What is BDWN?

BDWN stands for Barry’s Daily Web News. This is the name for my daily web journal, or blog (web log).

Why do you maintain a daily journal?

I have four reasons to maintain this web site:

  1. To help sharpen my writing skills. One of my lifetime goals is to become a published author.
  2. To keep a record on the development of my two boys, Sean and Ethan.
  3. To keep friends and family up to date on the latest news.
  4. To learn html and other computer skills.

Why should I read your journal?

If you decide not to come back to this page, it won’t hurt my feelings. I know there is better reading to be found elsewhere on the internet. See the question above “Why do you maintain a daily journal?” for reasons why I write this journal.

What do you do beside writing your journal?

Well, if you have read any part of my journal, you will see I spend a lot of time with my family. During the day, I am employed at Honeywell International. You can find out more at my bio page.

How do I read previous entries in your journal?


  • Go to the archive index page.
  • After reading the full page, you can click on the link to previous entries.

How do I contact you?

email TBD

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