The Core

April 20, 2003 on 6:57 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

Cortney and I went to the movie theatre last night. Leslie was nice enough to watch Sean and Ethan for us. We went to see The Core. This movie is about a journey to the core of the earth to save the world. As far as science fiction goes, this movie was lousy. It requires a forgetting any knowledge of physics or chemistry for the plot to make any sense. There were some neat special effects, but not enough to save the movie. I rate it a C.

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The Core (Widescreen Edition)

Red Dragon

April 6, 2003 on 6:08 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The movie we watched this weekend was Red Dragon. It was nice to watch a Hannibal movie without the gory anatomy scenes. However, this movie seemed to be a bit week. I think the biggest weakness is that the “Red Dragon” was not very intimidating as the antagonist. That character was more schizophrenic rather than manic, and you were left wondering why Hannibal had any interest in the Red Dragon. Other than the weakness of the Red Dragon character, the movie was interesting, so I rate it a B.

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Red Dragon - Collector\'s Edition (Widescreen)

Road to Perdition

March 16, 2003 on 2:56 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

Time now for some movie reviews. Last night’s movie was Road to Perdition. This movie had a slow beginning, and I almost fell asleep before the movie started to become interesting. Tom Hanks again does a fine performance, portraying a gangster in the 1930’s. I did find the movie’s viewpoint of a twelve year old boy to be disturbing. Still the movie was interesting, and I would recommend this movie with a rating of a B+.

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Road to Perdition (Widescreen Edition)

Thirteen Ghosts

March 16, 2003 on 2:55 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The Friday night movie was Thirteen Ghosts. As the name would indicate, this is a horror film. I found the beginning to be too disjointed, and I had trouble following the plot. Once I did figure out the plot, the movie quickly ended. At least the movie had some good special effects. I rate this movie a B-.

But it.

Thirteen Ghosts

The Tuxedo

March 16, 2003 on 2:50 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

We watched the movie The Tuxedo last weekend, and I never got around to writing a review. This is a Jackie Chan movie, with Jackie Chan playing a taxi driver who gains martial arts powers when he dons a special “tuxedo”. This wasn’t one of Jackie Chan’s better movies. His character doesn’t generate enough interest to the viewer as the main protagonist, and the martial arts scenes are just average. I rate this movie a C.

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The Tuxedo (Widescreen Edition)


March 2, 2003 on 6:34 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The Saturday night movie was Simone. I was expecting a movie about digital actors, but instead, the movie was about lying about using a digital actor in the movie instead. I was terribly disappointed with this movie. I thought the movie could have had much depth by exploring the interaction of a digital actor with society, but the movie plot completely bypassed this angle. I rate this movie a D. Don’t waste your time with this one.

One Hour Photo

March 2, 2003 on 6:28 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The Friday night movie was One Hour Photo. I normally don’t care much for thriller-type movies, but this one was somewhat interesting. If you have seen the trailer, you might expect a disappointing movie, but the movie has a little bit more sophistication, including a surreal twist at the end. Robin Williams seems to have the creepy guy role down pat. I rate this movie a B-.

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One Hour Photo (Widescreen Edition)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

February 16, 2003 on 8:29 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The only movie of the month was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This movie had some funny moments, but in the end, it was just about a wedding. I should point out that I don’t care much for wedding’s in general, so I did not find this movie very entertaining. But, other people did, and Cortney certainly enjoyed it. Other than being a low budget film, this movie did not have many flaws, so I rate it a B.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Blue Crush

February 2, 2003 on 8:00 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

This was a light weekend for movies. Part of the problem is that there aren’t that many good movies coming out now. So, the only movie I saw this weekend was Blue Crush. This movie was a teen romance movie masquerading as a surf film. The surfing scenes were great, and the underwater camera action was unique. But, the surfing scenes were too far and between to make up for the lousy story and character development. I rate this movie a C.

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Blue Crush (Widescreen Collector\'s Edition)

The Bourne Identity

January 26, 2003 on 8:24 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The second movie of the weekend was The Bourne Identity. Another in a series of unoriginal ideas. Almost a typical spy movie. I thought the amnesia angle was weakly developed, leaving just a basic action spy movie. I did thing that Matt Damon did a good job with this movie, and some of the action scenes were well done. I rate this movie a B, but if you don’t like action spy movies, consider this movie to be a C.

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The Bourne Identity (Widescreen Extended Edition)

Undercover Brother

January 26, 2003 on 8:20 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The first movie of the weekend was Undercover Brother. This movie is really just an Austin Powers remake in the blaxploitation theme. The movie was amusing, but not as funny as the Austin Powers series. I rate this movie a C.

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Undercover Brother (Widescreen Collector\'s Edition)

About A Boy

January 25, 2003 on 7:34 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

I never posted my movie reviews for last weekend. The second movie we saw was About a Boy. I don’t like Hugh Grant, and I don’t like movies about dating, so this movie already had two strikes against it before I even saw it. I must say that the movie was entertaining. I guess the best praise I can give the movie is that it is a watchable “chick flick” movie. So guys, if you want to gain some points with your female partner, this movie is a good choice. I rate this movie a B.

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About a Boy (Widescreen Edition)


January 25, 2003 on 7:26 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The first movie we saw last weekend was FearDotCom. This movie actually had the potential for a decent story. I think the movie would have worked as either a ghost story or perhaps as a science fiction movie. As it is, adapting the story to the modern day internet just ruined it. Filling the movie with cliches didn’t help either. How hard is it for Hollywood to have a computer literate person review the screenplay? Someone who at least knows what the 1/0 switch is for. I rate this movie a D.

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January 12, 2003 on 5:50 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

We watched the movie Signs last night. This a movie about extraterrestrial life, but it’s not really about extraterrestrial life. I don’t want to say too much more, or I would give away the movie. After the movie ended, I felt disappointed. But after thinking about what the intended message was, I realized it did have some interesting moments. Also, Mel Gibson did seem to be mis-cast in the starring role. I don’t consider this to be a must see movie. I rate it a B.

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Signs (Vista Series)

xXx (the Action Movie, Silly!)

January 1, 2003 on 8:51 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

Time for some movie reviews. We did see Blade Runner last night, but I won’t bother with a review, since you would either love this movie or hate it. We also saw XXX. My impression of this movie was James Bond for pre-teens. Moronic plot, terrible acting, gratuitous explosions, but tons of non-stop action and some great stunts. I actually think this movie was too long. It could have benefited by removing some of the silly acting and ridiculous plot development. Of course, don’t bother seeing this movie unless you are an action fan. I rate this movie a D on artistic effort, and a B- for pure action fans.

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