On this day in 2006:

I Miss Sean and Ethan

June 22, 2006 on 8:21 pm | In Main | No Comments

I can tell I am starting to miss Sean and Ethan. Our two cats, Floppy and Zip, started fighting this evening, and I started to scold them. I started thinking they needed a time-out.

I hope to get some pictures of the Disney World trip up soon. As soon as Cortney can send them to me.

On this day in 2005:

A Cooling Trend

June 22, 2005 on 8:32 pm | In Main | No Comments

It cooled off today, with a high of only 113 degrees. It was still too hot, and I was worried about Floppy when I drove her over to the vet for her fluid injection. She survived, so I guess it wasn’t a big deal.

The report from Florida is that everyone seems to be over their illnesses, and Sean and Ethan had fun at the zoo.

On this day in 2004:

Library Night

June 22, 2004 on 8:41 pm | In Main | No Comments

I arrived home from class in enough time to take Sean and Ethan to the library this evening. We went to both baby time and story time, even though Ethan has almost outgrown baby time. Actually, Sean enjoys baby time too, since they do many finger plays the babies aren’t actually capable of doing. The other interesting thing was that Ethan was bored with the stories during baby time, and Sean was bored with the stories in story time. You would think it would be the other way around. At least they both had fun. And, I enjoyed going with them.

On this day in 2003:

About Schmidt

June 22, 2003 on 8:03 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The only movie we saw this weekend was About Schmidt. Jack Nicholson turns in a decent role as a character trying to discover himself after retirement. I though this was a good movie, but could have been better with a little more development of the main character. I rate this movie a B.

Buy it.

About Schmidt

Untitled Post

June 22, 2003 on 8:00 pm | In Main | No Comments

Ethan graduated to the full sized car seat today. Now that he is sitting up, we no longer have need of the detachable carrier of the old car seat. That, and at 17 pounds, Ethan is too heavy to carry around that way.

On this day in 2002:

Untitled Post

June 22, 2002 on 7:28 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was a nice relaxing day. I needed to recover from the past week, which in retrospect, was more stressful than I realized at the time. Sean and I went for a nice long swim in the pool this afternoon. He had many toys in the pool to play with, but what he wanted to play with the most was the new pool thermometer. I tried to discourage Sean from playing with thermometer, since the last one more than likely broke from being thrown around too often. But I guess Sean wants the most what he can’t have.

On this day in 2001:

Untitled Post

June 22, 2001 on 9:26 pm | In Main | No Comments

Slow day today. The highlight of my day was coming home from work and hearing Sean squeal in delight that his father was home. He is definitely starting to stand up more, but he still doesn’t feel comfortable walking. We had another nice family evening in the pool. The water temperature is now up to 88 degrees, so Cortney isn’t complaining as much that the water is too cold.

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