathroom facilities a short walk away. Having friends nearby with campers was handy, as we used their cooking grills to cook meals. So, we picked a nice spot for our first camping trip.

Getting all of our gear together and into the car turned out to be quite an ordeal. Even though the campsite was only a half hour away from our house, we barely had time to get the tent set up and bedding put together before it turned dark. The results were worth it. I spend time with the kids (and our friend’s kids) by the fire pit, and we toasted marshmallows. Cortney socialized with her friends during “happy hour”.

We learned our first camping lesson that evening. The temperatures reached the low 50’s, and a tent doesn’t provide any heat. The kids and I made it through the night ok, but Cortney soon left to go home to get warmer blankets. She came back with a down comforter. And Cortney wasn’t the only one cold — Princess joined me in the middle of the night, shivering from the cold.

We had a good time that day. It gradually warmed up, and it was nice for Cortney and I to relax with adult company, while the kids explored the lake area.

That evening, things did not go well. After it turned dark, the kids started playing hide and seek. Sean accidentally ran into the big hitch hanging down from their trailer (a 5th wheel trailer). He busted the top of his head open. One of our friend’s drove Cortney and Sean to the hospital, while I stayed with Ethan.

A short time later, Ethan broke the glo stick he was playing with. He looked like he came out of a Predator movie with glow in the dark blood all over him. The result would have been comical, but he managed to get some of it in his eye. He was scared from the discomfit, and by the time his eye was washed out, quite tired as well. He wanted to sleep right after this, and I let him.

Ethan, Princess and I spent the night in the tent. It was quite a windy night, and it was good to see that the tent held up in the wind. Ethan watched Princess while I packed up and took the tent down.

When we came home, Sean was in good spirits. I found ought that he received three staples on his head. But Cortney wasn’t discouraged, she made reservations for a trip in April.

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