Is it Christmas Yet?

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Here’s the picture we waited in line for this past Saturday.


Santa and Bunco

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This morning, we went to the outlet mall, mainly with the intention of having a picture of the kids with Santa. My mom joined us as well. We arrived just after the stores opened at 9:00 AM, but Santa’s hut did not open until 11:00 AM. Even at 11:00, it was still cold out, and we shivered while waiting in line, while my mom waited indoors at the nearby food court. At least out kids smiled when it was our turn with Santa. The couple in front of us had to walk away after their two year old daughter cried whenever she went anywhere near Santa. With the long wait in the cold weather, I think I would have cried too.

This evening, I went to a couple’s Bunco event. This was my first time at Bunco. The game wasn’t much of a challenge, but I could see the social aspects of the event.

A Slow Day

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I took the full day off today, and pretty much took it easy.

A Full Day

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Even though I only worked a half day, it was still a busy day today. This afternoon, I went to Sean’s classroom for a Christmas-themed party. This evening, I took both Sean and Ethan to the gym. The opened up a new class for Ethan on Thursdays, so that we can take both Sean and Ethan in one evening. That was still two classes back-to-back, so it was a long time for me.

Winter Cleaning

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The house cleaners came today, so Cortney and I spent the morning straightening out the house. After the cleaning, I decided to go through some boxes in the guest bedroom closet. Cortney has been bugging me for months to do this. I new most of the items, were notes from my old job. It was a little hard to let go of them, but I got rid of most of the stuff. I kept a few notebooks, and I will take a small stack items to my office at work. The biggest surprise was that I found my old art supplies. I had looked before, but when I couldn’t find them, I assumed that I had thrown everything out. Now, I plan to keep the best of the old and new supplies, and keep them in a more accessible location.

In other news, we brought home a fresh Christmas tree today. Cortney likes a fresh tree, but every year, it makes less and less sense to me to keep a large, dead, and drying plant in your house. I think I will assign the tree watering responsibility to Cortney.

More Time Off

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I pretty much took the day off yesterday, as I needed to recover from the snow trip to Flagstaff. We did go over to my parents for a nice dinner.

I took today off from work, although I did answer some emails from home. I finished putting up the remainder of the Christmas decorations outside. Cortney and I had plans to get our Christmas tree, but her car needed to stay overnight in the shop for repairs.


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We drove up to the Wing Mountain Recreation Area, just north of Flagstaff today. It started snowing as we arrived, but there wasn’t much on the ground. We were able to get in for half price, as the snow wasn’t deep enough for sledding. We went in anyway, just to play in the snow.

Sean had quite a good time. Even though we brought two snow boards, we just got out an old plastic tobaggon, so we didn’t care if it got scraped up on the rocks. Sean enjoyed it quite a bit.

Ethan, on the other hand, did not have a good time. He was upset he couldn’t make snow balls with his mittens, so he took off his mittens and cried the whole time.

Shopping Day

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We are planning to go to the snow play area tomorrow, so Cortney, my mom, and I all went shopping for snow apparel. I bought some snow pants, Cortney bought a snow bib, and my mom was unsuccessful in finding snow shoes.

I must not have done a good job of taping the wiring of the Christmas lights. It rained today, which caused the GFCI to trip, which reset the timer, so the lights did not come on. I did not want to go out in the rain and reset the timer.

For some good news, I now have a fully operational ipod. The display broke a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t sure what the best way to go about fixing it. I ended up emailing apple. They sent me a package to mail in my ipod. All I had to do was put the ipod in the box, seal it up, remove the cover and the label, and drop it off. I did this Tuesday morning, and by Thursday afternoon, and had a new ipod mailed back to me. After a couple of hours charging and copying my music library, it is good as new.

Laura’s Gone!

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Laura flew home last night, taking the red-eye back to Florida. We enjoyed her company and look forward to her visiting next year.

I worked a half day today, leaving just 20 hours of work left for the year.

The forecast looks like rain for the next four days, so I went out this evening and taped all of the electrical connections. The decorations are on a GFCI curcuit, so I’m not worried about any damage to the house or the decorations, but it is still nice to have them on in the evening.

An Afternoon at the Zoo

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Sean and Ethan had a half day at school today, so we picked them up just a few minutes early and went to the zoo. The weather was nice. Temperatures in the mid 70’s, and enough haze so that the sun was not hot.

Many of the animals were out, and we saw the bobcat (which we rarely see), otters playing, squirrel monkeys, and many others. We also petted and fed the stingrays (the barbs are removed), and the kids had fun in the play area.

A Day Off?

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Laura took Cortney and me out to lunch today at the local wine bar. The food was really good, as well as the wine.

Even though I took the day off, I still participated in a phone conference, which I had to follow up with a couple more phone calls.

Vacation Time

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I went in to work to and discovered I have 11 vacation days left. There are only 15 work days left, and I worked a full day today! I will likely work the remaining 3 days in half day increments, so I can keep on top of the projects I am working.

Christmast Lights

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It started to dry out today, so I put up most of the Christmas lights. I did the toughest parts, which were laying out all the extension cords and putting up the ice-cycle lights on the roof line.

Laura flew back today from a two day trip to California. We picked here up from the airport, then went out to eat dinner, where she treated. Thanks, Laura! Laura will be flying back home on the red-eye Wednesday night.

A Cloudy Day

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We did not get as much rain as we did yesterday, but it was cloudy all day, and certainly still damp. In the mid-afternoon, we ventured out to a couple of stores near the mall. The traffic was really crazy; I guess with all the water, there wasn’t much to do except shop.

After the stores, we had dinner at my parent’s house. The meal was good, but Sean and Ethan were a bit crazy after being couped up all day.


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We had a change in weather today. Rain, and quite a bit of it. I was soaked walking to my car, and most of the streets were flooding when I drove home. We had to cancel evening shopping plans.

I’m feeling much better today. I put in nearly a full day of work, and I’m only slightly tired. Yesterday, I went to see the pulmonologist. He believes my current illness is something new, and also that I should never have to see him again. I liked that part.

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