Weekend Pictures

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Here’s what the kid’s and I did yesterday:


And here’s what we did today:


Bonus picture: (Zelda will try anything to find a comfortable place)


More on Sean

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Sean wasn’t too intimidated at the hospital:


Here’s a picture of Sean’s stitches. Each one of those knots cost us $50.


I added some more pictures of Zelda, if you want to check that out:



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Zelda, our new kitten:


Proof Scan

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I was going to write about what a nice day it was today, and how much fun we had, but I decided a picture would be better. I finally got around to scanning the proofs from the picture session we had in February.


Picture of the Week

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I haven’t done a picture of the week for a while, so here is a good one Cortney took with Sean and Princess:


In other news, Sean and I raked the front yard this morning. The big mesquite tree has dropped quite a few leaves, although you wouldn’t know it from the amount of leaves still on the tree.

I also checked out the sprinkler system, which is finally working after the valve fiasco we had last weekend.

More Lego Star Wars

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Sean, Ethan, and I played more Lego Star Wars today. Actually, we played until I insisted we stop, as my thumbs and wrists work getting sore. Some of the levels require non-stop action on the game controllers, which was too much for me.

In other news, Sean and Ethan saw Santa Claus today. Here’s the picture:


Actually, this Santa just came back from the hospital. Apparently, a large, unsupervised child ran in and jumped on Santa’s knee, injuring him enough to spend the night at the hospital.

Picture Day

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Here are some pictures from yesterday’s trip to the Tucson area. Click on the picture to see the full album (there’s more than one page, too):


Here is a picture from today’s hiking trip:


This picture was taken a while ago, and I just got around to downloading it from my cell phone. Sean loses his first baby teeth:


A Hike

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I was feeling a bit better today, so I took Sean and Princess with me on a hike. The trail was crowded, and Princess did really well with the other dogs on the trail (and people too). Lots of people commented on what a good-looking dog Princess was.

We all had fun on the trail. The only thing keeping us from doing this more often is that Princess collected an amazing amount of dirt and dust on the trail. Sean and I gave her a bath, and the water was brown from all of the dirt.

Here is a picture from today’s hike:


Zoo Day

November 12, 2006 on 8:49 pm | In Main, Picture of the Week | No Comments

We all went to the zoo this afternoon. Today was the grand opening of Stingray Bay. The new attraction was crowded when we first arrived, but it wasn’t too bad later in the afternoon.

We asked the kids what they enjoyed the most about the zoo. Ethan enjoyed the popcorn. Cortney bought some kettle corn right after we walked into the zoo. Sean and Ethan munched on the popcorn while we walked around and saw the animals. Sean enjoyed the stingrays the most.

The stingray exhibit allows you to put your hands in the water and touch the stingrays. The stingrays have had their barbs removed, so they aren’t dangerous. And while we were in the exhibit, they passed out food to feed the stingrays. Sean and Ethan both dropped the food (fish parts and shrimp) into the water, but I was able to actually feed one of the stingrays. I have to say they are really slimy. Sean was at least able to touch the stingrays, but he did not mind the slime.

Here are some pictures of the stingrays. The first picture has my hand in the lower right corner getting ready to feed one of the stingrays. The second is Sean attempting to touch one of the stingrays.



Playing With the New Cellphone

November 5, 2006 on 6:46 pm | In Picture of the Week | No Comments

I finally got a card reader for the memory card in my phone, so I was able to pull the pictures off the phone. Most of the pictures did not come out well. Unless the light is good and the phone (and subjects) are steady, the phone does take good pictures. Here’s my best effort so far.


Ethan’s 4th Birthday Pictures

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I put a few of Ethan’s birthday pictures out on the Gallery page, and the picture of Ethan with his birthday breakfast is my favorite.


Princess Gets a Bath

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Princess actually got her bath last Tuesday, but I did not see the pictures Cortney took until today. Here’s my favorite:


Fun with Princess

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Princess is feeling much better, but we still are keeping her in the crate most of the time. We still have to be careful where she has the stitches, and she still thinks our cats are nice furry toys to chase after. Princess enjoys her walks though, and here is a nice picture of Sean giving her a pet:

Sean gives Princess a pet

Ethan Has A Temper Trantrum

September 4, 2006 on 8:17 pm | In Picture of the Week | No Comments

For this week’s picture of the week, I’m picking the picture of Ethan throwing the temper tantrum, shown in yesterday’s gallery of pictures.

This picture also has a good story behind it. Ethan was becoming very loud and noticeable in the restaurant with his crying and shrieking. It was at this moment when I came up with the idea of taking a picture of Ethan crying. I made two attempts at taking the picture, and the second one, which is the one I posted, cracked me up immediately after I saw it. I was passing the camera around to everyone to show how funny Ethan looked in the picture, and finally I showed it to Ethan, who even laughed himself.


Sean’s First Full Day of School

August 14, 2006 on 8:51 pm | In Main, Picture of the Week | No Comments

Here’s a picture of Sean at his desk waiting for the other students to arrive:

Sean's first day at school

I asked Sean how his day at school was, and the first thing to come out of his mouth was that he had two recesses. Sean had an actual homework assignment as well.

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