On this day in 2006:

Nice Weather

September 23, 2006 on 9:02 pm | In Main | No Comments

Finally, after recover from last week’s illness, I can finally enjoy the good weather we are having. This morning, Sean, Ethan and I took Princess for a nice long walk, finishing with a stop at the local playground. Actually, both local playgrounds, as the kids played on both.

Princess kept stopping to smell every bush we passed. I would not have minded if it was just me, but Sean and Ethan did not have the patience to wait for the dog. So, princess received a few tugs on the leash, but otherwise, she enjoyed the walk.

On this day in 2005:

Returning to Work

September 23, 2005 on 8:49 pm | In Main | No Comments

I felt good enough today to go into the office. I worked a full day, then took Sean and Ethan to McDonald’s. Sean and Ethan were a bit tired too, so we left a little early and did some shopping before we returned home. The promise of leftover birthday cake was more than enough to convince Sean and Ethan to behave for the evening, and they were duly rewarded.

On this day in 2004:

A Tiring Day at Work

September 23, 2004 on 7:32 pm | In Main | No Comments

Today was a long day at work, and I was tired when I came home. I was glad to see Sean enthused about going to the gym. He was very helpful in getting ready, and so it made it much easier for me to take him. As usual, Sean had a good time. Sean’s favorite is still jumping into the big pit. The pit is fill with foam blocks for a soft landing, so Sean gets to fall four feet or so and not get hurt. After we arrived home, Sean went to bed without any problems, so now I get to relax.

On this day in 2003:

Untitled Post

September 23, 2003 on 8:23 pm | In Main | No Comments

I took Sean and Ethan to the library by myself. Cortney had mom’s night out for bowling. After playing on the train table for a bit, we went into the story room for baby time. Sean was full of energy, and he was running around the room. I was worried they were going to throw us out. Sean was actually a bit amusing. He would yell and cheer as we finished each one of the baby songs. Everyone else thought that was cute. We took another turn at the train table between the short break between baby time and story time. I told Sean that if he didn’t sit still, we would leave and he wouldn’t be able to stay for the movie. He was acting up for the first story, but other than that, he sat still for the stories and the movie. Ethan also had fun through all of this. A couple of times, he stood up on his own without holding on to anything. This leads me to believe he will be walking real soon now.

On this day in 2002:

Untitled Post

September 23, 2002 on 6:57 pm | In Main | No Comments

It looks like a new political movement is starting, called “Not in Our Name”. Here is a copy of a full page add run in the NYT. I think this groups message should be “We Hate Bush”. It appears their message is just whining; It looks like they don’t have a constructive approach to either terrorism or Iraqi WMDs. Or, maybe they are just left wing wackos with no coherent thought whatsoever.

Untitled Post

September 23, 2002 on 6:52 pm | In Main | No Comments

Sean was certainly full of energy tonight. He was practilly bouncing off the walls when I arrived home from work this evening. Unfortunately, with a high of 108 degrees, it was too hot to let Sean outside to play.

On this day in 2001:

Untitled Post

September 23, 2001 on 8:15 pm | In Main | No Comments

Busy day today. I spent the morning doing yardwork. Sean came out for a little while to try and help. Unfortunately, I wanted to trim the hedges, not pick up rocks.

I spent the afternoon working on my project for my Italian class. Tuesday is the last class, and I have to prepare a 10 page report and give a ten minute presentation. My project title is “Birra Italiano”, or Italian beer. I was able to find out a lot of good information on the internet, so hopefully my report will come out ok.

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