On this day in 2006:

Air Conditioning Fixed

July 28, 2006 on 9:28 pm | In Main | No Comments

The repairman arrived early this morning, so we were too inconvenienced by the air condition problem. I ran the AC yesterday evening up until we went to bed, then turned it off for the night. I turned it back on when the repairman said he was on the way. The problem was the relay or contact switch had fused in the on position. The part had to be replaced. I paid too much to have it fixed, but I would not have felt comfortable installing it myself.

We have had double digit temperatures the last two days, which is quite a change from last week’s record temperatures. Cortney has been complaining about the humidity, which is surprising for a Florida native, but I don’t mind.

We went out to dinner to Sweet Tomatoes, a buffet restaurant, and both kids did a good job of eating healthy food.

We have no plans for the weekend, so it will just be time to relax.

On this day in 2005:

Another Short Post

July 28, 2005 on 6:36 pm | In Main | No Comments

I may be coming down with whatever Sean has, so I took the day off of work to rest up. Sean and Ethan woke up early this morning, so they were nice and cranky this afternoon and evening. This wasn’t a fun day.

On this day in 2004:

Fun at McDonalds

July 28, 2004 on 7:41 pm | In Main | No Comments

I took Sean and Ethan to McDonalds this evening, giving Cortney a break. It was quiet when we first arrived, and Sean did an excellent job of taking Ethan through the play area. Later, a very large party arrived. Apparently, the party was scheduled at a nearby McDonalds, but the air conditioning broke down there, and they transferred the party to the one we where at. After the fully party arrived, it was total mayhem. There must have been over twenty kids running through the play area. Lots of screaming and yelling. Sean and Ethan seemed to love it.

Sean was a big boy today. He wore his underwear to McDonalds, and when he needed to go, he went into the bathroom all on his own. I helped him clean up afterwards, but that was it. Good job, Sean!

On this day in 2003:

Untitled Post

July 28, 2003 on 8:12 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean was out of control this evening. I think he was tired from having his MOMS club friends over for a swim during the day. At any rate, he just wouldn’t behave. After a big fight over dinner, he finally fell asleep on the landing upstairs. I hope he gets more sleep for tomorrow.

Gangs of New York

July 28, 2003 on 8:11 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

We rented a movie this past weekend, Gangs of New York. This movie is about the poor section of New York in the 1800’s. I didn’t care much for this movie. At just under three hours, it was too long, and it was too hard to follow. It’s also a very violent film, which can be hard to stomach in a serious movie. Still, your mileage might vary. I rate this movie a C.

Buy it.

Gangs of New York

On this day in 2002:

Untitled Post

July 28, 2002 on 9:03 pm | In Main | No Comments

Another busy day today, but a bit more relaxing than yesterday. I had time this morning for a unicycle ride, and some yardwork. I cleaned both the main a/c filter, and the pool filter. I tought Sean to jump off the step stool. This afternoon, we went to the play area at one of the local malls. Sean had a great time. In the past, he was bothered by the other kids, but today, even with a big crowd, he still had fun.

Shallow Hal

July 28, 2002 on 9:00 pm | In Movie Reviews | No Comments

The only movie of the weekend was Shallow Hal. Of the “teen” movies we have seen recently, I think this is one of the best. This movie had some flaws, but I thought it was entertaining. I rate this movie a B.

Buy it.

Shallow Hal

On this day in 2001:

Untitled Post

July 28, 2001 on 7:41 pm | In Main | No Comments

We had some friends over today for a pool party. Before they arrived, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some items. I had Sean with me, and they gave him a helium balloon to take home. That was a nice touch by Albertsons.

Sean learned to growl today. I was playing with him, and I made a growling sound. For some reason, he cracked up in laughter. I kept on growling, and he kept on laughing. For the rest of the day, he tried growling on his own.


Everyone had a good time at the pool party. It was a hot day, with a forecast high of 110 degrees, but it was dry, and so it was very comfortable in the pool. Sean spent most of the afternoon and the early evening in the pool, and never tired of playing in the water. We took a brief break for dinner, but then went back in to the pool to cool off afterwards. Sean was so tired from the day’s activities, that when we put him in the crib he immediately layed down, as opposed to standing like he usually does, while we sang him the ABC song.

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